Saturday, December 18, 2010


  • ok, I guess I hate rejection more than changes. Again most of us do. During my college placements, I wanted to get in to a "mass" company because getting in was easy and it meant that, I did not have to go through a series of rejections in the interviews. Loads of guys asked why a "mass" company, but I obviously lied to all of them :)
    Even today, I might not make a move easily with the fear of getting rejected. Tis ' not just the rejection but also the period of over-coming which involves massive self-ripping. 
    So, I conclude, tis' not the changes that I am running away from, it is the rejection of being accepted that keeps me at bay. However, REJECTION seems to be finding its way back to me.
  • I want to eat Rava Dosa.
  • I am running out of ideas for cartoons. (Please refrain yourself from saying "YOU ARE A CARTOON YOURSELF")
  • Saw Guzaarish, Couples Retreat, Uthama puthiran, Social Network 
  • I want to make a movie on Harishankaran, on the same lines of Social Network. Hari , like Mark is ambitious ( and might be a billionaire soon) . He is the co-founder of
  • I want to go 6 years back. I want to study Arts and make it my profession or may be even Event Management.

    P.S : My 2 year old neighbour rejected me, :(  so the post. He refused to play with me and instead picked another 2 year old kiddo over me. Life ishtene.
    Hari, I have been adverting interviewstreet wherever possible, so solpa pay maadi. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I do not seek changes. They just happen. All my life, changes have been sweet. Very Sweet. However, I fear the current change is not as easy as the rest of'em.
How I hate changes!!! Everybody does I guess. Atleast when we are in our safe lil' nest where no cuckoo would bother to peek-in. But then change is inevitable. It has to peek-in one day. That day might either turn out to be the worst day of your life or the best day if you just flow with the change and let it happen because whatever-happens-happens-for-good.