Monday, May 14, 2007

I just happened to read these beautiful lines on orkut---written by someone(ofcourse not me you know i am weak at writing right)

At yet another crossroad of life's journey i walked into a stranger
who joined me in the odessey of life
Days went by....Time ticked its way through weeks,months and years
as I trod life's torturous an unpredictable avenues never realizing the
subtle presence of this co-hort my fellow traveller

This span of is all but a collection of moments-

Moments of your vanity.....Moments of my consuming ego

Moments when I hurt u....Moments when you annoyed me

Moments when we differed....Moments when we conformed

Moments when you spoke....Moments when I listened

Moments when I didnt speak...Moments when you still listened

Moments of laughing together...Moments when we remained silent

Moments when distances crept in...Moments when intimacy erased them

Moments when I conforted to you....Moments when didnt undersatnd me

Moments when you complained....Moments when I apologized

Moments when I asserted....Moments when you acknowledged

Pain inflicted,heart broken,Sorrows lived
failures engulfed,existence torn apart,
integrity interrogated,hopes crushed....
But yet my heart bears no complains to god
and LIFE who have endowed me with a