Wednesday, March 18, 2009


These 2 are my latest and fav photoshop creations till date.

P.S. I created them from scratch as in I started with a blank paper.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Curius Case of Benjamin Button

Curius Case of Benjamin Button. the movie was so lengthy and tiring tht I seemed to have forgotten the beginning of the movie now. reminded of my OS paper. On a serious note, I was very curious to watch thins movie coz the story line was attractive and sounded so sweet. I also wanted to see how thy manage to potray the age differences and the age window for the protagonists.

Technically, the movie is perfect. Or should I say,its near to perfection. but I was disappointed when i finished watching it. I cld not watch it in a single shot. I had to split the movie. I did not have the patience to continue after an hour or so. I mean I had seen enuf of the technical aspects revolving his age. I was also unhappy abt the way the affair with some Chairman's wife was elongated. It was meaningless in the end.

The second day wen i watched the later half, it was gud. I cld see Brad Pitt as himself.But Loads of things went over my head like how did he come to know about some guy getting up late for work, or the taxi guy having a cup of coffee or about the lady who forgot her coat, when cate met with an accident. how can he know the circumstances tht led to the accident so precisely?

As I said technically it was good but somehow it failed in certain aspects. Some parts were repeated or prolonged, according to the affair and the part as a boatman with Captain Mike,the war.

I seriously had to rewind back to recollect -how the movie began and the significance of the Clock. I think the reason cld be tht I did not watch it continuously.
Mosquitoes made things worse. I am writing this post whilst fighting with 4 of them. I think I shld try sleeping now. Bye.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I am addicted to my cell ph, laptop and Ipod. Thy play an important role in my life. Thy r no longer a luxury.

Whenever I misplace my keys... I feel like giving a ring and finding out whr thy r.
I always wish i had a Ctrl F while reading books.
Always wish TV had a battery back up like a laptop.

I haven switched my mob on since sunday. no contact with my friends. Today, I cld not resist but login to gtalk during day time. I have this addiction towards my lappy. Be it blog or Orkut. I can spend a lifetime in it. I wonder If I can ever turn my laptop off just like my mob and not turn it on for atleast a few days. I hope I succeed in it.

Browsing through blogs and profiles does help me in more than 1 ways but I guess its eating away my sleep. Blame it on technology or human mind, but I am missing out loads of stuff. like a normal conversation with my family. watchin tv with mom. playin cards and carrom with her. She doesn complain about this new found addiction of mine but I know she is not happy about this aloof behaviour of mine.

I cannot believe tht I cant stay without my cell ph and laptop. I did not have a ph till my last year in college. I hardly used to switch on my Comp for personal use. It was mostly for my lab stuff or project. I wonder how I used to pass my time with out these.

Again 1 of those nites, whn I just cant sleep. I think I'll get back to reading blogs.