Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Idhu yaaru baredha katheyo

This weekend I spent like a nerd in front of laptop. ah but watching movies not doing anything that an average nerd does ;)

By the time I finished watching the movies, I was kinda half mad. (Now Plz dont say tht I already was - thts a pathetic old joke)I have never watched movies in which i had to pause and take down notes and then think abt it for a few moments. Never. However I have watched complicated movies and gotten over it. But this weekend was special.

1st movie : Premonition : Let me try to explain the movies in my own words rather than Ctrl C + Ctrl V from imdb.
The leading lady (Sandra Bullock) wakes up everyday to find out that her week is jumbled as in the days in the week are not ordered. 1st comes thursday whr she finds out her husband died yday i.e. Wednesday.Next day she wakes up to find her husband alive coz tht is Monday. Next day, Saturday, again she finds herself in the funeral of her husband. Next morning is Tuesday whr she finds tht her husband is having an affair and nothing makes sense to her coz she is as confused as ppl watching her. Finally comes Wednesday when she decides whether to save her unfaithful/shitty husband or let him die. HELL.

2nd Movie : Lake House (Sandra Bullock again). She has this something to tease our brains.She leaves her Lake House behind for her profession and settles else where in the city. All this happens in the year 2006. She decides to leave a mail to the new Lake House resident. This new resident (Keanu Reaves) responds back coz hes confused. Plz Concentrate, this is whr the confusion starts. For him, the current year is 2004 and for Sandra, the current year is 2006. She is in the future. How do they communicate? The mail box at the Lake House becomes the Time Channel. And then loads of confusions like : They meet each other at a party in 2004. At this point Keanu has already fallen in love with her but Sandra fails to recognize him coz she falls in love with him in 2006. DAMN U.

3rd Movie : Butterfly Effect : (No Sandra Bullock)This was the worse. I chose this movie coz the name of the movie was intimidating. But I CANNOT pen the movie in words. It was way too confusing. I guess the main resaon behind this confusion was watching all these movies back to back.

4th Movie : Sixth Sense :This movie made some sense, Finally.
I dont understand why I choose these movies out of 20 other movies. I really fail to understand.