Wednesday, January 23, 2008

wat i am goin to tell u now is somthin tht happened in my 8th std wen i was in bombay. i knw some of u guys wld've raised ur eyebrows(yenagir bahudhu antha). idiots. this is abt a camp tht i had been to in 8th std. i think i was 14 then. my friends an i had planned in out 6th std tht v'll never wear frocks. coz v considered ourselves as grownup gals. but hell my friends out here in mysore act kiddish even now-21 varshadh yemmegalu.
i was a very shy an quiet gal, which i am even now,never used to b a vata day our class teacher came in told us abt this trip. she said it was a 7 day trip to matheran,a hill station near Bombay. v were very exited.v were given a schedule sayin v'll b accommodated in a hi-fi cottage with super facilities an v'll b provided with squash every evenin. my friends forced me to come.(u c basically am a good gal.i dont like roamin around anywhr. its always my friends who spoil me.) after a lotta nautanki--a little less than rakhi sawant-- i finally agreed to go.
the journey was quite tedious. v 1st went in our school bus till the local railway station,then after travellin by train v hald to walk for abt 5-6 kms. then came our cottage. wow wat a cottage!!!!!! it was worse than a dormitory. v bein Seniors were given a separate room, which was smaller than my mane bathroom. an v were 6 of us.avni,shwetha,sonal,forgot who an shilpa the gr8.
the moment v saw the cottage an the room v knew somethin was terribly wrong. but v thot lets cross the bridge wen it comes an eagerly waited 4 the time bomb
after a speech by one the incharge,finally the most awaited bomb arrived. thy said v were supposed to get up wen thy blow their whistle an v were supposed to assemble in the main hall. an wen did thy say thy'll blow their damn whistles??? at 5 in the mornin.

on the 1st mornin thy blew their dumb whistles an v,the seniors, dint bother to get up. but even gr8 leaders hav to bow down to hypocrats, so v decided to listen to those hypocrats an go to main hall. v brushed our beautiful teeth, changed into super jeans.u c v were careful in choosin clothes coz v were the seniors. v went to the main hall.nobody were there. v were told to go to some ground. wat do v c thr. all of'em were thr. v were asked to come to the middle of the ground an were asked to duck walk in front of everybody.thu.
the 2nd day wen the whistles were blown v were the 1st to go out coz v dint even bother to brush our teeth. i dnt think v even took bath 4 7 days coz v had to get hot water from the kitchen.seniors yavathu kelsa madalla.huh.
v were taught horse ridin,shootin an other such bhayankara stuff. v were even given a horse each, on the final day an told to go aroud matheran without the trainers help. i did manage to come backwithout gettin lost. some other stuff which v were asked to do was
--->crossin commando bridge--v were supposed to walk on a rope which was 10ft above the ground with the help of another rope parallel to the 1st rope.
--->river crossin--had to cross a river by crawlin on a rope tied 25ft above the river.
---->rock climbin--i had a tough time while rock climbin.

the best task was night walk. matheran is basically a forest with a few cottages.
at around 6.30 v were taken through the forest to a suicide point. they told us that their booths still existed an stuff. v were even warned abt the snakes an panthers an other animals tht resided in 8.30 v were shown the startin an the endin point of our walk. it was abt 100-150 meters. it was totally dark. some brave boys came ahead an went 4 the walk.thy came back cryin" maine adhivasi ko dekha maine adhivasi ko dekha". tht guy was supposed to b the cool dude of the school.huh. an the dumb gals started cryin by jus lookin at his tears.
i somehow managed to finish the nite walk successfully. durin the walk i was jus singin songs. god wt a scary walk.

thr were a lotta monkeys thr in the camp. it was jus like my present friends-dumb. wen v were havin our lunch it used to come to the plate an take away the chapatis. stupid monkeys kelludhre naane kodtha idhe--nan friendsge kodallva kelludhre--its a diff issue tht even thy snatch from my plates.

v were taken 4 a shoppin on the last evenin. an wt did v buy lays an choclates while others were busy buyin artistic works which was famous in matheran.but v the seniors bought lays an choc.huh.
all of us felt very bad to leave. v wanted to stay thr an prayed tht v go back to matheran again. our prayers came true.our bus got punctured an v were stuckup v prayed to go back home as soon as possible but this time nobody listened to our prayers.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


many of my friends keep sayin "u must b enjoyin ur life in bangalore. u must b havin fun". if gettin up 3 hrs earlier than ur schedule, an takin bath immediately, travellin by bus with 100s of people fallin on u, remainin silent 4 hrs without crackin dumb jokes is havin fun,then am havin loads an loads an loads of fun.
but thats not my real problem is with those people who APPEAR to b happy with others happiness but r never happy. i had never met such people before. i dnt understand y should u portray such negative vibes. yes u should b competitive in every aspect of life but not JEALOUS.
u never know who around u is envious of u. u never know. but u can easily make out the existence of such negativity. atleast i can. the way thy speak an their tone suddenly changes.i will never forget that face in my life. it made me feel yuk 4 knowin an interactin with such a person an it made me feel yuk that i had shared my happiness with such a person.

the brighter side bein-u get help from unexpected corners, comfort from people whom u hardly know.their r only a few chaps who find happiness in others i am proud tht most of my good friends belong to the above category.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

WHR IS THE O O O O? damn damar dush.grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr dishkaon. patak.huh.jus wanted to remind u tht am still ALIVE.