Tuesday, March 27, 2007


hey i am shilpa.shilpa the gr8.thats what i call myself.
I really donno how 2 start a blog.i mean what 2 write an what not 2 write.i jus saw my frenz elder sis's blog an was inspired by it.To be really frank my blog-url is also similar to hers.I dont think she will ever read my blog but thank you so much smitha for making me realize how wonderful and difficult it is to write.
I have always had this problem where-in I cant express myself in writing.Thats the main reason i dont get what i deserve in my board exams.(who gets satisfying marks in exams)
But i can speak a lot.I can go on for hours.My friends find it really difficult to stop me from speaking.I keep blabbering about something or the other just to irritate my DUMB friends.I can speak in 6 different languages but cant speak even a single language fluently(I mean I dont understand the OTHER meaning)
I hope this first blog of mine is ok enough.I am glad that i could write so much.