Wednesday, August 31, 2011


"No matter what goes wrong always remember your way back home. If you fail to do something, remember the path back home. Come back home, we will accept you and always support you, we will always be with you"
I read this in a book and this is what a mother had to say to a daughter on her wedding day.
I guess these things happen only in the movies or in books, never in reality. If it were to happen in reality, I don't think young/old married women would ever consider to kill themselves. It is very disturbing to read that a young software engineer from bangalore decided to end her life at the age of 25 because her in-laws were making her life a living-hell. Even though hers was a love marriage and she had chosen the guy after dating him for some good 3 years, her husband failed to support her. I would not completely blame the in-laws or the husband for this. The girls parents are also to be blamed.  The girl ended here life because she had nowhere else to go...not even to her mother.  If the girl was comforted saying "No matter what goes wrong always remember your way back home", I am sure she would have found her way back home.

Friday, July 29, 2011

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  • 1st impression is the best impression. Or is the last impression that matters?
    I think its the 1st impression that matters because it helps is shaping your perception towards him/her. 1st impression shapes the last impression.
  • You can lead a horse to water but cannot make it drink. This is so true for donkeys like us. I strongly believe in this.
    In case you are the person being made to drink err...water, "You gotto do what YOU gotto do" and not "you gotto what you OUGHT to do". Whatever you do, you need to show some interest. Show that it matters. We are not zombies. We have life or may go get 1, if you dont have 1 :P. If you can't show some interest then DONT DO IT. Do what you like and voila 'interest' follows.
    On the other hand, we tend to force others to do something that we like. Ab tera khooon khoon mera khoon kaveri neeru. Jo hona hain so hoga....making others dance to our tunes is kinda being selfish on our part, isn't it? If the other person does something just for the heck of it, halfheartedly, doesn't show any damn interest, WE are at loss.
    Now, what does the saying have anything to do with a horse, why not a deer, tiger or any water drinking animal?                              

  •  meri billi mere ko meow - why cat? why not mera kuttha mere ko bow? meri gaay mere ko maaaw...
  • Dhobi ka kuttha na ghar ka na ghat ka - why kuttha? Dhobi ka donkey hota hain na? Liktha kaun hain yeh sab.

  • Why am i writing all this nonsense?
    coz i have no other better work in my life and am lazy as a mule...c'mon how can you call a mule lazy. That poor thing is used as beast of burden.

Somethings that money cant buy

  • Misplaced bike  key => Prayed to god to find the key for me. Agreed to treat him at the Leelas. And god agreed. I found the key. Devravne. There are somethings that money cant buy....for everything else there is GOD
  • But my bike wouldn't start => I guess even GOD cant buy somethings.
  • Spend 2.30 hours in a rickshaw, going up and down the potholes of bangalore => miss mysore a lot
  • wait for somebody the whole day . Ignore all the other important events for this. The person chooses to take no notice => arghhh
    Being ignored is painful esp. when you get a cute haircut and nobody notices.
  • End of the day, get to play with a 2 year old and he loves your gift => Truly somethings that money cant buy.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Apple <= Orange

Apples are apples and Oranges are Oranges....

An apple is not an orange and neither is an orange an apple. Though some apples are oranges but percentage of oranges being apple is lesser than or equal to Yeddy-boy's chances of retaining his CM seat.

The phrase "apples are apples and oranges are oranges" is more quoted than Arnab goswami's phrase "Let me interrupt you here for a minute" and it has become one of the most widely accepted laws of science.

Frequent Q & A answered by Einstein
  • But aren't oranges, as apples are, fruits?
Ahh, but recent evidence has clearly proven that oranges are actually closely related to the three(or six for that matter)-toed sloth, which is clearly not a fruit, despite many shared qualities between the two.
  • Isn't it true that oranges, just like apples, exist?
This could not be further from the truth; apples have not been proven to exist, therefore they do not. 

  • Both apples and oranges are round, right?
This is a very good question but it was apple that fell on Newton's head and not an orange., therefore oranges are not round.


Courtesy : Uncyclopedia.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Why GOD?

I seldom visit temples but whenever I do, it leaves me perplexed. Ain't it the best example of paradox. Common man goes to a temple to pray and eveytime he p(r)ays, the gods get richer. I guess we need a role reversal here, everytime a common man goes to a temple, he needs to be given some 10Rs - isn't this what god is supposed to do - take care of his devotees.

Why do we really pray? For health, wealth and happiness. Can god really help us achieve this? I guess the answer is no. Its all in our hands and nobody else. What does all the fundo puja signify? Nobody knows. The pujari in the cassette blabbers and we blindly follow. The money spent can be utilized in doing some good treating yourself @BR ;)

To top it, Mothers of India think that girls who visit temples often, are the next goddesses ...and the rest belong to "Rakhi Sawant" class.

Jaago bhakth jaago...kuch karo logon ke liye. Jo paisa bhagwan ko dethe ho, usme aadha giribon mein baato.

P.S : I am not an atheist and I am not supporting atheism.  Hail Rakhi Sawant.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Life is made of tiny things - real tiny ones. They can either make it or break it.  Tiny things like speaking out, pretending to care, showcasing your work, being pseudo...all are important. They can either make you or break you. 

Monday, April 25, 2011


It had to rain in the long weekend when I had planned to finish major shopping work. If you have stayed in Bangalore for even a day, you would understand the trauma I am going through right now. I had to stick to home after 4p.m and it takes 2hrs to come to my place from anywhere in Bengalooru. So, this meant, I had to finish all my shopping by 2 p.m.

The potholes, the never-moving traffic, common-sense-less morons,
terrorist-auto-drivers...the list just goes on and on.

Bengalooru might be the IT Hub and blah blah but this city is really not ready for anything that is non-IT. Be it rains/natural calamities or any accidents. The Carlton tower accident is the best example-The tower caught fire due to some cable issue. It was not a major major accident but yes, few parts of the tower was burning with people trapped in the top floors.
  • The rescue ladders reached only the 4th floor while people in the 5th floor were left wondering - some took chances and leaped and died. 
  • Manipal hospital was just a few yards away, but thanks to the traffic, it took them bloody 30 mins to come to the spot.
  • Firemen arrived some 2 hrs later with an empty vehicle. 
Lucky for us that tsunami can never strike us...lucky for us-we are not affected by earth quakes/floods. Lucky for us- no chill/heat waves. Lucky for us...rain god favours us.

However, last weekend was an exception. Rain god punished us. As expected, Bengalooru could not handle it. Trees fell, Walls fell, Traffic stopped (I was stuck in a bus for 4 hrs), Yeddi boy visited a temple for shanti (I love him).
I was travelling from Malleshwaram to Majestic. I was stuck in the bus for 4 hrs and then walked to Majestic. The scene in Majestic was worse. Nothing moved. Buses were like these tiny toys just waiting for some magic to happen. Funny part was traffic was fine outside Majestic.....I wonder what was causing the traffic inside. I somehow got out of Majestic and reached home. There was a moron near Majestic peeing-away-to-glory and we all were walking on the same pavement with flowing koche + watever...I wanted to die instead of walking there.
Rickshaw drivers had the busiest day charging 150 bucks for a 4 km ride.
Water logging is something that everybody complains about, during rains in Bengalooru but nothing is actually done. New roads or old roads or even flyovers...they are not complete without some 765 potholes in it.   
The IT park where I work is the besht example. We have to walk holding strangers' hands and take care of the laptops and not notice anything that floats towards you.

We are not ready for anything in Bengalooru except for Yeddi's scam, Gowda's remarks....ABSOLUTELY NOTHING...
I was in chennai last week. I was surprised by the way the city is connected via trains and buses. We covered almost 40kms in 30 mins. The journey from Railway Station to any place is so cheap and fast. I paid 7rs for 22kms. Here, in Bangalore, I paid 120 for 13kms and it takes me 90mins to reach Station irrespective of the day/time.
We are not READY for the expansion.

P.S : A Huge bloody ant bit me and I have deep-wide cut on my finger now. Mother Nature is so wierd...Mother India chased that ant and killed it...How can ants be so powerful? I lost some 2 litres of blood.  :(

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Day at the Airport

I had a tough time writing this essay "A day at the Airport". I hated letter writing, essays and comprehensions, actually. Letter Writing was so so dumb. And guess what, I don't know how to write a formal letter even today. Thats the kinda world we are in right now.Email.

Back to the topic, A day at the Airport - I had been to Bangalore Airport yesterday. I had been there before but the feeling is so different and new every single time. However, it has always left a void feeling every time, I visit the godforsaken place.

The faces that you get to see in the airport is so different
from all the other faces that you get to see in other public places.
The tense look on the parents' face, the happy faces-jumping around, the sad faces-that are leaving with a heavy heart behind, the I-dont-know-whats-happening-here faces (me)- - its such a mixed bag. I constantly tried hard not to look at the sad faces. But they were everywhere. The about-to-cry moms, constantly crying friends (girls), weeping kids, I-cant-cry men.
 When it is you who is traveling, the experience is a bit different. You have the extra burden of what-lies-ahead and that keeps you occupied all the time. And I feel this feeling keeps all the other emotions at bay. Personally, I hate the travel bit. I get air-sick. My neighbour kinda gets sick of me. The food is crap. The smell is yuk. The feeling is very very yuk yuk yuk yuk.

I was there yesterday to see someone off, which I have Never-Ever done. I have always avoided bidding good-byes. But I did it successfully yesterday. No Sweat.

I sincerely pray to god that trains should get faster than flights or telepathy is super-cool.  Devre, plz shut down all the airports.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

- Some of the Indian authors are very good. Its fun to read indian books. It might not be all-poetic with weird words in it but its nice. All that matters is - I can relate to the book. Reading, Small lil' things, when marriage is made in comedy circus currently

- Sev Puri is my new love...

- It so happens that whenever I am ready for the worse the WORST happens. THE WORST. I hate it :(

- Wonder how long distance relationships work. Some great person once told me "out of sight is out of mind". My long distance relationship is not working.......aaaah with my team in hyd. I am next to invisible, which is good and bad.

- I am doing everything that I once refrained my enemies from doing...nailpolish, lens, beauty Salon...yes I said the B word. What has the world come to?

- Waiting for the match between India - Pak tomo. Makkla India solli..

- Why can't things for a change happen the way I want it to. HUH...

- Broken promises hurt me because I just believed in them again.

- I miss watching Kyunki saaas bhi kabhi...I was loving it. ee kap-kapi thara hosa serial bandhu che nam ekta kapoor angadi muchkond hodhlu.

- I love simpsons. :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

What has the world come to?

- I had Rava Dosa last weekend and it was bad. arghhh. Now I dont want anything else in life. Life ishtene. What has the world come to?

- Started reading books again. Completed DORK. Its a fun book about a moron(fresher) who is trying hard to make it big in his first company. He tries hard to impress his superiors but ends up screwing it.
What I liked in the book is that,  its my story, its any fresher's story. However, there were times it was overdone. His goofiness was overdone. Also, what attracted me most about DORK is its cover. I know a book should not be judged by its cover but my creative side is unaware of this.  I, esp. liked the praise section. It was funny.

The second book that I am gonna begin is Rebirth. Its the connection a mother has with her yet-to-be-born kid and her screwed up relationship with her husband and her parents.

- Watched loads of Adam Sandlers movies. sakaaythu seriously.

- This is a weird incident that happened in the book store where I bought the above mentioned books.
A 10 year old boy had picked 2 books. I guess it was 3rd and 4th part of Harry Potter series.
Mom : beta, you have already read Harri pother. Why do you buy it again?
Son : NO ma, that was the 1st and 2nd series. This is the next part
Mom : Acha kya hain kya iss mein?
Dad with a book in his hand: What did you select?
Son : 3rd and 4th part of HP
Dad : But you just bought HP the other day.
If I were his son, I would've died that very second. But this poor boy replied.
Son : That was different.
Dad : Please explain in detail.
I wanted to kill the dad. Poor guy was asked to explain in detail with onlookers giggling
 Son : that was the 1st and 2nd series. This is the next part
Dad : If you read such books, kuch nahi hoga. Nobody will listen to you. You will just screw up your life. You must set an example for him.
Dad pointed at his 3 year old son while the 10 year old Son listened with his head hung. Dad now, showed him the book he had selected for the boy - My Experiments with Truth by M.K. Gandhi
I could not believe it.
Dad : You should read such books and implement whatever he said in your life and then your friends will start respecting you.
C'moooooooooonn. I cant believe the man thinks that 10 year old kids will respect the boy if he reads Gandhi's books.
Dad : kuch nahi hoga Harry pother padne se....koi respect nahi dega.
And then I selected DORK and walked away. (which I am sure is worse for a 25 yeard old to read)

I cant believe a 10 year old had was being gruelled for being a 10 year old. I read Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys till I was bloody 18. What has this world come to? I really felt sad for the kid who had to eventually succumb to his dad's wishes.
Nothing against Gandhi's book but I think kids should be given the freedom to do what thwy really want.

- Kids these days are way too sharper than I am now- to be frank. I dont think it is for anybody's good. They know how to find their way into something. They know how to get things rolling. Masterminds that they are. I saw one such kid at the same book store :
He was around 5 yeard ols with a red colour glasses on. I could see lil' Mark Zuckerburg in him. He was pointing at a book and asked his dad to but it for him. Guess what he wanted. Some Drawing, story, comic He wanted a bloody Junior Encyclopedia. A 5 year old wanted a Junior Encyclopedia. What has the world come to?
Dad : No beta, this book that we have bought is good.
I am sure the dad picked "how-to-make-my-5 year-old-behave-like-one?"
Junior Mark Zuckerburg (JMZ) : No dad I want this.
Dad : Nahi beta, we have the right book.
JMZ : No I want this.
He started to throw tantrums. I was happy that finally this guy started to behave like a kid.
Dad : Trust me beta, we have bought the right book. This book is also interesting.
JMZ : Noooooooo
Dad : trust me.
JMZ : Nooooo
Dad :Trust me beta trust me.
JMZ shouted : No I dont trust you and walked away.
The genius that he was. he left his dad wondering....yeh cheez hain kya? 
The father found it quite funny when the kid said "I dont trust you" but its not. Kids need to groomed well and need to be taught what is right and what is wrong. 

- I know both these stories are contradicting. 1 kid was behaving his age and his dad wanted him to become a Gandhi will the other was behaving like an Einstein and his dad wanted him to behave his age. I just want kids to be kids and want them to enjoy their time and want their naive thoughts to be nourished.

- I dont want to eat Rava Dosa ever. What has the world come to?