Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kya Chahiye Madam? kidhar jana?

These 2 years in bangalore have been a pain you know where ;) Seriously, the traffic, the rickshaw drivers, the multi lingual murugespalya. Oh God Murugespalya!!!!

My mane road  has 2 kannada-speaking family and I include my family in it (We are telugu, but the 3 of us know kannada). Creepy Palya. However, Mother India loves it. She has never had soooo many friends ever before. Nan kathe keli...Aapice nalli hindi. yeshte try maadudhru shudha hindi nalle maathu kathe. Neighbours jothe Englis. Yenadhru by mistake friends call madudhre kannada dhalli muthu udhrathe. 

Loads of friends ask "Why the new found love towards kannada?". That is true, I can just speak in kannada and I have shared my painful experience with the language as a cariculum.
However, looking at Bengalooru's plight, not just increases my love for kannada but also manages to increase my hatred towards all the other languages that have taken its place.

Angadige hodhre "kya chahiye madam anthaane?" Aa angadi dhavnu malyali. Avnge Tamil telugu barathe. He is currently learning Bengali. Idh bari avn kathe alla...Auto drivers, Bus conductors...yellaru ashte. 

 I am not an anit-kannada types. I appreciate the fact that people like it here but it hurts when our language is not given the respect which it deserves. I hate it when kannadigas do not respect their roots and curse everything associated with namma karnataka. They are ashamed to say that kannada is their mother tongue. LOSERS. I agree that we are not perfect...be it the movies here or or what??? I guess everything as good as a metropol. Are we unhappay with the kannada movies????

I am sure most of my friends are tired of listening to this kannada gyan of mine but nan maneli bandh iri ondh vara....sop maaroru "keerai" antha koogthare....balehannu maroru "valapalam" anthaare...

Alas, I am sure nothing is going to change as we have developed as a city and grown into a IT Hub. But I guess we kannadigas can take a small step in acknowledging namma kannada.