Thursday, February 10, 2011

What has the world come to?

- I had Rava Dosa last weekend and it was bad. arghhh. Now I dont want anything else in life. Life ishtene. What has the world come to?

- Started reading books again. Completed DORK. Its a fun book about a moron(fresher) who is trying hard to make it big in his first company. He tries hard to impress his superiors but ends up screwing it.
What I liked in the book is that,  its my story, its any fresher's story. However, there were times it was overdone. His goofiness was overdone. Also, what attracted me most about DORK is its cover. I know a book should not be judged by its cover but my creative side is unaware of this.  I, esp. liked the praise section. It was funny.

The second book that I am gonna begin is Rebirth. Its the connection a mother has with her yet-to-be-born kid and her screwed up relationship with her husband and her parents.

- Watched loads of Adam Sandlers movies. sakaaythu seriously.

- This is a weird incident that happened in the book store where I bought the above mentioned books.
A 10 year old boy had picked 2 books. I guess it was 3rd and 4th part of Harry Potter series.
Mom : beta, you have already read Harri pother. Why do you buy it again?
Son : NO ma, that was the 1st and 2nd series. This is the next part
Mom : Acha kya hain kya iss mein?
Dad with a book in his hand: What did you select?
Son : 3rd and 4th part of HP
Dad : But you just bought HP the other day.
If I were his son, I would've died that very second. But this poor boy replied.
Son : That was different.
Dad : Please explain in detail.
I wanted to kill the dad. Poor guy was asked to explain in detail with onlookers giggling
 Son : that was the 1st and 2nd series. This is the next part
Dad : If you read such books, kuch nahi hoga. Nobody will listen to you. You will just screw up your life. You must set an example for him.
Dad pointed at his 3 year old son while the 10 year old Son listened with his head hung. Dad now, showed him the book he had selected for the boy - My Experiments with Truth by M.K. Gandhi
I could not believe it.
Dad : You should read such books and implement whatever he said in your life and then your friends will start respecting you.
C'moooooooooonn. I cant believe the man thinks that 10 year old kids will respect the boy if he reads Gandhi's books.
Dad : kuch nahi hoga Harry pother padne se....koi respect nahi dega.
And then I selected DORK and walked away. (which I am sure is worse for a 25 yeard old to read)

I cant believe a 10 year old had was being gruelled for being a 10 year old. I read Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys till I was bloody 18. What has this world come to? I really felt sad for the kid who had to eventually succumb to his dad's wishes.
Nothing against Gandhi's book but I think kids should be given the freedom to do what thwy really want.

- Kids these days are way too sharper than I am now- to be frank. I dont think it is for anybody's good. They know how to find their way into something. They know how to get things rolling. Masterminds that they are. I saw one such kid at the same book store :
He was around 5 yeard ols with a red colour glasses on. I could see lil' Mark Zuckerburg in him. He was pointing at a book and asked his dad to but it for him. Guess what he wanted. Some Drawing, story, comic He wanted a bloody Junior Encyclopedia. A 5 year old wanted a Junior Encyclopedia. What has the world come to?
Dad : No beta, this book that we have bought is good.
I am sure the dad picked "how-to-make-my-5 year-old-behave-like-one?"
Junior Mark Zuckerburg (JMZ) : No dad I want this.
Dad : Nahi beta, we have the right book.
JMZ : No I want this.
He started to throw tantrums. I was happy that finally this guy started to behave like a kid.
Dad : Trust me beta, we have bought the right book. This book is also interesting.
JMZ : Noooooooo
Dad : trust me.
JMZ : Nooooo
Dad :Trust me beta trust me.
JMZ shouted : No I dont trust you and walked away.
The genius that he was. he left his dad wondering....yeh cheez hain kya? 
The father found it quite funny when the kid said "I dont trust you" but its not. Kids need to groomed well and need to be taught what is right and what is wrong. 

- I know both these stories are contradicting. 1 kid was behaving his age and his dad wanted him to become a Gandhi will the other was behaving like an Einstein and his dad wanted him to behave his age. I just want kids to be kids and want them to enjoy their time and want their naive thoughts to be nourished.

- I dont want to eat Rava Dosa ever. What has the world come to?