Friday, June 19, 2009

Started spending more time with books rather than ppl again. Read quite a few awesome books. the 1st being PS I LOVE YOU. Awesome story. I even got a chance to watch the movie. but the movie was clumsy. The movie could not emote half as well as the book. Holly and her family and esp. the 2 friends were so warm and I could easily relate to it ( which the movie failed to). The book revolves around a young widow, Holly, who is trying hard to come out of the grief. The only thing that keeps her going are the 12 letters that her dead husband has left behind. These letters are supposed to be read at the beginning of every single month. To add to the grief, both her friend are happ with their own personal lives. The envy, the grief and the way she tries to digest all the happiness arnd her is wat the book all about. I luved it.

The other book I am reading now is TWILIGHT. I had never heard about this until recently. I was planning to read "NOT WITHOUT MY DAUGHTER". But the hype that surrounded the book forced me to take this up. This book is romantic and gave me shrills way too many times. This book is about a common coll going gal, Bella, falling in luv with a Vampire. This actually sounded funny to me but trust me, the book is woth reading. The curiosity was killing me and hence I gotto know the storyline from wiki ( I now repent doing that ). But I still continue to read it. The vampire is a masth flirt. He sure knows how to make a gal smile ( not just Bella ). I have not yet finished reading it, but I am sure that I will enjoy reading the rest too. I will get back to TWILIGHT now. Happy posting till then

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hmmmm. quite a dull boring day. Things change so easily. I mean all the happiness and attention has now turned to mocking and saving ur ass. I am not sulking but it has been quite a dumb day.

I am finally out of the clutches of RONDHU and BONDHU. but now with JUMBO. The only thing JUMBO knows is that ANDHA KANOON and GOLU MANCHURIAN are the only things around. MAN I JUST WANNA RUN AWAY FROM THESE JOKERS. But BONDHU wldnt let me do so.
Things have never been so gloomy. My future. My life. My future is in the hands of an EVIL person. Wish I could change everything esp the EVIL person in my life.