Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy BirthDay Praja

Hey Happy Birthday PrajaDevi.H. I pray from the bottom of my heart tht, all ur wishes come true this year.
magale, yemme vays aaythu eegladhru solpa nanna nodi kali. nimmajji. solpa nadhru budhi baratha nodthini
I hope this year, u get too many missed calls from guys whom u know an frm guys whom u dont. I hope cute guys sit beside u wenevr ur travellin to ur home town. ( or may be daily wen u go to TI ). I hope u treat me with loads of ebony an ivory this year. I hope u get into the habit of sleepin late in the nite so tht I can enjoy speakin to u.
Have a gr8 year ahead. Have loads of fun with ur BITS friends an chaitanya. Hope u get to spend more time with ur sis . Hope I get to spend more time with u.
I wish I was thr in the PG to join the celebrations an to munch on the cake. I could hear the celebrations behind wen I called. I wish ....
Hav a wonderful an chirpy life ahead. Ur 1 of the few guys whom i'll never forget.

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