Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy BirthDay Praja

Hey Happy Birthday PrajaDevi.H. I pray from the bottom of my heart tht, all ur wishes come true this year.
magale, yemme vays aaythu eegladhru solpa nanna nodi kali. nimmajji. solpa nadhru budhi baratha nodthini
I hope this year, u get too many missed calls from guys whom u know an frm guys whom u dont. I hope cute guys sit beside u wenevr ur travellin to ur home town. ( or may be daily wen u go to TI ). I hope u treat me with loads of ebony an ivory this year. I hope u get into the habit of sleepin late in the nite so tht I can enjoy speakin to u.
Have a gr8 year ahead. Have loads of fun with ur BITS friends an chaitanya. Hope u get to spend more time with ur sis . Hope I get to spend more time with u.
I wish I was thr in the PG to join the celebrations an to munch on the cake. I could hear the celebrations behind wen I called. I wish ....
Hav a wonderful an chirpy life ahead. Ur 1 of the few guys whom i'll never forget.

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mumbai Pinned again

Yet another terrorist attack in India. an this time its done with ishtyle. I mean I had never imagined tht these terrorist guys had the damn guts to jus go in a vehicle an start shootin common ppl. But this was all possible coz the lack of police power & common sense. Doesn Taj Hotel hav enough security for its high profile guests? It was even said tht the attack was so very well planned tht thy came out with the attack simultaneously--one in Taj an the other in the Oberoi. Thy were seen in a vehicle tht looked like our police jeeps.

These terrorists r the sole reason 4 the hazards all over the world, I understand. but the country thts givin shelter an even givin platform 4 these terrorists to grow r to be equally blamed. V all knw which neighbouring country nurtures these terrorists, thn Y cant India jus devastate their plans by destroyin their roots. the terrorist trainin an all the info regardin tht is avaliable on the net. Wen a common man has access to it then y cant the govt. just do somethin abt it?

I wanted to talk abt our very own Raj Thackery long ago but dint get the right chance. Now during these blasts, does tht man hav the guts to come out an say- " all the non-maharashtrians ,plz dnt help us during this crisis time. I need no south indian doctors or the north indian guys helpin us out. Plz get out of the state. no single non marathi cop should help in nabbing the terrorists. Even if thy do, the terrorist must be sent back to his base camp and as a punishment the cop must be given life imprisonment."I am sure tht during this crisis time he would hav ran away to a safer an a more secure place--somewhr in North India.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Again me

Chalo here goes another tag..... I have nothing else to write abt...

What is ur Oldest memories:

The days tht I spent in Bombay.The beautiful summers which I spent playing with gals...skating,Mad game,Lagori,.... The nights tht I spent with my friends watching stars an trying to figure out the constellation. The days My friends an I started giving wrong calls to god knws who!!! I also remember my days in my 1st school.My HM was a terror. Sagari Miss.Kids used to wet their pants. Wenever she used to come to the park with her son v all used to run away.She was a Hitler I tell u.

What were u doing 10 years ago?

10 years ago I was in my 6th Std. This was a turning point in my life.I was changing frm a good ol'gal to a REBEL.My friends an I had decided tht frm thn wearing frocks like kids,wear watch in the right hand (V still follow it),turn into a rebel at home. I learnt wat ego is an all the foul language. all the 4 letter words. I watched my 1st movie in the theatre.


Today am a young workin lady. I am writin this frm my office. nobody is around. I stay with my friends. Havin a nice time in the pg.


Tomo am planning to go to Mys.1 of the last few stay in namma Mys. lots of stuff to do. I need to give my pep 4 service an treat quite a few friends an blh blah blah.Watch TV.wash clothes blh blah blah14 years frm now?Hmmm i'll not be working.thts 100% sure.May be i'll be doin the household,cleaning.Naah.I'll not be doin tht too.May i'll jus be lazin around.watchin tv an movies.I wld've grown fatter.I might hav stopped blogging. I am sure tht I would have done something in photography.but I hope am alive after 14 long yeras.

If u build a time capsule wat would it contain?

It would contain books, my laptop, my mom,loads of money,loads of food an cute litte kitten.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This is me.

I am : sweet and stupid

I think : a lot and that is the sole reason of my silence.

I know : that I am SHILPA THE GR8

I want : a house full of chocolates.

I have : a sweet mom who is ready to anythin 4 me.

I wish : I dont have to get up early an take bath.(as if I do tht daily).

I hate : ppl who keep cribbing.

I miss : My college and college friends.

I fear : butterflies.

I hear : myself

I smell : my mom's yummy dishes.

I crave : for chocolate pastries.

I search : 4 a soulmate an a cool best friend.

I wonder : Am I smart or am I smart?

I regret : having completed 22 years of life so soon.

I love : Cats

I ache : for good food.

I was not : so borin in my previous janma.

I am not : the kinda person u think I am.

I cry : when no1's around.

I believe : Indian corruption can never down.

I dance : only in my nightmares.

I sing : jus like tht

I read : blogs.(only interesting blogs)

I dont always : keep my bed dirty. its worse sometimes.

I fight : only with my mom.

I write : watever I like.

I win : arguments

I lose :

I never : wanna take bath daily.

I always : think think think an sleep.

I confuse : my mom.

I listen : to myself.(actually everybody listens to me.)

I can usually be found : sleeping or eating or pulling somebody's leg.

I am scared of : losing friends, butterflies.

I need : a best friend.

I am happy : when am sleeping.

I imagine : a lot.

I Miss My Friends....

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Friday, October 31, 2008

Shubhada's marriage contract

This post is for Shubhada an Shubhada alone. She got a wierd an a scary thought abt her place of stay after marriage.Now tell me how many of us hav thought abt it?I guess only Shu has.
These r the conditions tht U need to mention in ur marriage contract Shu--
In this contract me refers to Shubhada

--> Place of accomodation will be chosen by me.

--> A maid an a cook r a must.

--> A car with a driver is a must.

-->In laws should never enter the house without my permission.

--> Mom-in-law MUST come to take care of chintu,mintu an wat not.

--> In case the husband decides to break-up a Compensation equal to his salary must be provided every month on or before the 1st of every month.

--> Even after the break-up the car an the driver must be left behind.

--> mom-in-law must continue to come an take care of chintu, mintu an wat not even after the break-up.

--> Gifts in the form of gold everyweek is mandatory.

--> My parents can come anytime thy wish to esp my friends.

--> When the cook or the maid takes a leave either the husband or the mom-in-law must replace thm(before an after the break-up).

As of now this is it. U can revise the contract Shubhada.

Happy Diwali

Man Wat a diwali I had!!!!The words Pathetic & unfortunate can describe my Diwali the best

I did not fire crackers which I normally do. I did not eat any sweets as I was in bangalore in my BEST PG. I did not wish any of my friends or relatives (except for the ones who wished me). I did not hav the feast on the diwali night an the imp thing bein I was alone in my room lookin at the colourful sky an thinkin abt all those diwali days in bombay with Sindhu an others an the Diwali in mysore with Sumanth , Manasa. Those were some days.

I always used to think tht it'll be fun wen I have money an I can do watevr shit I wanna do. I have started earning now but fun is lost. I hate goin to Pizza Hut now. Back in coll v used to die to go to Pizza Hut an wait for the right moment wen all of us had enougf money to fill our stomach. Hey guys do u remember the GOLKA tht v had. Awesome.

Comin back to my Diwali celebrations. Tht evening I was with my dad searchin 4 a house tht would match my goddamn MYS house by 50%. I walked an walked in every street jus to realize tht I was probably 1 of the unfortunate ones who was not celebratin Diwali. Every Kid in the block was enjoyin with friends an family.Even the street dogs seemed to be havin the time of their lives.

The search for a good house ended at 7.30 after a heated argument with dad abt a house. Came back to my den whr I was alone. Everybody were in their native hoggin on sweets an havin a blast. The whole PG seemed to be empty except for 2 or 3 gals. I went out to stare at the beautiful sky. It was amazin. A kid was tryin to burst a bijli but vehicles an dogs were preventin him. an thr was this gal who lit a rocket an It directly went into somebody's house an her 2nd rocket in some lady's sari.Hehehee. My eyes were wet an before I could do anythingI could feel the moisture on my cheeks too. Each drop trickeled down without my realization.
It was thn I realized tht my mom would be at lightin diyas all alone. She would be watchin all the other kids enjoy. I thn had 4 apples(feast) an I slept. but the sound of the crackers an the laughter were still hauntin my ears.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I have a few more doubts:

--> Now imagine this, Aishwarya Rai , Abhishek Bachchan , Amitabh Bachchan an Jaya Bachchan r watchin kyunki saans bhi kabhi bahu thi(dnt ask me y!!) an thn duirng the commercials, a song featuring Aishwarya an Vivek Oberoi pops up. how does the Bachchan parivar react to this

a) Aishwarya curses her fate an enters the dreamland with vivek.

b) Abhishek curses his fate

c) Amitabh says Aishwarya looked better with Salman.

d) Jaya says Abhishek looked good with anybody other than Aishwarya.

--> Y r all my friends (old an new) dumb? frankly speakin , I am tired of this question.

--> Y does Praja wanna always drink IBM water. I guess wat she needs is Kaveri water if I consider her geography an history?

--> Y r Anju an Vaishu so much like sindhu? an Y doesn Sindhu gimme a call??

--> Y is it tht My house painter has done his B.A an Our leaders 2nd Std.?

-->Y am I Bloggin wen I hav work to do?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I am right now confused. So plz dnt mind this meaningless writing.

Wen I find everythin goin right in my life, somethin always goes wrong and turns the table. I am left with such meaningless an confusin thoughts. It always makes me think tht -- was I destined to do this? am I jus another gal doin the same ol'work.this thought always haunts me. "Y am I doin wat I am doin?"

V all make compromises on everythin -- our career,our life, our relationships... but cant thisbe avoided an cant things be easy. Cant 2 ppl like each other an stay together without any cribbin an lead a happy life .fight fight fight .thy make their life complicated as well as the ppl close to them. be it friends or siblings or husband an wife. Thy r so much engrossed in givin trouble to each other an hurt each other tht thy forget abt their own happiness.

This has always happened to me -- ppl whom I like r always tryin to go away an ppl whom I dnt like try to be sweet to me. I am so wrong at judgin a person. I am right now not able to come to a conclusion abt who is the right person -- the 1 who is sweet to me or the 1 I want to be sweet to me.

Monday, October 6, 2008

I hate advices

Now I guess many of us have been through this phase of gatherin advices (wanted an unwanted) from ppl. v even get bitti advise from ppl who r no way related wat v r speakin. like aunties advisin on which company to go for...I hav had my share of advices frm Tom, Dick an Harry.

I always thought my friends were the bufoons in my life but no My dads friends are also hav their share of bufoonism in my life. My dads close friend Mr. Uncle always has an opinion abt everythin --be it osama or vegetables .. communism or shlokas

Way back in 2000 (I feel like am 50 years old now..thu). lemme change the sentence
Wen I was in my 10th std( I was young thn)...I was a good gal. Mr. Uncle told me " Shilpa this is an imp phase in ur life.if u score well in 10th ur life will be set. u dont hav to work hard later in ur life. my sons r well settled now so it all depends on ur 10th hard" Avr hellidh nodudhre as if 10th nalli 95% thagudhre infi navru thambula sahitha kelsa kodthare ankonde. I believed him an worked hard. but mannu who wants 10th marks. I remember my 10th marks jus for my kannada marks. nothin else

Now in my 12th( I was young thn too..) the same Mr.Uncle comes an says "Shilpa 2 PU is like it decides ur life ur career, ur path . If u score well here thn u can get it into a gud coll an once u get into a good coll u'll automatically get a job".yen idea.huh.

In BE( full aged..) Uncle says "work hard for 4 years an stay peaceful 4 40 years. get into a good company an life is set."Adh yavaga mugyatho nan life nalli yella imp phases. Now am in a good company.I dont think my life is set. evn now I am workin hard.

Now jus guess wat said yday"Shilpa thr r a lot of wolves ready to attack u in bangalore .Be careful. "Man wat a usual i dint understand. wat he meant by wolves were guys eligible 4 marriage. He even said" Shilpa choose the right guy. coz thts very imp. Wolves r ready to catch u". blah blah blah but 1 gud thing is he compares guys to wolves.I wld hav been happy if he compared guys to somethin worse.

I am waiting 4 the next big advice.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I hav a few doubts. Plz answer if u can...

--> Y is my PG named the "BEST PG"?? (not answerable by any1)

-->Wat does handsfree mean?? The web definition is
Handsfree is an adjective describing equipment that can be used without the use of hands"
Now for all the mobiles v get 2 kinda hands free. 1 that is with bluetooth an the 1 tht most of us hav--the wired handfree. I have seen this a zillion times tht ppl (esp gals) use the wired handsfree an thn place the mouth piece of the hands free near their mouth with their hands an speak. now wats the damn use of the hands free, ur hands r not anyways free. sumne direct aagi phone nalle mathad bahudhu. Y nataka?

--> Wat will the state of bangalore be wen Tata Nano releases. Will thr be enough fresh air in bangalor eto breathe. will thr be a breathin area in bangalore?

--> who made it a rule tht v need to take bath after v get up?? y not sometime after lunch or in the even?

--> y are all the 87 year born so irresponsible ?? (than me)

--> y do v hav to ask permission 4 everything? Y r v scolded 4 everythin??

Today is 2nd of Oct. Some ppl see it as a holiday an quite a few knw this as Gandhiji's birthday.but how many of us knw tht today is LAL BAHADUR SHASTRY's birthday.
I dont think any newspaper or the media has done anything to remind us of this gr8 man who has done so much for ur agricultural sector.
The TV channels never fail to talk abt Rahul Mahajan and Monica Bedi an Payal's triangle love story in big boss. Nor do they fail to talk abt the fight b/w Salman Khan an Sharukh Khan. Nor do thy fail to talk abt Rakhi Sawant an her useless Boyfriend.Are these ppl more imp than Lal Bahadur Shastry. Y wasnt thr a single advt in the newspaper.

All the other gr8 leaders are remembered on their birthdays. I dnt deny tht "thy did good for our country" but was it better than a freedom fighter who gave "JAI JAWAN JAI KISAN."

Isnt it a shame on our part tht v give importance to cricketers and filmstarts . V knw the birthdays of cricketers an filmstars. The media is always aware of the birthdays of all useless ppl who hav done nothin to make us proud but the media is not aware of Lal Bahadur's birthday. Media also knws whr abhishek an aishwarya Rai went on their honeymoon -- how did thy celebrate their anniversary. Is this wat our media is supposed to be doin?? Shameless.Crap.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

College Days

this is my 50th post.

Friday, September 19, 2008

New Life...New People

This life is really monotonous. Each day I am waiting for the weekend to come. an wen it really comes I crib for having to go back to mys. The 3 hr journey in the bus on Mon an Fri -- the same old pg -- the same old food --yuk. Come to office an start studying??? instead of making us study again after our coll. thy can just extend our coll curriculum 4 1 more year an say that "guys study this this an this. this is imp 4 our company". at least v could enjoy our coll life 4 1 more year. I hate studying here. that too a soft copy. i get so distracted. I used to hate the dabba game minesweeper. but that is an imp source of entertainment in my life right now. This jjob life really sucks. I mean get up early an take bath immediately (else no hot water) ,get ready an carry our moote an chale chalo to a place whr ppl hav come frm pluto an neptune. adheno obhru maathadalla, yellru vaysaadhavru.

but the good point being I did manage to make a few good friends here in office as well as in pg. In office I can call my friends jokers. thy r all so diff yet thy make my 1 hr happy an gay. The guys I hang around with here are -- "Mr. SRK",Janni,Mr Mtech an sometimes a Rajasthani guy.
Now.. Mr Mtech is intelligent an a man of few words but jumps in at the right moment with the right words. Janni an Mr SRK r the kinda guys I hav seen in movies. I never knew,until I met them tht such guys exist on earth. "baay bittre hudgir vishya". The moment thy c a gal thy stop breathin. an thy cant digest a morsel until thy hav stared at a gal (esp janni... he is not here right now.hes in a diff office.but v do remember him daily--wenevr v c a beautiful gal). thy had evn gone to the extent of speakin to a gal who was a stranger an how do u think thy started the conversation--Mr SRK saw her tag an gotto knw tht she was workin in Sony an thn he went an asked "u work in Sony right". Our janni was standin beside me wen SRK was busy speakin to Sony gal.The very next second I see tht Janni is thr with tht gal an wat does he ask "Did u do ur internship in mindtree???" V dint c tht gal after tht incident. I have never seen such incidents in real life -- I mean guys tryin to openly impress a gal. Janni also had high ambitions (not in work). he had pataofied 3 rajasthani gals. I dono wat was so special abt thm but Janni daily wanted to meet those gals. But havin said so,thy r very ambitious in their life abt their career too. thy hav predermined notion abt their future an i don think thy will compromise on tht.I can jus say tht thy r the perfect ppl to hang around.

I almost forgot abt Janni's patents. He says he has patents 4 a few words like "kaage haarsodhu".I learnt all these new words in a few days.
Mr Mtech does not fall in this category. he is quiet. v both r always mesmerized coz of Janni an SRK. V both sometimes team up an tease these 2 guys but men r men -- U can rely on them. Most of the times it turns out tht I am the scape goat. These guys make my day better. an all the 3 r masters in "kaage haarsing".

My PG looks a BITS gals hostel.thr r 11 gals frm BITS goa an few frm Pilani. All of'em hav dual degrees.the combination of the dual degree is so complicated--instrumentation with a Bio Msc--Comp Sci an Bio. If I were given a chance I wouldn hav gone 4 a single degree--if an only if my parents had told me tht "shilpa take these 5 crores an enjoy ur life". I would hav stopped at U.K.G. I knw jus 3 gals thr .Ms.Bobby George, Ms CrushList an the other shares her name with the drama queen -- my fav drama queen--but the gal here is totally opp. She is in a high post but she is so full of warmth an kindness. She is super cool. She doesn throw unnecessary attitude--she is 1 of her kind.she is more thn perfect.

Comin to Ms.Bobby George an Ms Crush List-- these 2 or rather all the BITS gals r always full of enthusiasm. always laughin an keepin the place alive. I miss my coll wen i c them stayin together an havin fun.

Watevr follws now is not a fiction an is a real story which was witnessed by Ms.CrushList an other gal called Nandu.
Ms.Bobby George is a sweetheart. A guy fell for her an dumped his gal friend 4 wen she heard this,she was so thrilled tht she crossed the road without thinkin twice.again filmi-- like 1 of those tamil heroines.Later she realized tht she was not in TamilNadu but in namma "BENGALOORU" an she jumped on the footpath to save herself .Our Hero came into the rescue an caught her an saved her life.He dropped her till our PG. an it was seen tht Ms.Bobby George was restin on him an the rest is history. but now she says she needs to go the doc coz she complains of diziness an feels pukish now an thn. I wonder wat the trouble could be.
I repeat again this is not a fiction.

Ms.CrushList is always vibrant an has a real long crushlist goinher way.her list spans over companies. I mean HER GUYS work in all big companies--mercedes, netapps....Nice going.

With such ppl around, I'll be wrong if I say things r dull an borin but things r monotonous.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Father is the HEAD of the family.Father earns and Mother cooks an takes care of the damn family. Who the shit made these rules? Whoevr made it was a male 4 sure.

Men actually hav nothin in their heads. Seriously. Thy r fit 4 nothin. (i dnt regret saying this). Men especially over 40 years of age r demons. I hav seen men over 40 woo gals on the road, in the train an bus. Shameless creatures. They think they can do anythin an get away without trouble as%$^&es. I wonder whether thy were born to a single set of parents. I am sure their family is full of sl*&s.

Not jus aged men evn teenagers jus loaf around an stare at each an every gal while his mom or sis is out sloggin amidst men of his character. I guess such men should be slaughterd to death. Bloody hell who gave thm the superiority in life????

I feel like pierecin a hot pin into their eyes wen thy cant respect a person walkin on the road. an frm birth v r taught tht "come wat may-- dnt rebel an fight on the roads.avr yenadhru maadli jus ignore them." avn moothige ignore bere.

The funny part bein such guys look so much like s*&t tht u feel like burnin their face an their ......

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Sitting in the office an workin on somethin always reminds me of my friends-- shwetha, shubhada,shruthi, shambu, rachana...... an finally SK (my lecturer). v gals had so much fun in all the labs. v did nothin but copy paste an thn start gossippin abt THEM. an now the status bein all of us r workin --workin hard without the help of copy paste . i dnt think i'll be wrong if i say that v hav never sat in 1 place 4 such a long time-- without msgin -- without gossipin. but yes i do take breaks an catch up with my friends -- but again i hav never been so quiet in my life. nothin in my life can replace the fun tht i used hav in the labs.

1 more thing tht always comes to my mind is "wat ma?? y r u restless ma?? wat r u doin thr shilpa??" i miss SK's dialogues. i always wanted to tell her tht i was an innocent victim of all the criminal activities undertaken by SHWETHA an SHUBHADA. thy an their childish activities. i wonder how thy'll manage to sit an work at a place coz thr'll be no SK hereafter an no SHILPA THE GR8 to save thm. I wonder.....

be it networks lab or CG or DBMS v hav done nothing. the projects were like super cool. v hav struggled with our projects till the very last minute.(dnt take it positively -- v dint knw wt v were doin--tht took us most of the time).

I always had this question in my mind ki whether studyin more or concentratin more in the class or in the lab would hav helped us ?or "yen maadudhru udhara aagdhiro party na navu??"

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I am in a training room right now learning abt things tht go over an above my dumb head.i'll make sure my chilren dnt hav to go thru all these things. but i hav to. thts the call. i am attending this training with heavy heads tht hav exp of ovr 4 yrs.thy use these 3 letter acronyms thts way beyond my understandin.not jus the acronys their lingo an their "maathu kathe". an am the youngest 1 out here-- really young. i guess this is the 1st time tht am the youngest 1 in a lot. be it family or coll or friends i hav been the eldest an the SUPERIOR(wink -- thr r no emoticons).

I truly understand chota darsheel in taare zameen par now. i can see all the servers an the nodes an the cells over my head but my only wish bein-- i want 1 of the servers to fly an hit each 1 of the heavy heads sitting with me. thy look so serious an i dono "do thy hav a life beyond work?? beyond their heavy heads?? beyond their attitude???"

Will i be 1 among thm eventually?? will my friends be 1 aming them a few years down the line. right now i feel pathetic abt this training.


it was a long time since she liked a guy an this time she liked some1 whom she had thought, would never be her choice. she thought she liked him alright!! but did he was the question an the icing on the cake bein -- whether SHE liked him or not. was this all jus friendship or a bit more than tht. she dint know whr to draw the line!!

He an his thoughts always made her go glee. HE sometimes flirted in a way tht made things obvious but havin said so thr were times wen she thought tht she was jus another friend of his.

HE occasionally said"I have done THIS 4 u. will u come 4 a lunch an how abt a movie???" SHE was always happy wen she heard these sweet words flow out of his mouth but the catch bein HE wasn the same sweet guy all the time.This always disturbed HER.this raised a question in HER heart -- did HE or did HE not?????

SHE always dreamt of a guy who was romantic an sweet. a guy who thought SHE was his best friend --who would pour his heart out. who would be thr 4 her. but the irony here bein HE possessed none of these qualities. SHE never knew wat HE was thinkin an wat were his feelings. HE never was open abt the happenings an not happenings in his life.

SHE told him abt her fright an delight but in vain. NO RESPONSE. now wat say does SHE like him an is her ask 4 a romantic side of him a little too much???

it sometimes becomes necessary tht u open up ur heart an let others know how much thy r cared.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


When I cry you help me out
When I'm happy you hear me shout
When I grin you know I'm really mad
because you are my best friend
You can tell when I'm sad

You're there in thick and thin
You're my best friend
You hear me out when I want to talk
You help me out when I get mad
You are the bestest friend I've ever had

So hear me out when I say
You're the light in my day
You are the moon in my night
You shine very bright
You are the bestest friend I have
and I miss you

Funny how friends say forever,
people never seem to stay together

You told me not to worry, told me not to cry,
you said we were best friends, it was a lie.

I'm here still pretending not to care,
pretending I don't notice your never there.

To have a bond like we did was amazing,
but you picked a boy over that, over me, just replacing.

You hurt me so bad you will never know,
and the pain I keep inside I will never show.

You'd probably see it if you just tried,
and know how many nights I have cried.

But don't worry I'll be fine,
I'm not the one who left all my friends behind.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Some days you seem so close
like you stand right before me
But then the next day you seem so far
like each other we can't see,
Each day is like a roller coaster
with my stomach turning upside down
You stand there looking
but yet you don't utter a sound,
I feel so confused and
my heart is being torn at its seams
And every night that I sleep
you seem to linger in my dreams,
Every time I look at you
I forget all my thoughts
And right then and there
it's you that my heart has sought,
Every time I hope
it turns into something bad
So for right now I'll stop thinking
And maybe things won't end up sad.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


ATTITUDE who gives us this attitude? wt gives us this attitude? i hav always noticed tht attitude always comes naturally to the person who least deserves it -- who r losers.
i jus spoke to a lady who is supposed to be a senior project manager. damn tht lady was so simple an she made me feel at home. she was patient with my dumb queries. not once did she made me feel " sheesh i shouldn hav spoken to her at all ". loads of these so called " high funda IT guys" hav made me feel yuk an made me feel tht i cannot survive in this world.

chuck these IT guys, I mean my peers hav so much of unnecessary attitude in them. thy keep boastin abt things tht r irrelevant to us an them. an thy exaggerate it like " i just saw a mammoth today an it winked at me!!! i jus did somethin tht bill gates wld never b able to crack!!! i am workin harder thn my CEO!!! blah blah blah!!!

these kinda attitude hamper our relationships. at least it has hampered mine.

Monday, July 28, 2008

meri dhukh bhari kahaani

i always try to write abt somethin gud an sweet, but i always end up with SPLITSVILLA. but i hav decided am not writin abt those shameless a@@##$es.

i hav never had such free time i mean am either sleepin or eatin or loafin with my friends or SWEEPIN my home sweet home. these r the things tht keep me goin. thr r some other things tht i did -- i went to madras. i did loads of shoppin. mom bought me new clothes. she thinks all my current dresses r indecent 4 WORK or should i say not worth a penny so she gave my beautiful old clothes away. damn.i begged her not to. but a mom is a mom. i guess u ppl will hav to c me next in 1 of those "GOOD" dresses an "GOOD" earrings. in short mom wants me to be a perfect gal. can u imagine me as "the PERFECT" gal. nooooooooooooooo

keepin my sad story aside, i'll go ahead. again my supermom forced me to join drvin classes. o god thts another circus 4 me. i don understand y ppl ride those cars wen bikes r so simple to ride. wenevr i need to apply brake i need to apply clutch thn brake thn go to 1st gear an by the time i do all these i am asked to remove the clutch an brake an accelerator an thn change gear.
an changin tht damn gear is so much trouble -- decrease speed, apply clutch,change gear,remove clutch an increase the speed. wat the hell!!! i can do this job so easily in my pep which obviously doesn hav gears. am so happy abt the fact.

my instructor is always like " niv kayi ittkondirodhu sarigilla madam" "oota aaytha" nim kaal brake mel illa" "heegadhre hege?" "thindi aaytha" "naan hellidh yenu nimge, neev yen maadtha idhira?" "mundhe nodi kay nodi kaal nodi yen yochne maadtha idhira??"

my mom hasn scolded me so many times in the span of an hour.

wat else did i do in these hols??? watch gg5 a dozen times an SPLITSVILLA a million times wenevr my mom is in the kitchen or wen she is sleepin.

i also caught up with my old pals. had a lot of fun chattin an gossipin with them. i mean v were speakin abt all our masthi an wt v felt abt the other person. i had the time of my life tht evenin.i dono abt others but i'll miss them 4 sure. thy r a gem of a character.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

hey guys. i wanted to write abt my 1st day at work.(read my previous post b4 readin this). but i couldn coz it wasn as easy as i thought.

i got dismissed the very 1st day. so right now no work. am actually under traini. am supposed to observe other gals-- how thy keep their house clean etc etc. imp thing bein -- i need to understand the theory of sweepin an wipin wen my mom is at work.gr8 na???

right now am jobless. again.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


sorry guys i couldn msg all of u tht i got a new job. i dnt hav balance left in my mob. i got a new job yday. hav already reported. am right now sittin in the office. it all happened suddenly. the pay is 1.5k pa.
i had been 4 shoppin 4 my new job. i was told to report with a brand new broom an a mop. i shopped a lot 4 it. damn. found a worthy clean mop. i hav started the work at my own place. u c "work at home". i plan to add new clients later.
my mom says i can improve an i can get new clients. may be her own friends can be my clients someday. who knows i could even work 4 the railways an airport someday. u never knw wen u can come up in life. thn my workplace could also get shifted i mean i could go to WHITE HOUSE or somethin -- on duty.


Sunday, June 22, 2008


i hav watched all the 5 seasons of ROADIES. I hav almost watched all the episodes. i know some ppl dislike it an some evn hate it. my mom is the 1st in the hit list. but i hav fallen in luv with roadies. i knw sometimes its all made up an stuff but me an my addiction has gone beyond all these.

roadies -- wen it started was all abt doin the tasks an goin ahead. the game has changed now, its more of a drama an bitchiness an wat not. i get to hear all kinda gaali but hey in the form of a beep.

Roadies 5.0 had the usual drama an beeps too. thr were a few specimens too. sonel, shambhavi nihal ashu -- actually all of 'em were a specimen of their own kind. shwetha an i were so into roadies tht v were always discussin abt nihaal an others. v were evn watchin the repeat telecast together jus to catch a glimpse of all the things tht v might hav missed. v watched the final episode together an v watched it in a sari. v watched it after the ethnic day at college. v dint even bother to change coz v dint wanna miss it.

I am actually waiting 4 the 6th season eagerly. but wat do i c??? the show tht has replaced roadies is SPLITSVILLA. I WAS IN SPLITS WEN I FIRST SAW IT. damn

2 guys an 14 gals an thy r supposed to woo the guys.the gal whose the best in wooin the guys an seductin the guys an r liked by the guys win 5 lakhs. thy even boast abt the seduction tht the gals r supposed to indulge in. i was watchin it with my mom( my bad luck) wen i was watchin it 4 the 1st time. 1 of the guys says" mujhe ek achcha idea aaya. v'll hit the pool". even i wld hav said "wat a wonderful idea" if if if an only if my mom was not watchin it with me. but damn i had to say "o sheesh how shameless !!" thr were gals with bikinis. my mom (who was quiet till thn) startin "wt the hell r u watchin??" I dint even hav the remote at tht time. my mom was like"nowadays gals r shameless dishum dishum dishum.... y is ur room dirty?? dishum dishum .... ur the most irresposible gal on the earth...!! " this is how the 1st show of SPLITSVILLA ended.

NO JOKES APART. the gals r too bold to be doin things tht thy r doin. my mom scolded me 4 watchin it. how abt their moms????

Friday, June 20, 2008

i knw am irresponsible. but i don know y do i have to make others realize tht i am 1. actually I AM THE ONLY 1 whose so irresponsible. I hope i don forget myself someday.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

itna paisa mein itnaich milenga

amitabh bhachan is bein paid like hell 4 his blog an so is aamir khan. i dono the exact amount of money the 2 r mintin.but i know the y thy blog -- jus to criticize sharukh khan the best.

i am not bein paid even a penny. atleast a comment once in a while? nah
an on top of tht nobody visits my blog. i am the only on this earth who visits my damn blog.

those celebrities r makin news an a fortune. an paapa me. kya yahi yeh zindagi ki kadvi sach? nobody to recognize real talent of a YOUNG gal. kudos.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Waiting 4 a msg from "SOMEBODY" is a totally diff feelin altogether. wink (thrs no smiley here). damn.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

i am possessive so wat??? i cant help but be possessive. i can be possessive to any extent -- i can be possessive abt some stuff tht belongs to me or some person who i think should be mine an only mine. i dont c anythin wrong in bein possessive.

My friend said" water in our palm symbolizes love. As long as you keep your hand gently open and allow it to remain there, it will always be there. However, if you attempt to close your fingers round it and try to posses it, it will spill through the first cracks it finds. This is the greatest mistake that people do when they meet love. They try to posses, own, demand, and expect… and just like the water spilling out of your hand, love will retrieve from you. For love is meant to be free, you cannot change its nature. If there are people you love, allow them to be free beings."

but wat the hell i cant keep it open coz thr r ppl who'll take away the water frm me an leave me empty handed. i dont wanna be empty handed. so i believe in possessing love. not allowin other thirsty fellas to quench their thirst with even a single drop of water frm my hand.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Its been more than 24hrs since i left IBM. I was glad tht i finished my more tension. no more hectic schedule. no more sleepless nights. no more strain. but what the heck am missin it now. i miss the 2km walk with the luggage. i miss the contractor badge. i miss the food court that had tons of food but nothin 4 me. i miss adarsh's train colleagues. i miss the silence.

I was supposed to leave bangalore at around 4.30 but i started to get outta the place at 3. coz i couldn sit with this sinkin feelin. i had a tough time biddin goodbye to every1. i have spoken to some of them only 4 a day. an i used to speak to my mentor 4 a few min, once in 3 weeks. but i couldn bid bye to'em. i had this chokin feelin while sayin bye an i knew them since 3 an a half months.

i still remember the 1st day wen i was waitin 4 my manager in the lobby 4 around 2 an a half hours doin nothin--startin at the flights tht were landin right in front of me. i can recall each an every detail.

i had this sinkin feelin wen i went out to return my badge. i thought i would hav to go thro a long procedure before returning the badge. When i went an gave the badge to them thy said " THATS IT!! THANX SHILPA!!". i knew i was goin to miss somethin.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


My friend said my blog was borin an another said she laughed like hell while readin it.damn what an irony. both of'em r gals so i can understand the irony an the cofusion. whr thr r gals thrs confusion, commotion ,lotta unnecessary stuffs an ofcourse the irony.

Comin back to wat my friend said...i thought i'll write somethin tht she likes. the only thing tht she likes is FOOD. i hav started hatin food frm the day i was told u r growin fat.damn. lotta ppl said i was growin fat. I was shell shocked wen my friend asked me tell him "HOW TO GROW FAT???" kudos. he thinks am an expert in growin fat.

i don mind givin the free advice to all u guys who wanna grow fat. Here is the secret of growin fat-- skip ur breakfast, hav sandwich 4 ur lunch. thn at 4 hav a samosa an a blackforest cake. thn 4 dinner hav a burger an a float. this is for 2 days - mon an tue--before an after sleep.
for the remainin days--get up at 10-again skip ur breakfast hav lunch at 1- take a nap from 2 to 5 - thn go to RAGHAVENDRA BAKERY near apollo hospital get a samosa/aloo bun an a nice choc pastry-munch it--dinner is ur wish i mean heavy or lite but strictly hav it at 11p.m. thn go to sleep at 12. IMPORTANT NOTE--PLZ PLZ NEVER EXERCISE OR DO ANY SORTA WORK. an tada ur fat in a month.

Another piece of help from myside--my friends an i hav visited a lotta hotels an restaurants. i'll recall an list some of'em. here it goes--my fav

1.ICE BERG---best place. i luv the sandwich costs 35/-. an thn the american choupsey an lemon tea. awesome. i luv the icecream tht comes with a cake. i forgot the name of the icecream. best place to grow fat.

2.RAGHAVENDRA BAKERY--wat choc pastry mwah. an honey cake. u get nice samosa an stuff.again best place to grow fat. but the chats r not tht good. bhel piri is like chithra-anna.

3.SHANTI SAGAR-- with the new management it looks good. the juices r wonderful especially mango with vanilla.

4.PLANET-X-- The best food. Its worth the money. halladh VAT is over 60/- most of the times.

5.JEWEL ROCK-- Prices r not very high but the food is not too good either an the ambience is really bad. again dumb vat comes in into play.

6.MYLAARY-- i luv the dasa an the chatni thr.

7.PAI VISTA-- AWESOME ambience but soarin rates.

8.MANE or KUTEERA-- I hav been thr for 5 times now. an i hav had the same thing to eat an i made mom eat the same.-NEER DOSA AN MUGHALAI BIRYANI. BILL -90/-

9.CORNER HOUSE-- nice ice creams--costly but the quantity thy give is too much 4 a person.

10. CUBBS -- bari loot. nothin special except the high rates. the pastries r very costly an the 1 i took was yuk. an it costs 60/-

11.KHANA KHAZANA--my 2nd home. i always go thr wen moms out of station.

12.RASOI--it was good 4 the 1st 2 or 3 times but wen v started goin thr again an again i felt yuk. a good place though. normal rates but icecreams r not great.

13.BHATTA- I personally don like it. bad ambience an bad food.

14.AGARWAL CHAT-- i don go thr often but my friends r always thr. ok ok chats.

15.MUMBAI DHOOM-- i luved it the 1st 3 times. but evn now i like it. mumbai dhoom special pani poori is too gud.

16.COFFEE DAY-- dhud idhre hog suribek ashte. waste of money.

17.AVTANA-- Watermelon juice is gud but otherwise normal.

18.JWALA--good rotis an lassis.

19.PIZZA HUT--tasty pizzas an ginger bread. the masala lemonade is gud.

20.DOMINOES--plate illa glass illa-kelludhre indian style anthe. CALZONE is awesome otherwise regular taste.

21.VEG TOWN-- its not thr now.but good food 4 reasonable rates.

other places like saraswati bakery an nalpak an so on r good but tirin after a few visits.
i luv the grape juice near balla circle.

the places i would advice u not to visit is DOLPHINS--coz wtevr u ask thy say its not thr.but the babycorn roll is awesome.i could taste it only once an from tht day wenever i ask him he says its not thr.

Now i hav started to get hungry.wat do u think i'll eat?????

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Am I Irresponsible Or Am I Irresponsible?

U can never find a more IRRESONSIBLE gal. i mean irresposibility is written on my face. i am gifted with it coz not everybdy r irresponsible an bein irresposible is not a childs play--it needs a lotta guts. an i hav it.

My mom has been been tryin hard to indulge some sense of resposibility in me. but all in vain.paapa. I was 5 yrs old wen i left my house unlocked to play outside. thr were a lotta burglers near my place. but to my luck nobody entered my house an wen mom saw wt i had done she punished me with a permanent mark on my hand. but tht dint make any responsible.
nnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. navella asht bega change aagavr alla.never.

Thr hav been a lotta instances whr i hav been irresponsible.cant list the whole damn thing. i dnt even remember all of'em. lemme try to put all of it together

--> I am such a bhulakhad tht i can even go to the extent of forgettin my coll bag. leavin keys in my gaadi,leavin helmet in the class r all daily issues 4 me. i evn get scoldings frm the watchman. thr was a time wen i used to get scoldin frm him at a regular basis.

--> My room is a total mess.i cant find anythin tht i need without half an hours search. while my parents r very displined abt each an everythin. i mean thy knw whr their pen an pin r.

--> I hav misplaced or u can say lost a lotta things. In school it used to lose chota mota things like pen pencil, box, sometimes water bottle an even notebooks. In coll its been 2 calcis, 1 jerkin,lotta pens(i knw my friends hav taken it--yella kallru).but wts surprisin is i find others pen an pencils in my bag. i had sneha an dhathris penpencil till last sem wen shwetha (any doubts abt which shwetha--correct guesses will recieve a gift frm shweta herself) stole it frm me an i think she broke it.but i still hav 1 penpencil with--red colour. yardhu antha gothilla an i hav no plans to return it in the near future.sorry.

--> Last sem i even lost my hall ticket but i eventually got after digestin a lotta scoldings frm sidhu.

--> My best irresposibility act till now has been lettin my gaadi key flow away in a river. thank god it got stuck at a place an i took but as far as i remember tht key was with shubhada an not me. now shes puttin the blame on me. kalli.

--> All these acts of irresponsibilities hav made me a big liar. jus a koshish to get away frm my moms scoldings but i eventually end with more scoldings.some 4 my irresposibility an more 4 my lie. kya kare.

-->i've miplaced my moms umbrella-a 13 yr old umbrella. frm tht day i hav my separate umbrella,separate stapler,separate scissor,separate pens,separate .....

--> I used to hav a separate walkman an player. the reason bein-- wenevr i used any electronic item at my place adhu kettogtha ithu. my parents blame me. wah nan yen maadli. not my mistake right????

--> I almost forgot abt this incident. i lost my purse while goin to bangalore before i had bought the tickets an i had to get down near mysore at 5.30 a.m an walk back to the bus stand all alone an waited 4 my mom to come. wat a day an wat a stay it turned out to b????
But is this irreposbility????I dnt think so. I call this 1st step of RESPONSIBILITY.

STATUTORY WARNING: wenevr u make the blunder of givin me somethin, make sure i return it at the earliest.if u dnt thn jus forget it.aashith,i found ur cd.will return it soon b4 i lose it again.pratyusha, ur dvd is safe. an yes ofcourse, sneha or dhathri, am not retunin ur pencil.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Show Some Life Bangalore

Working in a company is like goin to a totally diff world. world full of complaicated words like-- ping me(tell me andhre yen kashta),post lunch session,lets sit tomo(allvargu ninthirlla).world full of courtesy(show off). world full of mystery. wenevr i go out 4 lunch i end up starin somebody not coz of the looks but coz the their weird attitude an wierd accessories. it reminds me of the mesmerized look on chak de! gals face wen thy 1st go to aus.

wenevr i had guests at my place,the topic tht never failed to popup was tht --bangalore was bein captured by other state guys. i always used to argue tht everybdy has the right to go anywhr. i dint understand y were the non-kannadigas bein insulted so much by every tom dick an harry.

but the moment i stepped into bangalore,i got pissed off. everybdy speaks hindi.damn. thr r around 10-15 ppl sorroundin me t the workplace. only 3 kannadigas. 1-malayalam. 2-tamil. 3-hindi. 1-marathi.2-telugu. the idiotic point here is y cant everybody converse in eng? the million dollar ques bein--y r the kannadigas speakin in hindi.thr is a group tht has 5-6
kannadigas an 1 northie an evrybody speaks in hindi.yyyyy?its always majority wins right?thn y not speak in kannada an make the other person understand it or atleast speak in english.malayalis an tamil guys hav their own gang as usual. thy dnt mingle with others.

the other scenario tht hit me was---the bus drivers an the conductors speak in all possible languages an reply in watever language the customers want .tamil beka tamil, hindi beka hindi thu. thts not at all fair. y r kannadigas bendin down or succumbin do such ppl. if thy start givin ans in kannada i guess those ppl might learn some basic words. the road side vendors, auto drivers evrybody speaks in hindi. i sometimes forget whr i am.

on the contrary those bus drivers an conductors get frustrated with non-kannadigas. thy shout at the top of their voice scoldin them.but again thy give thm ans in their mother tongue an not kannada.

the best thing is, wenevr i visit the food court an ask in kannada 4 somethin--thy dnt understand. damn.thy ask in hindi.not evn the common lang english. y hindi??
i guess hindi is the official software language in bangalore. anywhr u go inside these IT companies--ppl r goin vata vata vata in hindi or tamil or malayalam. nobody speaks kannada not even the contractors.

i hav even come across some ppl who say thy dnt know kannada an u ask them whr were thy born an brought up??? thy'll say bangalore. whr the hell is bangalore???? IN is it possible tht thy did their scholling an stuff here an thy r unaware of the language.god help them. the other sect of ppl r those who knw kannada an r unhappy abt tht fact.thy throw a wierd accent.(maata maata).to hell with these ppl.

this is not the case anywhr else. the reason bein--neither the state nor the ppl r bothered abt others.thy dnt succumb to others.thy dnt give up on anythin thts related to their state an their language. am not sayin tht v need to discriminate.but thrs a limit to everythin. v need to respect the place whr v r. an v need to respect wat the place has given to us.i keep sayin tht i struggled readin kannada but tht was jus to irritate my friends.nothin serous. i luv this place 4 wat it is an wat it has given to me.
i hav nothin personal against non-kannadigas. my friends knw how much i luv tamil. all my realtives r thr. an my mother tongue bein telugu. i am a non-kannadiga but i luv the place an am proud the fact. i'll never speak in languages other than kannada or english with common ppl in karnataka--whoevr it is!!!(except relatives)

Thursday, March 20, 2008


my MOM an I r farther apart than north an south poles in thinkin, likings an dislikings .the biggest difference b/w me an my mom is "SOCIALIZING". this is somethin tht i hav been tellin my mom. this quality of makin friends is somethin tht i inherited frm my mom is total oppositte. i.e she doesn like makin new friends. i pestered her to make new she has developed this new habit of makin friends.but u knw wt my problem is now.-- SHE HAS GOT TOO TOO MANY FRIENDS. those auties get on my nerves.nange avrna thadiyakke aagtha illa. i repent havin adviced her..damn those auties. wenevr am leavin my house some auntie is present. wenevr i come home diff aunties r thr. an wat the hell do all these aunties do. learn embroidery an jewellery makin for 0 cost--absolutely short thy r exploitin work frm my mom. not all. but some of'em r like hitlers.damn.but some r really helpful.
atleast do thy come alone??? no, thy come with their mari makklu an some with mammakklu.god those kids r worse than the aunties. thy jus wanna enter my room. i myself dnt feel like enterin the room coz its so dirty nowadays. but those kids think my room is heaven an those devils r comfortable in removin dolls an stuffs frm my rack.i literally gotto run behind'em. i dnt think their mothers run behind'em so much. thy 1st enter my room an start pullin out stuffs.thn wen thy c my mob thy go after it.i hav to dive before thy reach the mob an stop them frm evn touchin my mob. ishtukke avrge samadhana agalla.thy dnt rest till thy c me breakin my head.
thn enters those kids' grandmom--HITLER. thy wanna show off tht their grandson is the only 1 havin all the talent in this the only way the kids r made to show their powers is by makin them sing "tinkle tinkle little star..."karma karma. i knw kids r cute but wen thy r told to sing tinkle tinkle 745 times a day thy look like ambrish puri.. (those nos remind me facebook--same torture). an kids r so dumb tht thy dnt sing wen thy r asked to.i feel so glad wen thy do tht.seriously."chinnu kaage yelli? kothi hengappa kuniyathe?chinnu fan thorsu. chinnu adh hellu. chinnu idh helu" i am like "chinnu nin ajjina bayi muchchakke helu".
i donno wen'll my mom get back to her original habit of stayin silent an get rid of these HITLERS. AUNTY GO BACK :-( -- this GO BACK AUNTIE moment was started by a brave YOUNG gal at the TENDER age of JUUUUSSSST thts me. damn.huh.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


3 things tht scare me:
1. birds an butterflies
3.the sight of water from heights

3 people who make me laugh:
1. I
2. me
3. myself
yes of course shubhada an shwetha r the next biggest jokers in my life.

3 things i love
2.dads patience an ability to convince

3 things i hate (jus 3????? nah)
1.attitude--ppl with f**kin attitude. dnt show me ur damn attitude losers.
2.guys who comb their hair properly an carry a handkerchief in their hand. (i dnt hate'em i get irritated)
3.politics-- i mean the politics tht sorrounds me. neighbours
5.gals of my age who r gettin married-- go get a life gals.
3 most stupid things tht i hav done:
1.remove blow frm a guys cycle--in sadvidya
2.window shop till 11 in the nite with no money
3.write this blog at 2.00 a.m

3 things i dnt understand

3 things on my desk
right now:
1.good night
2.pratyushs dvd
3.screw--plz dnt b dumb engh to think its mine.plz

3 things tht i am doin right now:
1.tryin to fix my messenger
2.playin with adobe
3.eatin choc pastry

3 things i wanna do before i die:
1.shift to an aged home in bombay
2.wear some decent dresses --jus to fulfill my moms an my frenz wishes
3.start my super company as planned with my PARTNER.

3 things u should listen to:
2.ur conscience

3.things u should never do:
1.hurt parents
2.never do things tht disturbs others
3.never listen to my frenz

3 most fav movies:
2.chandramukhi pranasakhi
5.kadhulukku mariyadhai
goes on

i was readin some1 elses thot evn i shld make my own list. hope u found some of my likes an dislikes interesting.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I was goin on a walk with my old friend.v were speakin abt how things used to b wen v were together. she said things hav changed so much now.
correct things hav changed today. am no longer a person i used to b wen i entered my graduation. i never used to hesitate in making new friends or speakin to thts not the case-- am happy sittin alone for even 8hrs at a stretch without speakin to some1. i no longer feel like conversing with any1 other than my handful of good friends--in the process losing hell-a-lotta friends an acquaintances.
socializin has now become "the most stupid thing to do" jobs. this change is somethin tht i would luv to revert. is this change bad or good? u never knw.

my friend and i went out 4 shoppin an v happened to buy some novels. i got a sweet valley university book. the book is not a bestseller but its quite a nice attempt to personify each 1 of us in the book. the book is abt a gal who is abt to start her coll life an has a bad coll life after she loses her boyfriend an her best friend coz thy consider her a sober . tht book reminded of all those books tht i used to read. all those chota mota books. my life has been so busy tht i had almost forgotten tht i luv readin books. those books hav been very imp in groomin me during my childhood.

all those enid blyton books---famous five,secret seven, five findouters.the list jus goes on an on.i hav read so many of those. i was always consulted by my classmates on which book to read next.nancy drew was the next step in reading. i always used to wonder--how does she know every damn thing.i mean swimmin, scuba divin,actin, flyin.kudos. i used to luv ned(her boy friend). i even tried out hardy boys--but wasn a huge fan coz i dnt like action an adventure.
Agatha christie an sherlock holmes were my next fascination. how can i forget those mills and boon books---those charming heroes who managed to sweep the damsels off their feet within a blink.i then went on to read somethin tht i could relate to.something abt college an workin women an stuff.

i wonder how cld i forget these books. how cld i forget the moments wen i used to read 1 book a cld i forget discussing mills an boon books with my friends an how i used to keep those books outta moms reach.kudos.

i hav resumed my readin habit again. thts something tht keeps me goin these days. i feel readin is better than unnecessarily socializin with friends an wasting our precious times in discussing abt things tht r no way concerned to us.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Innocent Days

taare zameen par was 1 movie which made me moan. donno y? i am not a person who gets disturbed emotionally due to something tht happened in the movie or due to some stuff on the tv.

it reminded me my childhood. i shifted to bombay in my 2nd std. my mom was told tht bombay was not a safe place 4 gals. avr thale. but my life got difficult. i mean everythin was so diff an i was jus 7 yrs old.a new world, a new language, new ppl around,new lifestyle. i had to get up an wait 4 the school bus at 6 in the morn. god wen i think of those hardships--it makes me wonder how i managed to go to school-- i dnt mean the timings an the physical strain but goin into a world tht functioned in a totally diff manner.i had to learn hindi an marathi,make new friends,get accustomed to their style. man i had a great will.heheh.wtevr but my life was very trouble wtsoevr once i got accustomed. i mean i made some gr8 friends. things were much better then in all aspects.personal,friends everythin was goin right.

but hell everyday is not sunday. things r so diff now.

comin back to my childhood--my bldng was was called cigaretterwala bldng. super bldng. thr were more of south indians in the bldng. so my mom dint bother to learn hindi.i hav to narrate this funny incident tht happened. my mom an her friend went 4 shoppin.both of'em r very bad in hindi.
thy bought some stuff an went on to bargain.
mom:kitna yeh?
shopkeeper:dhed rupya(1 an a half rupees)
thy both misunderstood dhed rupya for "2 an a half"rupees. an went to bargain. thy wanted to buy it 4 1 an a half rupees--which was the price told by the shopkeeper.
mom's friend:nahi dhai rupya(2 an a half rupees) dhonga
shopkeeper:nahi madam yeh dhed rupya ka hain
mom:nahi dhai rupya lo.
shopkeeper:madam dhed dhed rupya
mom: nahi
thy both bought the thing 4 2 an a half rupees an proudly told it to others. kudos tht was the best bargain in the world.

thr were many such memorable incidents. cannot forget so many ppl in my bldng.mary aunty.hema didi.manoj -so many ppl. v had a gal gang of 8-10 members. even had those nasty gal fights.heheh.tht was some politics. some of us dnt speak even now.kudos.idiots. but v enjoyed every moment.during my last 2 years in bombay, thr were only 2 gals left in the bldng-me an my dumb friend. v both used to play cric with guys who were thrice our heights. v were bullied like hell.
festivals used to b gr8 fun.holi an diwali an new year party. i had to dance in those new year parties.HAD TO.
those were some beautiful an peaceful days.even school life was cool.a gal gang of 5. v considered ourselves as "Famous Five". v had this wierd imagination tht thr was thief in the class an wrote down the happenings. an flirtin had jus begun--i mean during those friendship days an all tht.

am jus beginning to wonder "whr did the innocence go?" i wld luv to get back to those no tension days. or may b i wouldnt.who cares???? time doesn recede back. may b i'd say the same thing abt my coll life after a few years.u never knw!!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

wat i am goin to tell u now is somthin tht happened in my 8th std wen i was in bombay. i knw some of u guys wld've raised ur eyebrows(yenagir bahudhu antha). idiots. this is abt a camp tht i had been to in 8th std. i think i was 14 then. my friends an i had planned in out 6th std tht v'll never wear frocks. coz v considered ourselves as grownup gals. but hell my friends out here in mysore act kiddish even now-21 varshadh yemmegalu.
i was a very shy an quiet gal, which i am even now,never used to b a vata day our class teacher came in told us abt this trip. she said it was a 7 day trip to matheran,a hill station near Bombay. v were very exited.v were given a schedule sayin v'll b accommodated in a hi-fi cottage with super facilities an v'll b provided with squash every evenin. my friends forced me to come.(u c basically am a good gal.i dont like roamin around anywhr. its always my friends who spoil me.) after a lotta nautanki--a little less than rakhi sawant-- i finally agreed to go.
the journey was quite tedious. v 1st went in our school bus till the local railway station,then after travellin by train v hald to walk for abt 5-6 kms. then came our cottage. wow wat a cottage!!!!!! it was worse than a dormitory. v bein Seniors were given a separate room, which was smaller than my mane bathroom. an v were 6 of us.avni,shwetha,sonal,forgot who an shilpa the gr8.
the moment v saw the cottage an the room v knew somethin was terribly wrong. but v thot lets cross the bridge wen it comes an eagerly waited 4 the time bomb
after a speech by one the incharge,finally the most awaited bomb arrived. thy said v were supposed to get up wen thy blow their whistle an v were supposed to assemble in the main hall. an wen did thy say thy'll blow their damn whistles??? at 5 in the mornin.

on the 1st mornin thy blew their dumb whistles an v,the seniors, dint bother to get up. but even gr8 leaders hav to bow down to hypocrats, so v decided to listen to those hypocrats an go to main hall. v brushed our beautiful teeth, changed into super jeans.u c v were careful in choosin clothes coz v were the seniors. v went to the main hall.nobody were there. v were told to go to some ground. wat do v c thr. all of'em were thr. v were asked to come to the middle of the ground an were asked to duck walk in front of everybody.thu.
the 2nd day wen the whistles were blown v were the 1st to go out coz v dint even bother to brush our teeth. i dnt think v even took bath 4 7 days coz v had to get hot water from the kitchen.seniors yavathu kelsa madalla.huh.
v were taught horse ridin,shootin an other such bhayankara stuff. v were even given a horse each, on the final day an told to go aroud matheran without the trainers help. i did manage to come backwithout gettin lost. some other stuff which v were asked to do was
--->crossin commando bridge--v were supposed to walk on a rope which was 10ft above the ground with the help of another rope parallel to the 1st rope.
--->river crossin--had to cross a river by crawlin on a rope tied 25ft above the river.
---->rock climbin--i had a tough time while rock climbin.

the best task was night walk. matheran is basically a forest with a few cottages.
at around 6.30 v were taken through the forest to a suicide point. they told us that their booths still existed an stuff. v were even warned abt the snakes an panthers an other animals tht resided in 8.30 v were shown the startin an the endin point of our walk. it was abt 100-150 meters. it was totally dark. some brave boys came ahead an went 4 the walk.thy came back cryin" maine adhivasi ko dekha maine adhivasi ko dekha". tht guy was supposed to b the cool dude of the school.huh. an the dumb gals started cryin by jus lookin at his tears.
i somehow managed to finish the nite walk successfully. durin the walk i was jus singin songs. god wt a scary walk.

thr were a lotta monkeys thr in the camp. it was jus like my present friends-dumb. wen v were havin our lunch it used to come to the plate an take away the chapatis. stupid monkeys kelludhre naane kodtha idhe--nan friendsge kodallva kelludhre--its a diff issue tht even thy snatch from my plates.

v were taken 4 a shoppin on the last evenin. an wt did v buy lays an choclates while others were busy buyin artistic works which was famous in matheran.but v the seniors bought lays an choc.huh.
all of us felt very bad to leave. v wanted to stay thr an prayed tht v go back to matheran again. our prayers came true.our bus got punctured an v were stuckup v prayed to go back home as soon as possible but this time nobody listened to our prayers.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


many of my friends keep sayin "u must b enjoyin ur life in bangalore. u must b havin fun". if gettin up 3 hrs earlier than ur schedule, an takin bath immediately, travellin by bus with 100s of people fallin on u, remainin silent 4 hrs without crackin dumb jokes is havin fun,then am havin loads an loads an loads of fun.
but thats not my real problem is with those people who APPEAR to b happy with others happiness but r never happy. i had never met such people before. i dnt understand y should u portray such negative vibes. yes u should b competitive in every aspect of life but not JEALOUS.
u never know who around u is envious of u. u never know. but u can easily make out the existence of such negativity. atleast i can. the way thy speak an their tone suddenly changes.i will never forget that face in my life. it made me feel yuk 4 knowin an interactin with such a person an it made me feel yuk that i had shared my happiness with such a person.

the brighter side bein-u get help from unexpected corners, comfort from people whom u hardly know.their r only a few chaps who find happiness in others i am proud tht most of my good friends belong to the above category.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

WHR IS THE O O O O? damn damar dush.grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr dishkaon. patak.huh.jus wanted to remind u tht am still ALIVE.