Monday, March 22, 2010

Pleasure was mine

Friends are the funniest things that god has ever given us. I am not kidding.
This week was very special to me as I met loads of friends. The 1st in the list is a close friend, whom I hadnt met for 2 years. The funny part is - we were in the same city during these 2 years but we could never meet up. I felt really funny at the beginning. Those awkward pauses, running out of common topics. However I felt really really good meeting her. I realized how I miss those innocent school days.

I met another old friend from school. I hadnt seen him for 10 straight years. I am not kidding. Again ran out of words, topics but again fun. I suppose, meeting up 10 year old pals does not happen quite often.

I need to mention another special friend, the entrepreneur. I met him at a common friends house. Played PS2. Never ran out of topics :). Those guys are awesome

Quite funny and wierd that I am feeling right now. I kinda dont know if the reason for this is catching up with old friends, really old friends or the fact that its already MONDAY!!!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

24th year miracles

I have some bad news for you guys....really really really bad news...
I am 24 years old. OMG. I know I always crib about my age- be it 20 or 24. But this year I am depressed for real.

I dono how this happened? I remember clearly, I was so proud on my 18th birthday...freedom, friends were the only thing on my mind. No mundane thoughts...feels like yesterday. I dont know how the years just passed by. I am not kidding.

With age comes (unnecessary) responsibility and the chance to get to hear from auntigalu...

I got a chance to participate in this earth shattering conversation...
This started as a casual talk between my friend and her mom. I happened to join them by chance but I loved it.

Friend's Mom : Girls, you are no longer kids. You guys need to understand how to behave in public places".
My friend was the 1st to react "Mom. what the hell is this?"
That was exactly my sentiments.
This dint stop her mom. She continued " You girls should stop wearing jeans and all the other nonsense stuff like..the earring that you are wearing". She pointed to me.
"Hello, excuse me!!!", I exclaimed, ofcourse in my mind.
My friend who for some reason did not find it apt to stop her mom at this juncture, waited for the next comment. "Look at Tulsi... She looks so beautiful and yesht lakshanavagi idhale. Bottu itkondu, balle haakondu...olle hudgi maathra. On the other hand look at look at Bipasha. She is always watching movies. English nalle maathadthale.", she continued.
"Hello. Excuse me!!!" I again exclaimed, ofcourse in my mind.
"You know Lakshmi...She never speaks. I dont know why!! You should speak when guests come home, girls. Being silent seems arrogant. Kobbu ankothaare."She said.
"Hey Bhagwan, mujhe utthale!!!!" I again exclaimed in my mind.
My friend somehow read my mind and started to divert her attention.
Alas, her mom continued, "But you know, Bipasha thumba maathadthale. Kobbu avlge. She does not care at all. Too much I say, alva ma?" she asked me.
I smiled back. Now my friend and I started to feel dizzy.
Now, my friend's grandma pitched in. "I never allowed your mother to talk to any boy in her life. But nowadays I see that a girl talking to another girl should also be restricted".
My friend and I shifted from our places and moved apart by a few inches.
"and girls, after a certain age, you should stop wearing these funky watches or these rings", again she pointed to me.
OMG, am I dreaming? somebody please pinch me or better somebody please stab me.  
"by the way, do you know how to cook? atleast basic saaru and palya? because my daughter is a moron. she cant even boil water."
"I can boil water easily aunty", I mocked.
"Dont mind my question aaythama? I am just trying to help you girls" my friend's mother said. "You have very less time left. You know that right".
"Yup", my friend and I said in chorus. Thus the conversation ended and I started to think on a serious note...
Do guys also get to hear such noble thoughts? and what would that be?