Tuesday, September 23, 2008

College Days

this is my 50th post.

Friday, September 19, 2008

New Life...New People

This life is really monotonous. Each day I am waiting for the weekend to come. an wen it really comes I crib for having to go back to mys. The 3 hr journey in the bus on Mon an Fri -- the same old pg -- the same old food --yuk. Come to office an start studying??? instead of making us study again after our coll. thy can just extend our coll curriculum 4 1 more year an say that "guys study this this an this. this is imp 4 our company". at least v could enjoy our coll life 4 1 more year. I hate studying here. that too a soft copy. i get so distracted. I used to hate the dabba game minesweeper. but that is an imp source of entertainment in my life right now. This jjob life really sucks. I mean get up early an take bath immediately (else no hot water) ,get ready an carry our moote an chale chalo to a place whr ppl hav come frm pluto an neptune. adheno obhru maathadalla, yellru vaysaadhavru.

but the good point being I did manage to make a few good friends here in office as well as in pg. In office I can call my friends jokers. thy r all so diff yet thy make my 1 hr happy an gay. The guys I hang around with here are -- "Mr. SRK",Janni,Mr Mtech an sometimes a Rajasthani guy.
Now.. Mr Mtech is intelligent an a man of few words but jumps in at the right moment with the right words. Janni an Mr SRK r the kinda guys I hav seen in movies. I never knew,until I met them tht such guys exist on earth. "baay bittre hudgir vishya". The moment thy c a gal thy stop breathin. an thy cant digest a morsel until thy hav stared at a gal (esp janni... he is not here right now.hes in a diff office.but v do remember him daily--wenevr v c a beautiful gal). thy had evn gone to the extent of speakin to a gal who was a stranger an how do u think thy started the conversation--Mr SRK saw her tag an gotto knw tht she was workin in Sony an thn he went an asked "u work in Sony right". Our janni was standin beside me wen SRK was busy speakin to Sony gal.The very next second I see tht Janni is thr with tht gal an wat does he ask "Did u do ur internship in mindtree???" V dint c tht gal after tht incident. I have never seen such incidents in real life -- I mean guys tryin to openly impress a gal. Janni also had high ambitions (not in work). he had pataofied 3 rajasthani gals. I dono wat was so special abt thm but Janni daily wanted to meet those gals. But havin said so,thy r very ambitious in their life abt their career too. thy hav predermined notion abt their future an i don think thy will compromise on tht.I can jus say tht thy r the perfect ppl to hang around.

I almost forgot abt Janni's patents. He says he has patents 4 a few words like "kaage haarsodhu".I learnt all these new words in a few days.
Mr Mtech does not fall in this category. he is quiet. v both r always mesmerized coz of Janni an SRK. V both sometimes team up an tease these 2 guys but men r men -- U can rely on them. Most of the times it turns out tht I am the scape goat. These guys make my day better. an all the 3 r masters in "kaage haarsing".

My PG looks a BITS gals hostel.thr r 11 gals frm BITS goa an few frm Pilani. All of'em hav dual degrees.the combination of the dual degree is so complicated--instrumentation with a Bio Msc--Comp Sci an Bio. If I were given a chance I wouldn hav gone 4 a single degree--if an only if my parents had told me tht "shilpa take these 5 crores an enjoy ur life". I would hav stopped at U.K.G. I knw jus 3 gals thr .Ms.Bobby George, Ms CrushList an the other shares her name with the drama queen -- my fav drama queen--but the gal here is totally opp. She is in a high post but she is so full of warmth an kindness. She is super cool. She doesn throw unnecessary attitude--she is 1 of her kind.she is more thn perfect.

Comin to Ms.Bobby George an Ms Crush List-- these 2 or rather all the BITS gals r always full of enthusiasm. always laughin an keepin the place alive. I miss my coll wen i c them stayin together an havin fun.

Watevr follws now is not a fiction an is a real story which was witnessed by Ms.CrushList an other gal called Nandu.
Ms.Bobby George is a sweetheart. A guy fell for her an dumped his gal friend 4 her.an wen she heard this,she was so thrilled tht she crossed the road without thinkin twice.again filmi-- like 1 of those tamil heroines.Later she realized tht she was not in TamilNadu but in namma "BENGALOORU" an she jumped on the footpath to save herself .Our Hero came into the rescue an caught her an saved her life.He dropped her till our PG. an it was seen tht Ms.Bobby George was restin on him an the rest is history. but now she says she needs to go the doc coz she complains of diziness an feels pukish now an thn. I wonder wat the trouble could be.
I repeat again this is not a fiction.

Ms.CrushList is always vibrant an has a real long crushlist goinher way.her list spans over companies. I mean HER GUYS work in all big companies--mercedes, netapps....Nice going.

With such ppl around, I'll be wrong if I say things r dull an borin but things r monotonous.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Father is the HEAD of the family.Father earns and Mother cooks an takes care of the damn family. Who the shit made these rules? Whoevr made it was a male 4 sure.

Men actually hav nothin in their heads. Seriously. Thy r fit 4 nothin. (i dnt regret saying this). Men especially over 40 years of age r demons. I hav seen men over 40 woo gals on the road, in the train an bus. Shameless creatures. They think they can do anythin an get away without trouble as%$^&es. I wonder whether thy were born to a single set of parents. I am sure their family is full of sl*&s.

Not jus aged men evn teenagers jus loaf around an stare at each an every gal while his mom or sis is out sloggin amidst men of his character. I guess such men should be slaughterd to death. Bloody hell who gave thm the superiority in life????

I feel like pierecin a hot pin into their eyes wen thy cant respect a person walkin on the road. an frm birth v r taught tht "come wat may-- dnt rebel an fight on the roads.avr yenadhru maadli jus ignore them." avn moothige ignore bere.

The funny part bein such guys look so much like s*&t tht u feel like burnin their face an their ......

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Sitting in the office an workin on somethin always reminds me of my friends-- shwetha, shubhada,shruthi, shambu, rachana...... an finally SK (my lecturer). v gals had so much fun in all the labs. v did nothin but copy paste an thn start gossippin abt THEM. an now the status bein all of us r workin --workin hard without the help of copy paste . i dnt think i'll be wrong if i say that v hav never sat in 1 place 4 such a long time-- without msgin -- without gossipin. but yes i do take breaks an catch up with my friends -- but again i hav never been so quiet in my life. nothin in my life can replace the fun tht i used hav in the labs.

1 more thing tht always comes to my mind is "wat ma?? y r u restless ma?? wat r u doin thr shilpa??" i miss SK's dialogues. i always wanted to tell her tht i was an innocent victim of all the criminal activities undertaken by SHWETHA an SHUBHADA. thy an their childish activities. i wonder how thy'll manage to sit an work at a place coz thr'll be no SK hereafter an no SHILPA THE GR8 to save thm. I wonder.....

be it networks lab or CG or DBMS v hav done nothing. the projects were like super cool. v hav struggled with our projects till the very last minute.(dnt take it positively -- v dint knw wt v were doin--tht took us most of the time).

I always had this question in my mind ki whether studyin more or concentratin more in the class or in the lab would hav helped us ?or "yen maadudhru udhara aagdhiro party na navu??"