Monday, July 28, 2008

meri dhukh bhari kahaani

i always try to write abt somethin gud an sweet, but i always end up with SPLITSVILLA. but i hav decided am not writin abt those shameless a@@##$es.

i hav never had such free time i mean am either sleepin or eatin or loafin with my friends or SWEEPIN my home sweet home. these r the things tht keep me goin. thr r some other things tht i did -- i went to madras. i did loads of shoppin. mom bought me new clothes. she thinks all my current dresses r indecent 4 WORK or should i say not worth a penny so she gave my beautiful old clothes away. damn.i begged her not to. but a mom is a mom. i guess u ppl will hav to c me next in 1 of those "GOOD" dresses an "GOOD" earrings. in short mom wants me to be a perfect gal. can u imagine me as "the PERFECT" gal. nooooooooooooooo

keepin my sad story aside, i'll go ahead. again my supermom forced me to join drvin classes. o god thts another circus 4 me. i don understand y ppl ride those cars wen bikes r so simple to ride. wenevr i need to apply brake i need to apply clutch thn brake thn go to 1st gear an by the time i do all these i am asked to remove the clutch an brake an accelerator an thn change gear.
an changin tht damn gear is so much trouble -- decrease speed, apply clutch,change gear,remove clutch an increase the speed. wat the hell!!! i can do this job so easily in my pep which obviously doesn hav gears. am so happy abt the fact.

my instructor is always like " niv kayi ittkondirodhu sarigilla madam" "oota aaytha" nim kaal brake mel illa" "heegadhre hege?" "thindi aaytha" "naan hellidh yenu nimge, neev yen maadtha idhira?" "mundhe nodi kay nodi kaal nodi yen yochne maadtha idhira??"

my mom hasn scolded me so many times in the span of an hour.

wat else did i do in these hols??? watch gg5 a dozen times an SPLITSVILLA a million times wenevr my mom is in the kitchen or wen she is sleepin.

i also caught up with my old pals. had a lot of fun chattin an gossipin with them. i mean v were speakin abt all our masthi an wt v felt abt the other person. i had the time of my life tht evenin.i dono abt others but i'll miss them 4 sure. thy r a gem of a character.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

hey guys. i wanted to write abt my 1st day at work.(read my previous post b4 readin this). but i couldn coz it wasn as easy as i thought.

i got dismissed the very 1st day. so right now no work. am actually under traini. am supposed to observe other gals-- how thy keep their house clean etc etc. imp thing bein -- i need to understand the theory of sweepin an wipin wen my mom is at work.gr8 na???

right now am jobless. again.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


sorry guys i couldn msg all of u tht i got a new job. i dnt hav balance left in my mob. i got a new job yday. hav already reported. am right now sittin in the office. it all happened suddenly. the pay is 1.5k pa.
i had been 4 shoppin 4 my new job. i was told to report with a brand new broom an a mop. i shopped a lot 4 it. damn. found a worthy clean mop. i hav started the work at my own place. u c "work at home". i plan to add new clients later.
my mom says i can improve an i can get new clients. may be her own friends can be my clients someday. who knows i could even work 4 the railways an airport someday. u never knw wen u can come up in life. thn my workplace could also get shifted i mean i could go to WHITE HOUSE or somethin -- on duty.