Tuesday, April 24, 2007

BUTTERFLIES most of my frenz know what butterflies mean to me.they are the most yuckiest and horrible creatures.I donno y but i am afraid of those BUTTERFLIES.I start shoutin the minute i see it.i jus turn the house upside down.
Another creature that horrifies me is PIGEON.It made my life hell.it was thr in my room before i was even awake and it used to make the yuckiest sound(gutur gutur).the flapping of the wings just made me shout.everyday i used to wake up with a big shout.so my frend in the neighbour dint use an alarm for some days.my sweet home in bombay has housed generations and generations of pigeons.In short i hate creatures that fly.I dont mind lizards and snakes.
This is an incident that happened in my class a few days ago.My frenz an I were sittin in the first bench(dont mistake me for a good girl,the last bench was not empty).2 monkeys entered the class.the 2 monkeys were standin in front me.my frend(daridhra) was staring at it and so was the monkey.before the 2 expressed their new found love to each other we jumped from the bench.my heart was in my mouth that very moment coz the minute we jumped those monkeys climbed our desk.daridhra says its her rebirth.kudos.
I encountered the terror of yet another animal today.a SQUIRREL.it jus entered my room like my dumb frends do without any permission.an its still here.this very minute as i am writin, the damn creature is in my room.this time round not only my heart but my stomach,lungs,intestines an wat not were in my mouth.the way it ran in front of my legs god.i donno wen the squirrel will pounce on me and attack so i have a body gaurd sitting behind me, my mother.u know mothers are always there when you need them the most.
The big and the most dangerous creatures in my life are my DUMB frenz.but i am not scared of them.i am terrified.I donno how many more animals do i have to deal with in my life.
I think i just heard some noise behind me.may be its the dragon.....bye for now.IF I AM ALIVE I WILL SURELY BLOG.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

finished my damn internals today.it was jus another proof that i cant write.i was sitting there an thinkin about the next topic 4 my blog.but the lady in the class was staring at me so i did write somethin in the damn booklet. i think i`ll end up gettin single digit in some of the subs.the main reason behind me thinkin abt the blog while writin the paper was that ,gettin 4 comments here is a lot better that gettin 7 or 8 marks there.
my marks last sem were 7,7,10 in one sub.(these marks are out of 25.am not that bad).the reason the lecturer gave me for these low marks was that technical terms were missing.the lecturers with 10 years of experience each(they make sure that they mention it atleast once in a class) get notes to the class while teaching, which contains all the "technical terms".they cannot remember the technical words of a single subject that they teach.an we are expected to remember all the technical words of all the 6 damn subjects( with zero years experience in each subject).IS THIS FAIR?