Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Its been more than 24hrs since i left IBM. I was glad tht i finished my more tension. no more hectic schedule. no more sleepless nights. no more strain. but what the heck am missin it now. i miss the 2km walk with the luggage. i miss the contractor badge. i miss the food court that had tons of food but nothin 4 me. i miss adarsh's train colleagues. i miss the silence.

I was supposed to leave bangalore at around 4.30 but i started to get outta the place at 3. coz i couldn sit with this sinkin feelin. i had a tough time biddin goodbye to every1. i have spoken to some of them only 4 a day. an i used to speak to my mentor 4 a few min, once in 3 weeks. but i couldn bid bye to'em. i had this chokin feelin while sayin bye an i knew them since 3 an a half months.

i still remember the 1st day wen i was waitin 4 my manager in the lobby 4 around 2 an a half hours doin nothin--startin at the flights tht were landin right in front of me. i can recall each an every detail.

i had this sinkin feelin wen i went out to return my badge. i thought i would hav to go thro a long procedure before returning the badge. When i went an gave the badge to them thy said " THATS IT!! THANX SHILPA!!". i knew i was goin to miss somethin.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


My friend said my blog was borin an another said she laughed like hell while readin it.damn what an irony. both of'em r gals so i can understand the irony an the cofusion. whr thr r gals thrs confusion, commotion ,lotta unnecessary stuffs an ofcourse the irony.

Comin back to wat my friend said...i thought i'll write somethin tht she likes. the only thing tht she likes is FOOD. i hav started hatin food frm the day i was told u r growin fat.damn. lotta ppl said i was growin fat. I was shell shocked wen my friend asked me tell him "HOW TO GROW FAT???" kudos. he thinks am an expert in growin fat.

i don mind givin the free advice to all u guys who wanna grow fat. Here is the secret of growin fat-- skip ur breakfast, hav sandwich 4 ur lunch. thn at 4 hav a samosa an a blackforest cake. thn 4 dinner hav a burger an a float. this is for 2 days - mon an tue--before an after sleep.
for the remainin days--get up at 10-again skip ur breakfast hav lunch at 1- take a nap from 2 to 5 - thn go to RAGHAVENDRA BAKERY near apollo hospital get a samosa/aloo bun an a nice choc pastry-munch it--dinner is ur wish i mean heavy or lite but strictly hav it at 11p.m. thn go to sleep at 12. IMPORTANT NOTE--PLZ PLZ NEVER EXERCISE OR DO ANY SORTA WORK. an tada ur fat in a month.

Another piece of help from myside--my friends an i hav visited a lotta hotels an restaurants. i'll recall an list some of'em. here it goes--my fav

1.ICE BERG---best place. i luv the sandwich costs 35/-. an thn the american choupsey an lemon tea. awesome. i luv the icecream tht comes with a cake. i forgot the name of the icecream. best place to grow fat.

2.RAGHAVENDRA BAKERY--wat choc pastry mwah. an honey cake. u get nice samosa an stuff.again best place to grow fat. but the chats r not tht good. bhel piri is like chithra-anna.

3.SHANTI SAGAR-- with the new management it looks good. the juices r wonderful especially mango with vanilla.

4.PLANET-X-- The best food. Its worth the money. halladh VAT is over 60/- most of the times.

5.JEWEL ROCK-- Prices r not very high but the food is not too good either an the ambience is really bad. again dumb vat comes in into play.

6.MYLAARY-- i luv the dasa an the chatni thr.

7.PAI VISTA-- AWESOME ambience but soarin rates.

8.MANE or KUTEERA-- I hav been thr for 5 times now. an i hav had the same thing to eat an i made mom eat the same.-NEER DOSA AN MUGHALAI BIRYANI. BILL -90/-

9.CORNER HOUSE-- nice ice creams--costly but the quantity thy give is too much 4 a person.

10. CUBBS -- bari loot. nothin special except the high rates. the pastries r very costly an the 1 i took was yuk. an it costs 60/-

11.KHANA KHAZANA--my 2nd home. i always go thr wen moms out of station.

12.RASOI--it was good 4 the 1st 2 or 3 times but wen v started goin thr again an again i felt yuk. a good place though. normal rates but icecreams r not great.

13.BHATTA- I personally don like it. bad ambience an bad food.

14.AGARWAL CHAT-- i don go thr often but my friends r always thr. ok ok chats.

15.MUMBAI DHOOM-- i luved it the 1st 3 times. but evn now i like it. mumbai dhoom special pani poori is too gud.

16.COFFEE DAY-- dhud idhre hog suribek ashte. waste of money.

17.AVTANA-- Watermelon juice is gud but otherwise normal.

18.JWALA--good rotis an lassis.

19.PIZZA HUT--tasty pizzas an ginger bread. the masala lemonade is gud.

20.DOMINOES--plate illa glass illa-kelludhre indian style anthe. CALZONE is awesome otherwise regular taste.

21.VEG TOWN-- its not thr now.but good food 4 reasonable rates.

other places like saraswati bakery an nalpak an so on r good but tirin after a few visits.
i luv the grape juice near balla circle.

the places i would advice u not to visit is DOLPHINS--coz wtevr u ask thy say its not thr.but the babycorn roll is awesome.i could taste it only once an from tht day wenever i ask him he says its not thr.

Now i hav started to get hungry.wat do u think i'll eat?????

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Am I Irresponsible Or Am I Irresponsible?

U can never find a more IRRESONSIBLE gal. i mean irresposibility is written on my face. i am gifted with it coz not everybdy r irresponsible an bein irresposible is not a childs play--it needs a lotta guts. an i hav it.

My mom has been been tryin hard to indulge some sense of resposibility in me. but all in vain.paapa. I was 5 yrs old wen i left my house unlocked to play outside. thr were a lotta burglers near my place. but to my luck nobody entered my house an wen mom saw wt i had done she punished me with a permanent mark on my hand. but tht dint make any responsible.
nnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. navella asht bega change aagavr alla.never.

Thr hav been a lotta instances whr i hav been irresponsible.cant list the whole damn thing. i dnt even remember all of'em. lemme try to put all of it together

--> I am such a bhulakhad tht i can even go to the extent of forgettin my coll bag. leavin keys in my gaadi,leavin helmet in the class r all daily issues 4 me. i evn get scoldings frm the watchman. thr was a time wen i used to get scoldin frm him at a regular basis.

--> My room is a total mess.i cant find anythin tht i need without half an hours search. while my parents r very displined abt each an everythin. i mean thy knw whr their pen an pin r.

--> I hav misplaced or u can say lost a lotta things. In school it used to lose chota mota things like pen pencil, box, sometimes water bottle an even notebooks. In coll its been 2 calcis, 1 jerkin,lotta pens(i knw my friends hav taken it--yella kallru).but wts surprisin is i find others pen an pencils in my bag. i had sneha an dhathris penpencil till last sem wen shwetha (any doubts abt which shwetha--correct guesses will recieve a gift frm shweta herself) stole it frm me an i think she broke it.but i still hav 1 penpencil with--red colour. yardhu antha gothilla an i hav no plans to return it in the near future.sorry.

--> Last sem i even lost my hall ticket but i eventually got after digestin a lotta scoldings frm sidhu.

--> My best irresposibility act till now has been lettin my gaadi key flow away in a river. thank god it got stuck at a place an i took but as far as i remember tht key was with shubhada an not me. now shes puttin the blame on me. kalli.

--> All these acts of irresponsibilities hav made me a big liar. jus a koshish to get away frm my moms scoldings but i eventually end with more scoldings.some 4 my irresposibility an more 4 my lie. kya kare.

-->i've miplaced my moms umbrella-a 13 yr old umbrella. frm tht day i hav my separate umbrella,separate stapler,separate scissor,separate pens,separate .....

--> I used to hav a separate walkman an player. the reason bein-- wenevr i used any electronic item at my place adhu kettogtha ithu. my parents blame me. wah nan yen maadli. not my mistake right????

--> I almost forgot abt this incident. i lost my purse while goin to bangalore before i had bought the tickets an i had to get down near mysore at 5.30 a.m an walk back to the bus stand all alone an waited 4 my mom to come. wat a day an wat a stay it turned out to b????
But is this irreposbility????I dnt think so. I call this 1st step of RESPONSIBILITY.

STATUTORY WARNING: wenevr u make the blunder of givin me somethin, make sure i return it at the earliest.if u dnt thn jus forget it.aashith,i found ur cd.will return it soon b4 i lose it again.pratyusha, ur dvd is safe. an yes ofcourse, sneha or dhathri, am not retunin ur pencil.