Monday, December 31, 2007

apni saari baatein sabhi ko bathaya na karo
palko pe aansoo sabhi ko dhikaya na karo
kuch log mutti mein namak leke ghoomthe hain
apni zakhm sabhi ko bathaya na karo.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

i keep getting these mails. " ..... has decided to pinch you" "..... has decided to ....." o god. facebook. i dont seem to understand it. its been a long time now. but no use. i cannot make out anything. the basic feel is arghhhhh.
an these notifications. u get 786 notifications in a day. bite him. kick him. take this test. take that test. blood test ondh illa. cld've added that too. an wen u take these tests ur asked wierd ques "is he athletic or is she more athletic". i've never seen them run dude. ondh huch nayi hindhe bittu nodbeku.
even if i am told abt my friends i am ok with it . but y this--my friend recieving a message from his friend"
nang thale buda artha agilla.
y am i told tht he an she took gubal test. he is like her. yappa. nan page nalli yak idhe adhella. an then these silly fights. nangu jagla aadi aadi sakaaythu.
orkut complications only gud combination.


she got over it. she learned to live without him.learned to giv him a straight face. but 1 fine day he called her an said"v need to speak babes.its high time". thr was truth in his voice.she decided to go with the truth an said"this weekend should b fine". as usual she started dreamin abt the d-day. she pictured herself holdin his hands.... she was waitin 4 the day.
tht moment never came. he ditched her again!!!!grrrrrrrr8.she had waited the whole day 4 him.
she dint hav the courage to speak to anybody. so she silently went out 4 a stroll in the night. she was headin towards solitude. wenevr she heard a bike honk. she thot it ws him. but her heart sank deeper. she looked at the dull moon above. tears jus trickled down. she was cryin after a long time. she then looked at the stones below. she was leavin a mark on thm.a mark tht could never b erased. she was goin mad. so she walked back home--a way thro her destiny.
jus before enterin the door she heard a bike but this time round she dint turn to check whether it was him.......

wenevr u say its all over.jus think twice coz thrs never a 2nd chance in any relationship but some idiots do giv a 2nd chance jus to hav a broken heart again

Saturday, December 15, 2007


i hav written abt animals-- from monkeys to lizards.hav even written abt ghosts but whr do my dumb friends fall in this list.yup thy hav a place above all the animals. so here thy r right on top of ghosts. u c i hav a lotta respect 4 them so hav given them a HIGH POST in life. u may b wonderin y tantri the mantri, but my frenz wld hav understood, coz thy r the biggest tantris an evn kantris in my life- makin my life miserable.
wen i go to my frenz place, i jus go thr an speak to them an do all the masti stuuf.thats it. but my gubal frenz come home an make sure tht thy speak to my mom--fitting idakke--thy tell her how good an responsible thy r. ashte alla thy even mention abt my APPOINTMENTS. lemme tell u all these in detail.

-->thy behave as if thy r delicate an so full of grace. thy jus put on this graceful act while eatin,while sitting an while speakin. god an once out of my house thy r all LOCAL.

-->thy speak abt how thy help their mom an clean their room---god their rooms r the filthiest.thy dont allow me to enter their room wen i go to their place .

-->speak abt how v bunk classes an go to these various restaurants

-->speak with total if i use a foul word--which i generally dont--thr comes a shout"shilpa yen language nindhu thu". yappa each 1 is a reincarnation of tulsi an parvati.

-->thy wear only salwars.god those synthetic ones. damn.

-->1 common dialogue tht shwetha an shubhada never miss"nin adhellelli hogthiyo"

all these stuffs give my amma a feelin tht "i am the mostest horriblest gal livin on earth an i hav made some smart frenz". this is not new 4 me. i hav been handlin such friends frm my birth. first in the list shld hav been sindhu. tht idiot used to come to my house --almost daily--but durin festivals she used to assist my mom in makin chakli an other stuff. can u beat it???? nan mane nan amma nan kitchen nan chakli an nan friend.wah. an she used to get her nailpolish applied frm my mom. hehehe.god. my friends r not jus tantris,mantris but big time chathris. an thr was another friend of mine called pooja(bombay). my mom an she wld gossip 4 hours abt wats happenin in movies an stuff.che.
u may wonder how come i've made such gubal friends but kya kare majboori thi.some good friends tht i've made r shambu an prashali. coz thy haven come home yet.

but watever. each 1 is a gem an i am happy with them.

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."- Anais Nin

some friends are funny some others r serious--but each 1 adds colour an spice to life.1 doesn hav to b exactly like u to cherish the time.wt counts is tht v always make each othr smile.

this is 4 all my beautiful friends. thanx 4 bein thr 4 me.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

my fav song

I jus fell in luv with this song.