Saturday, July 2, 2011

Why GOD?

I seldom visit temples but whenever I do, it leaves me perplexed. Ain't it the best example of paradox. Common man goes to a temple to pray and eveytime he p(r)ays, the gods get richer. I guess we need a role reversal here, everytime a common man goes to a temple, he needs to be given some 10Rs - isn't this what god is supposed to do - take care of his devotees.

Why do we really pray? For health, wealth and happiness. Can god really help us achieve this? I guess the answer is no. Its all in our hands and nobody else. What does all the fundo puja signify? Nobody knows. The pujari in the cassette blabbers and we blindly follow. The money spent can be utilized in doing some good treating yourself @BR ;)

To top it, Mothers of India think that girls who visit temples often, are the next goddesses ...and the rest belong to "Rakhi Sawant" class.

Jaago bhakth jaago...kuch karo logon ke liye. Jo paisa bhagwan ko dethe ho, usme aadha giribon mein baato.

P.S : I am not an atheist and I am not supporting atheism.  Hail Rakhi Sawant.


Iceman said...

I've been saying this along. All the effort to make the Pujari richer.

I don't visit temples at all. Don't believe in idol(idle) worship.

But not a big philanthropist either. At least not now.

Of 10 thenPost lost 5 points for the Hail Rakhi Sawant remark.

PS: It was a 10! :D

shilpa said...

How can u not like Rakhi Sawant...I thought she was your god :P

Arrchana Raj said...

Hey, paying poor people for a day will never help them.. Its like.. dont give me fish..teach me how to fish..I will have food everyday..sort of...
There are a few temple communities which sponsor and revive villages, schools etc..There are good ones too...