Monday, November 26, 2007

if u ask me "do ghosts exist??" i'll say "good question." an flee from the place coz
I DO BELIEVE IN GHOSTS AN SPIRITS,I DO." the extent to which i am affected by it is---i hav watched only half of booth,darna zaroori hain. an 3/4th of aapthamithra. its not tht i haven watched the remainin part or somethin.its jus tht i close my eyes wenevr i think thrs gonna b a bhayanak scene. i knw some of u may b laughin. i hav even watched exhorcist but haven seen a single scene. i was under the blanket(ALONE).my friend was goin on describin each scene 4 one of her beautiful an artistic comments was--avl baayindha green colour chatni thara vaanthi aache bartha idhe.thu

i was watchin a show called haunting on national geographic channel.some ppl were assigned the task of enterin into a hunted house an on top tht search 4 the ghost(i guess ivrgalige maadakke bere kelsa illa).some of 'em were students(dnt thy hav any prob in life--imean internals, attendance, extra lab, extra lab test).

there were around 3-4 groups who tryin to search 4 the ghost.the 1st guy said"i can feel the ghost.its the spirit of a small gal. she was chocked. i can also sense another ghost".the thing tht freaked me out was-- thr was portrait in the house tht had human figure in the background.tht gave me creeps.thr came another lady with a wierd sorta instrument tht went on an off in case some energy was detected in tht place.tht instrument was constantly on--explainin the fact tht thr was some negative energy thr. the 3rd group also had hi-fi instruments.some voice recorder,super cameras.......

the 3rd group explained the reasons 4 the all the wierd activities in the place. thy said"anybody can create a human like figure in the background of a portrait. jus after paintin--wen the paintin is still wet,take it near a carpet an dust it. the dust accumulates on the portrait givin a human like fig. an tht energy was some electrical energy due to the snappin of a wire." an the 1st guy who guessed abt the gal bein killed was also wrong.the only thing tht was right was--bein choked. it was a 21 year old guy who was killed in tht house (an not a small gal).

A smudge or moisture on the lens can give an eerie ghostly effect to a photo. Make sure your camera lens is clean!

after seein this i was tryin to come to a conclusion tht no ghosts exist an thr is a scientific reason behind every damn thing in the world. heeg ankond thakshna nan mane baglu opened automatically.huh.

but i strongly believe tht ghosts do exist.i donno y do thy exist nor do i knw y do i believe in them. my friends had once tried callin 27 of'em who had called fell ill an dint turn up to school the next day.

i also happened to watch shows whr ppl share their own experiences.thy say the cot jus starts thumpin without any reason. thr r things tht start fallin down.thy c some wierd ppl an incidents in front of their thr was a case whr a family of 5 say tht thy hav seen a ghost or feel abnormal things happening at their is said tht v percieve the vission of a ghost or somethin of tht sort wen v hav lost our consciousness--in a subconscious state.but wat i hav to say is-- a family of 5 cant lose their consciousness together.

some ghost busters hav recordings tht prove tht spirits communicate with us.thy dnt harm us until v try to. thy say thy hav their voices recorded.

how far all these r true??i donno.

Ghosts are the mind's way of interpreting how the body reacts to certain surroundings, say UK psychologists. Other researchers have used many different methods to try to determine the causes of ghostly activity. While no one has conclusively proven that ghosts do not exist, researchers have proposed a number of alternate explanations about physical or psychological causes for strange experiences. Some are simple - people can hallucinate or mistake reflections, shadows and unidentifiable noises for ghosts. Other theories are more complex.

wtevr it is.I AM AFRAID OF GHOSTS.but not as much as am afraid of butterflies.

i donno if ur feelin the intensity of my terror--i am constantly lookin back as i am writin this post-- jus to make sure nobody is standin behind me.nan maneli strange things happen.the washin machine lid falls down suddenly.thr a vessel in the kitchen tht falls down without any notice. door,whose latch comes off. the best part is while writin this post some lines r gettin deleted.may b coz i am clickin on some commands tht i am unaware of.but wtevr.

To the believer no proof is required, to the sceptic, no proof is sufficient.

Monday, November 19, 2007

go get a life

the other day wen i was havin my dinner, a few guys came in started playin loud music on their phone. i couldn listen to wt my mom was sayin.all the ppl thr were literally shoutin.wen thy were asked to lessen the volume...thy denied.y do thy hav to do all tht in public.i got pissed off with those guys.i mean cant thy jus behave like normal humans.
i dont knw if its only me or evn others get angry so soon.i lose my temper when
someone overacts
tries to act smart
wen they try to portray themselves as a totally different person
i even get angry when i meet ppl without BASIC manners-while speakin to others.let the person feel comfortable to speak to u.y make them feel inferior??
an 1 set of ppl who totally turn me off r those snappin at everythin. if u jus wanna go on snappin at some1 thn jus dnt speak.keep ur mouth shut. y open it an hurt the funniest creatures in this planet r those who dnt hav an individuality.jus b urself. y stick to others style?yuk
my blood jus boils wen i c such ppl. i keep tellin myself "mind ur own business" but i still feel like smashin each fellas head.but its my fist tht ends up gettin hurt.
my mom says wenevr ur sad or angry jus think of all the happy times.but u knw wat tht makes me evn more frusrtrated.thinkin abt good times worsens my temper.y am i dealin with such ppl??
i am takin all this nonsense coz i dnt wanna create a scene.not tht i cant give it back on their face.i feel like tellin such ppl "GO GET A LIFE".an i will.
i am sorry if this post has hurt u. i dint mean to.but this is wat i am thinkin right now.
its over.its over 4 me now.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

my take on OSO

wow wat an exitin day i had today. filled with total exitement. is post mein aapse do sawaal pooche jaayenge. sahi uthar dhene par aapko dhed sara gifts milega pakka.
i got my offer letter yday. quite a bit of happiness thr. but i took such a long time to fill it up damn. i hadn taken so much time to finish my written test 4 tcs. huh. submittin took even more time. me an my "colleague" were even decidin who'll b elected as the CR in the ILP program in trivandrum.

thn came the best part OM SHANTI OM.the movie tht i had been waitin 4--waitin 4 a lifetime.or can i say i was waitin 4 it from my previous janma. but couldn watch it in tht janma coz "om shanti om" was not made thn--u c the set was burnt an the heroine also died. now 4 some serious many shocks an surprises--not in the movie but in the theater. coz v got 3 seats together an 1 separate. tht was dumb.
but watever the movie was jus more thn awesome. a total entertainer.had never laughed so much--continuously for 3 it some of the beautiful dialogues----enna rascala, ek chutki bhar sindoor,maa ka dil kehta hain beta. or be it the gorgeous lookin deepika--it was treat to watch.
i was jus thinkin how would it b if i were reborn.i knw it'll b a boon to the world.but seriously if i were reborn may b i would come back to "my college" as a lec an say"kya main yahan pehle bhi aachuki hoon".somewhr in the corner of my mind the ans wld b "N O". collge hodhre thane mudhin janma dhalli nyapaka barakke. mass bunk mass bunk andhre yen nyapaka barathe. okok now thr was scene whr in kirron kher runs behind SRKs car an shouts"tu mera beta hain om tu mera beta hain". now wen i come back to "my college"--- shwetha,shubhada,pooja an prashali would run behind my pep shoutin"tu meri friend hain shilpa tu meri friend hain". those 4 would b workin as maid servants in "my college".shwetha an shubhada would b wearin the same sari--blue pink combination. wooooow .an i am reborn as the daughter of a famous lec.guess who???(1st ques) but kiska badla loongi main??? . i take badla on a lec who had given me only 24 in the internals in the previous janma. who is tht lec???(2nd ques). but who'll b deepika??not a gal. ok lemme write my story later.
i happened to watch farah's interview .she said "i want the audience to b seated till the very end".she has succeeded in doin tht.even the last song, which is generally kiddish,was very cool.the spot boys comin in limousine an the production unit comin in a cycle rickshaw,an farah comin in an auto.beautiful.haven watched such a funfilled movie 4 a long time now.

but the only thing tht dint appeal to me was--juhi appeared only 5 times in the song.i shouted all the 5 times. even the crowd was goin mad wen thy saw juhi onscreen(no counter dialogues plz).
the movie was so fast.i mean blink-the 1st half was over.the 2nd half dint hav anythin 4 deepika but. the characters were beautifully crafted.each 1 has done justice in makin us laugh.not jus makin us laugh--thr were moments of complete silence. an wen thr was complete silence thr was kid who was sittin behin us who askin all dumb ques"amma avnge heg gothaythu?? amma projection room andhre yenu???"grrrrr.
it was a total diwali dhamaka . the movie is a super hit--the sole reason bein JUHI CHAWLA.
upar pooche gaye sawalokeliye aapke jawaab hame 2 din mein mil jaane chahiye.sahi jawaab dene par aapko dhed sara gifts milega pakka.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

gool ol'days

enough abt all the things i hate. let those "things" tht hurt me go to hell. even tht dumb butterfly.
gooshlu said my blog was boring. so thought of writin abt somethin tht makes me happy. the only thing tht strikes me wen i say happiness is SADVIDYA. but thr is a long story tht goes before me joinin SADVIDYA.
aug 7th 2000, the day i bid bombay,my super friends adieu. i dint like mysore by the look of it. i met a handful of irritatin ppl. tht jus turned me off. then came the biggest flop of my life "my 9th an 10th std". vvvs as such is a nice school but i had to deal with a few cartoons- teachers life was goin on --on the boring path. i had a tough time studyin kannada. the most DIFFICULTEST part was learin abt kuvempu,dha ra bendre, akkamahadevi, basavanna-their bdays.o god.i remember all my friends bdy frm my chaddi dosth to the latest 1.i even remember my friends brothers bdy.but damn i cldn memorize kuvempus bday!!!! me an my dad spent a lotto time together memorizing their kruthigalu, prashasthi an lot more. but WHAT THE HECK!!!! i got 93 in kannada. damn 93!!!! i gotto know my results in the midnight. u knw i was laughin the whole night. but my mom was goin on scoldin me 4 gettin 85 in science.kudos.can u beat it????
after the results, i was the talk of my road. all the aunties used to look at me an speak somethin with their friends. ppl used to congratulate me whenevr thy met me or jus start praisin me 4 my laurel. the best part was my dad was my publicity manager. he made sure everybody comes to knw abt my marks. i happened to attend a marriage , i went on the dais to give the newly wed a gift an guess wt thy knew abt my marks.thy started congratulating me,instead of me congratulating them. any function tht i attended all the ppl thr were like "whr is shilpa? i wanna meet her"but hell i am used to all this. i mean the fame an ppl yearnin to meet me an stuff.coz am gr8 u c.
then came the downfall- MY NAME WAS MISSING IN THE 1ST LIST THAT SADVIDYA ANNOUNCED DURING ADMISSIONS. all my friends were in. but me, the one who scored 93 in kannada, had to wait 4 the 2nd list. my name was the last in the 2nd list. damn.
now abt my fav institution,SADVIDYA: the classrooms were small. v were only 12 gals. v had to sit in the 1st bench no matter wt.6 of us had to sit in 1 bench. but all these negative things were nothin compared to the beautiful friends tht i made thr. those 2 years r very special to me. v 6, ashi, amrutha, kapi,bhavya,priyanka an me, did all the masti-- be it removin blow frm others vehicles or goin out of mysore or jus sittin in the class.u name it an v've done it.v've watched ALL kinda movies together.(i mean thriller,comedy,senti....idiot wat did u think,huh). they were upto some or the other mischief.writin songs in the class an gettin caught.givin some cute names to lec like delta,cakooo,hairband,huch rani sujatha, soori mama.principal of corridor.

each 1 wasunique in their own way. ashi was always upto listenin to dumb songs.kapi an her JOKES. god she corrupted all our minds. amrutha was the carin 1. bhavya was the 1 to plan the pranks--listenin to music in the class or watever. priyanka was the tubelight--she dint understand most of the jokes , but mind u she is not tht i ,as usual the smart an good gal. how can i forget gooshlu???she irritated me to the core.but shes a friend 4 life.
i enjoyed goin to coll everyday. goin to coll was never a strain(unlike now). i never had to think before i spoke. i mean i could jus say watevr i wanted to. no thinkin, no hurtin, no cribbin-was the kinda policy thy followed.
v neither meet daily nor msg/call each other. but its still the same bw us. u guys rock my life.nobody can replace u guys in my life.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


she loved him did he. he said i luv u ...he said i'll never leave u. he said....
she listened to it all.she was flyin high.
but now things hav changed.he no longer likes her. but she still does. harsh words flew outta his dirty mouth. but she is still attracted to him.y y???he started ignoring her. but she, couldn c anybody nearing him. he said "ITS ALL OVER". this finally shattered her to pieces. it took her a lotta time,lotta days to get out of it.
when she finally got out of it she found herself adoring him with greater fondness. she wanted to b with him. sit beside him. hold his hands. but he hadn changed. he was still dancin with ego. he was enjoyin his life without her.
can a small fight rip 2 people,2 friends apart???? y did she still hav the same feelings 4 a person who dint give a damn abt her???? is luvin a person so bad??? y did he give his ego more prority than his luv???is ego greater than luv???
then y is ego playing such a big role in her life,my life, ur life????

Thursday, November 1, 2007

My friend was no way near consolable when her heart was broken. i did everything to make her glee but all in vain. i felt like killin her coz she was not listenin to me. i felt all these things r so kiddish i mean heart breaks an all tht.
But now my views r totally different. I know how it feels when when somebody breaks ur heart,breaks ur trust.My mind is shatterd to a thousand pieces.

When we do not fully trust each other, we will try to increase our sense of security and avoid getting hurt by trying to control our friendship. This can take different forms, such as comparison ("I put more into the relationship than u "), jealousy ("how come u r having so much fun with someone else?") and competition ("I'll do that better than u"). When we cannot restore the trust and love in our friendship, it eventually breaks down. Then our friendship is reduced to a collection of negative behavior patterns such as blaming ("it's all your fault"), judging ("you're so aggressive that..."), avoiding ("I'm not willing to discuss this") and patronizing. We all hav felt or said the above words an lost some beautiful relationships.

I jus happened to read this poem somewhr:

I still see your face in my dreams
It hurts and it doesn't help at all
I still want you in my life as crazy as that seems
I want you to catch me when I fall

I still remember the first time we met
There was something so different about you
Your friendship was something I wanted to get
That smile when you said hi to me was so new

Out of no where you called me on the phone
I wanted to sit there and talk to you forever
You were so new, so crazy and unknown
I just knew that our friendship would never sever

Two years and we are barely holding it together
What happened to the way this all used to be
I never wanted you out of my life ever
I sat there for a long time pretending not to see

We decided to go out and make it all all right
It didn't work out of course we knew it couldn't
We couldn't even really stand each others sight
It shouldn't end this way but it did and I shouldn't

I miss you and everything you were to me
Ten years from now we will look back on it all
We will be older and finally be able to see
That friendship will stand the test of time and never fall

Its not over for me but if u say so i'll surely abide by it.