Sunday, November 21, 2010

Random Ramblings

- Nan Mobile alltha idhe. No calls no msgs. I am thinking of committing its suicide.

- I always tend to work hard towards something that I know is impossible. I always put that extra effort in achieving it. I am not talking about the materialistic pleasures like success/high rank. I am talking mainly about the tiny pleasures...impressing people around us,  impressing that gal or guy who-doesn't-give-a-damn, talking to that person who is kinda ignoring you. That extra effort that I put in is quite annoying.  And hola, when my efforts pay off, I always ALWAYS tend to go against it.

- Its been almost 3 years in Bangalore. This place teaches me so many lessons everyday about struggle, life, happiness, pleasures. Not that Mysore dint, but I guess now is the time for me to learn.

- I want to eat Paneer Dosa.

- Wish I knew I were a creative person, a couple of years back.

- I am confused, very very confused right now. I detest a certain sect of people and I have a feeling that I have started to fall in that category.

- I want to eat Rava Dosa too. I have been trying to catch hold of one.

- Wonder how my life would have if my name was Annapooranamma. This was my 1st name. Sounds cooler than my current name.

- Loving my PS3+Move.