Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jhor ka Jhatka Dheere Se lage

The other day, I freaked my mom out when I told her about my well-kept secrets, etc, etc.... She still thinks I was kidding. She kinda blames my friends for leading me on the "wrong path" . Poor MOTHER-INDIA. I know I'll always remain innocent in her eyes.

Today, I freaked out when a lady asked me "Where do you see yourself after 5 years?" I kinda saw this coming. But I dint expect this question to generate 500V jhatka.

If she had asked me this question an year ago-when I was still in coll, I would have been spot-on coz I had a ready-made answer which I had assembled from various placement sites. ;) If she had asked me this when I was just a 6 month kid in this proffession, I would have given her a lame answer.
But, SCREW HER. Y NOW? This question is scarier than EC (Electronic Circuits) questions. This time I know I dont have to impress anybody with my over-the-world answer. I also know tht I am no longer a FRESHER to not-know-any-thing.

Where the F do I see myself after 5 years?
Am I career oriented? DONO
If Yes - Techinical or management? DINT I JUST TELL YOU - I DONO
Do you have the required skills? BULL SHIT
If No - Wat else? aaaaaa....hmmmm.......MAYBE.... -
this could mean that I am Carred Oriented.
then Technical or Management - Prrrrrrrr

OMG, Where ever I am 5 years down the line, I am sure its gonna be HELL. I will still blog and let you guys know.

P.S : The person who asked me this question is the same person who said "You have a Serious face. A smile would help". Yaav janmadhalli paapa madidhno. kshamsu thayi. Dont freak me out.

P.S_1 : Thats my PS work