Wednesday, August 31, 2011


"No matter what goes wrong always remember your way back home. If you fail to do something, remember the path back home. Come back home, we will accept you and always support you, we will always be with you"
I read this in a book and this is what a mother had to say to a daughter on her wedding day.
I guess these things happen only in the movies or in books, never in reality. If it were to happen in reality, I don't think young/old married women would ever consider to kill themselves. It is very disturbing to read that a young software engineer from bangalore decided to end her life at the age of 25 because her in-laws were making her life a living-hell. Even though hers was a love marriage and she had chosen the guy after dating him for some good 3 years, her husband failed to support her. I would not completely blame the in-laws or the husband for this. The girls parents are also to be blamed.  The girl ended here life because she had nowhere else to go...not even to her mother.  If the girl was comforted saying "No matter what goes wrong always remember your way back home", I am sure she would have found her way back home.