Thursday, March 27, 2008

Show Some Life Bangalore

Working in a company is like goin to a totally diff world. world full of complaicated words like-- ping me(tell me andhre yen kashta),post lunch session,lets sit tomo(allvargu ninthirlla).world full of courtesy(show off). world full of mystery. wenevr i go out 4 lunch i end up starin somebody not coz of the looks but coz the their weird attitude an wierd accessories. it reminds me of the mesmerized look on chak de! gals face wen thy 1st go to aus.

wenevr i had guests at my place,the topic tht never failed to popup was tht --bangalore was bein captured by other state guys. i always used to argue tht everybdy has the right to go anywhr. i dint understand y were the non-kannadigas bein insulted so much by every tom dick an harry.

but the moment i stepped into bangalore,i got pissed off. everybdy speaks hindi.damn. thr r around 10-15 ppl sorroundin me t the workplace. only 3 kannadigas. 1-malayalam. 2-tamil. 3-hindi. 1-marathi.2-telugu. the idiotic point here is y cant everybody converse in eng? the million dollar ques bein--y r the kannadigas speakin in hindi.thr is a group tht has 5-6
kannadigas an 1 northie an evrybody speaks in hindi.yyyyy?its always majority wins right?thn y not speak in kannada an make the other person understand it or atleast speak in english.malayalis an tamil guys hav their own gang as usual. thy dnt mingle with others.

the other scenario tht hit me was---the bus drivers an the conductors speak in all possible languages an reply in watever language the customers want .tamil beka tamil, hindi beka hindi thu. thts not at all fair. y r kannadigas bendin down or succumbin do such ppl. if thy start givin ans in kannada i guess those ppl might learn some basic words. the road side vendors, auto drivers evrybody speaks in hindi. i sometimes forget whr i am.

on the contrary those bus drivers an conductors get frustrated with non-kannadigas. thy shout at the top of their voice scoldin them.but again thy give thm ans in their mother tongue an not kannada.

the best thing is, wenevr i visit the food court an ask in kannada 4 somethin--thy dnt understand. damn.thy ask in hindi.not evn the common lang english. y hindi??
i guess hindi is the official software language in bangalore. anywhr u go inside these IT companies--ppl r goin vata vata vata in hindi or tamil or malayalam. nobody speaks kannada not even the contractors.

i hav even come across some ppl who say thy dnt know kannada an u ask them whr were thy born an brought up??? thy'll say bangalore. whr the hell is bangalore???? IN is it possible tht thy did their scholling an stuff here an thy r unaware of the language.god help them. the other sect of ppl r those who knw kannada an r unhappy abt tht fact.thy throw a wierd accent.(maata maata).to hell with these ppl.

this is not the case anywhr else. the reason bein--neither the state nor the ppl r bothered abt others.thy dnt succumb to others.thy dnt give up on anythin thts related to their state an their language. am not sayin tht v need to discriminate.but thrs a limit to everythin. v need to respect the place whr v r. an v need to respect wat the place has given to us.i keep sayin tht i struggled readin kannada but tht was jus to irritate my friends.nothin serous. i luv this place 4 wat it is an wat it has given to me.
i hav nothin personal against non-kannadigas. my friends knw how much i luv tamil. all my realtives r thr. an my mother tongue bein telugu. i am a non-kannadiga but i luv the place an am proud the fact. i'll never speak in languages other than kannada or english with common ppl in karnataka--whoevr it is!!!(except relatives)

Thursday, March 20, 2008


my MOM an I r farther apart than north an south poles in thinkin, likings an dislikings .the biggest difference b/w me an my mom is "SOCIALIZING". this is somethin tht i hav been tellin my mom. this quality of makin friends is somethin tht i inherited frm my mom is total oppositte. i.e she doesn like makin new friends. i pestered her to make new she has developed this new habit of makin friends.but u knw wt my problem is now.-- SHE HAS GOT TOO TOO MANY FRIENDS. those auties get on my nerves.nange avrna thadiyakke aagtha illa. i repent havin adviced her..damn those auties. wenevr am leavin my house some auntie is present. wenevr i come home diff aunties r thr. an wat the hell do all these aunties do. learn embroidery an jewellery makin for 0 cost--absolutely short thy r exploitin work frm my mom. not all. but some of'em r like hitlers.damn.but some r really helpful.
atleast do thy come alone??? no, thy come with their mari makklu an some with mammakklu.god those kids r worse than the aunties. thy jus wanna enter my room. i myself dnt feel like enterin the room coz its so dirty nowadays. but those kids think my room is heaven an those devils r comfortable in removin dolls an stuffs frm my rack.i literally gotto run behind'em. i dnt think their mothers run behind'em so much. thy 1st enter my room an start pullin out stuffs.thn wen thy c my mob thy go after it.i hav to dive before thy reach the mob an stop them frm evn touchin my mob. ishtukke avrge samadhana agalla.thy dnt rest till thy c me breakin my head.
thn enters those kids' grandmom--HITLER. thy wanna show off tht their grandson is the only 1 havin all the talent in this the only way the kids r made to show their powers is by makin them sing "tinkle tinkle little star..."karma karma. i knw kids r cute but wen thy r told to sing tinkle tinkle 745 times a day thy look like ambrish puri.. (those nos remind me facebook--same torture). an kids r so dumb tht thy dnt sing wen thy r asked to.i feel so glad wen thy do tht.seriously."chinnu kaage yelli? kothi hengappa kuniyathe?chinnu fan thorsu. chinnu adh hellu. chinnu idh helu" i am like "chinnu nin ajjina bayi muchchakke helu".
i donno wen'll my mom get back to her original habit of stayin silent an get rid of these HITLERS. AUNTY GO BACK :-( -- this GO BACK AUNTIE moment was started by a brave YOUNG gal at the TENDER age of JUUUUSSSST thts me. damn.huh.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


3 things tht scare me:
1. birds an butterflies
3.the sight of water from heights

3 people who make me laugh:
1. I
2. me
3. myself
yes of course shubhada an shwetha r the next biggest jokers in my life.

3 things i love
2.dads patience an ability to convince

3 things i hate (jus 3????? nah)
1.attitude--ppl with f**kin attitude. dnt show me ur damn attitude losers.
2.guys who comb their hair properly an carry a handkerchief in their hand. (i dnt hate'em i get irritated)
3.politics-- i mean the politics tht sorrounds me. neighbours
5.gals of my age who r gettin married-- go get a life gals.
3 most stupid things tht i hav done:
1.remove blow frm a guys cycle--in sadvidya
2.window shop till 11 in the nite with no money
3.write this blog at 2.00 a.m

3 things i dnt understand

3 things on my desk
right now:
1.good night
2.pratyushs dvd
3.screw--plz dnt b dumb engh to think its mine.plz

3 things tht i am doin right now:
1.tryin to fix my messenger
2.playin with adobe
3.eatin choc pastry

3 things i wanna do before i die:
1.shift to an aged home in bombay
2.wear some decent dresses --jus to fulfill my moms an my frenz wishes
3.start my super company as planned with my PARTNER.

3 things u should listen to:
2.ur conscience

3.things u should never do:
1.hurt parents
2.never do things tht disturbs others
3.never listen to my frenz

3 most fav movies:
2.chandramukhi pranasakhi
5.kadhulukku mariyadhai
goes on

i was readin some1 elses thot evn i shld make my own list. hope u found some of my likes an dislikes interesting.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I was goin on a walk with my old friend.v were speakin abt how things used to b wen v were together. she said things hav changed so much now.
correct things hav changed today. am no longer a person i used to b wen i entered my graduation. i never used to hesitate in making new friends or speakin to thts not the case-- am happy sittin alone for even 8hrs at a stretch without speakin to some1. i no longer feel like conversing with any1 other than my handful of good friends--in the process losing hell-a-lotta friends an acquaintances.
socializin has now become "the most stupid thing to do" jobs. this change is somethin tht i would luv to revert. is this change bad or good? u never knw.

my friend and i went out 4 shoppin an v happened to buy some novels. i got a sweet valley university book. the book is not a bestseller but its quite a nice attempt to personify each 1 of us in the book. the book is abt a gal who is abt to start her coll life an has a bad coll life after she loses her boyfriend an her best friend coz thy consider her a sober . tht book reminded of all those books tht i used to read. all those chota mota books. my life has been so busy tht i had almost forgotten tht i luv readin books. those books hav been very imp in groomin me during my childhood.

all those enid blyton books---famous five,secret seven, five findouters.the list jus goes on an on.i hav read so many of those. i was always consulted by my classmates on which book to read next.nancy drew was the next step in reading. i always used to wonder--how does she know every damn thing.i mean swimmin, scuba divin,actin, flyin.kudos. i used to luv ned(her boy friend). i even tried out hardy boys--but wasn a huge fan coz i dnt like action an adventure.
Agatha christie an sherlock holmes were my next fascination. how can i forget those mills and boon books---those charming heroes who managed to sweep the damsels off their feet within a blink.i then went on to read somethin tht i could relate to.something abt college an workin women an stuff.

i wonder how cld i forget these books. how cld i forget the moments wen i used to read 1 book a cld i forget discussing mills an boon books with my friends an how i used to keep those books outta moms reach.kudos.

i hav resumed my readin habit again. thts something tht keeps me goin these days. i feel readin is better than unnecessarily socializin with friends an wasting our precious times in discussing abt things tht r no way concerned to us.