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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Innocent Days

taare zameen par was 1 movie which made me moan. donno y? i am not a person who gets disturbed emotionally due to something tht happened in the movie or due to some stuff on the tv.

it reminded me my childhood. i shifted to bombay in my 2nd std. my mom was told tht bombay was not a safe place 4 gals. avr thale. but my life got difficult. i mean everythin was so diff an i was jus 7 yrs old.a new world, a new language, new ppl around,new lifestyle. i had to get up an wait 4 the school bus at 6 in the morn. god wen i think of those hardships--it makes me wonder how i managed to go to school-- i dnt mean the timings an the physical strain but goin into a world tht functioned in a totally diff manner.i had to learn hindi an marathi,make new friends,get accustomed to their style. man i had a great will.heheh.wtevr but my life was very trouble wtsoevr once i got accustomed. i mean i made some gr8 friends. things were much better then in all aspects.personal,friends everythin was goin right.

but hell everyday is not sunday. things r so diff now.

comin back to my childhood--my bldng was was called cigaretterwala bldng. super bldng. thr were more of south indians in the bldng. so my mom dint bother to learn hindi.i hav to narrate this funny incident tht happened. my mom an her friend went 4 shoppin.both of'em r very bad in hindi.
thy bought some stuff an went on to bargain.
mom:kitna yeh?
shopkeeper:dhed rupya(1 an a half rupees)
thy both misunderstood dhed rupya for "2 an a half"rupees. an went to bargain. thy wanted to buy it 4 1 an a half rupees--which was the price told by the shopkeeper.
mom's friend:nahi dhai rupya(2 an a half rupees) dhonga
shopkeeper:nahi madam yeh dhed rupya ka hain
mom:nahi dhai rupya lo.
shopkeeper:madam dhed dhed rupya
mom: nahi
thy both bought the thing 4 2 an a half rupees an proudly told it to others. kudos tht was the best bargain in the world.

thr were many such memorable incidents. cannot forget so many ppl in my bldng.mary aunty.hema didi.manoj -so many ppl. v had a gal gang of 8-10 members. even had those nasty gal fights.heheh.tht was some politics. some of us dnt speak even now.kudos.idiots. but v enjoyed every moment.during my last 2 years in bombay, thr were only 2 gals left in the bldng-me an my dumb friend. v both used to play cric with guys who were thrice our heights. v were bullied like hell.
festivals used to b gr8 fun.holi an diwali an new year party. i had to dance in those new year parties.HAD TO.
those were some beautiful an peaceful days.even school life was cool.a gal gang of 5. v considered ourselves as "Famous Five". v had this wierd imagination tht thr was thief in the class an wrote down the happenings. an flirtin had jus begun--i mean during those friendship days an all tht.

am jus beginning to wonder "whr did the innocence go?" i wld luv to get back to those no tension days. or may b i wouldnt.who cares???? time doesn recede back. may b i'd say the same thing abt my coll life after a few years.u never knw!!!!!

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