Sunday, June 22, 2008


i hav watched all the 5 seasons of ROADIES. I hav almost watched all the episodes. i know some ppl dislike it an some evn hate it. my mom is the 1st in the hit list. but i hav fallen in luv with roadies. i knw sometimes its all made up an stuff but me an my addiction has gone beyond all these.

roadies -- wen it started was all abt doin the tasks an goin ahead. the game has changed now, its more of a drama an bitchiness an wat not. i get to hear all kinda gaali but hey in the form of a beep.

Roadies 5.0 had the usual drama an beeps too. thr were a few specimens too. sonel, shambhavi nihal ashu -- actually all of 'em were a specimen of their own kind. shwetha an i were so into roadies tht v were always discussin abt nihaal an others. v were evn watchin the repeat telecast together jus to catch a glimpse of all the things tht v might hav missed. v watched the final episode together an v watched it in a sari. v watched it after the ethnic day at college. v dint even bother to change coz v dint wanna miss it.

I am actually waiting 4 the 6th season eagerly. but wat do i c??? the show tht has replaced roadies is SPLITSVILLA. I WAS IN SPLITS WEN I FIRST SAW IT. damn

2 guys an 14 gals an thy r supposed to woo the guys.the gal whose the best in wooin the guys an seductin the guys an r liked by the guys win 5 lakhs. thy even boast abt the seduction tht the gals r supposed to indulge in. i was watchin it with my mom( my bad luck) wen i was watchin it 4 the 1st time. 1 of the guys says" mujhe ek achcha idea aaya. v'll hit the pool". even i wld hav said "wat a wonderful idea" if if if an only if my mom was not watchin it with me. but damn i had to say "o sheesh how shameless !!" thr were gals with bikinis. my mom (who was quiet till thn) startin "wt the hell r u watchin??" I dint even hav the remote at tht time. my mom was like"nowadays gals r shameless dishum dishum dishum.... y is ur room dirty?? dishum dishum .... ur the most irresposible gal on the earth...!! " this is how the 1st show of SPLITSVILLA ended.

NO JOKES APART. the gals r too bold to be doin things tht thy r doin. my mom scolded me 4 watchin it. how abt their moms????

Friday, June 20, 2008

i knw am irresponsible. but i don know y do i have to make others realize tht i am 1. actually I AM THE ONLY 1 whose so irresponsible. I hope i don forget myself someday.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

itna paisa mein itnaich milenga

amitabh bhachan is bein paid like hell 4 his blog an so is aamir khan. i dono the exact amount of money the 2 r mintin.but i know the y thy blog -- jus to criticize sharukh khan the best.

i am not bein paid even a penny. atleast a comment once in a while? nah
an on top of tht nobody visits my blog. i am the only on this earth who visits my damn blog.

those celebrities r makin news an a fortune. an paapa me. kya yahi yeh zindagi ki kadvi sach? nobody to recognize real talent of a YOUNG gal. kudos.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Waiting 4 a msg from "SOMEBODY" is a totally diff feelin altogether. wink (thrs no smiley here). damn.