Saturday, October 17, 2009


What the hell. So many changes in just 1 year. I was always sorrounded by friends. or may be it was me who was hanging out with'em. but watever I was with humans.

But now, today, I have no friends. I mean I do, but I have no clues what they r doing. (3 r an exception, who make it a point to tell me wassup in their life). Its like a I have taken a vow not to call others and not pick their calls or return their SMS and I am not interested in making new friends. I cant blame my professional life for this. I can blame it on my sunsign --Aquarius for being so aloof and detached. I was never like an aloof and detached aquarian in my school and college. I think I have realized my aquarius traits over the past 1 year. Seriously, I have behaved like a true acquarian in the past year.

The other day, I was shell shocked when somebody told me "you have a very serious face. A smile would help ". Tell me about it, I mean, ppl always used to tell me to shut my mouth and today, there is a person who says - i had a serious face. I agree, I wasnt the funniest and the wittiest person around but i did have my PJ's going, teasing my friends or pulling their leg and I was always smiling if not laughing.Now, ppl say "smile". Lemme tell u a few more things.

I pinged an old friend and just out of courtesy asked : hows ur sis and mom? A sane person would say fine,right?. But she, being my friend, says "all r fine... thank u... is everything fine with u? "
I asked "y?"
She said " coz.. u r suddenly... so concerned... abt me and my family... it cant happen on a regular day"
What the HELL. I was trying to be nice!!!

Thrs another friend whom i asked exactly the same question : "hows ur mom?"
She says "y suddenly?"

I thot it was a normal human tendency to enquire abt the other person's family. BAH!!!

And KUDOS to the kind of conv i have these days on chat:

frnd : hey
me : hey
frnd : how r u?
me : am fine. how abt u?
frnd : fine. hows work?
me : sorta hectic. how abt urs?
frnd : mamool.
me : oota aaytha?
frnd : yup. urs?
me :yup. done.
After 2 hrs, frnd : gotto go bye, gn
me : byeeee.

Somedays i do ask abt their parents and siblings and get bashed. Mind u this is exactly the kinda conv I have these days. I am not kidding.

I am waiting for a miracle and hoping that the same person who said i had a serious face gets to c my funny face. I still cant understand, how can she say tht i have serious face? Or may be I do.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Hey PS work again. Comments would help.

Friday, October 2, 2009

I decided to take a walk today to feel the fresh air of MURUGESPALYA and this turned out to be a "walk to remember" (wish it were like the movie but DAMN I was alone).
I passed a corner which is crowded on a normal day, normal afternoon, normal evening, normal night. This is the corner where all the thirsty men quench their thirst. Before u start coming to any conclusions, this is the place where liquor is sold. Today being Gandhi Jayanti, the corner was over crowded. Yes, you read it right. It was over crowded. it turned out that the men were over-thirsty today. There was a small boy inside the huge gate who was supplying stuff. When i was nearing the place, there were around 7-8 men. They were staring at me like they were dogs (They looked like f*&#ed up dogs). I really freaked out when i saw Police men right in front of the place. I mean What the F*%$, all this was happening in front of the KANOON. I was shit scared to be walking alone in the bright daylight and in front of those MEN and esp. the POLICE.
The irony here is that today is Gandhi Jayanti who once upon a time said something about women being able to walk alone in the night. Sirjee, its getting difficult to walk alone in the daylight. KUDOS. I personally am not a big fan of Gandhi coz of various reasons. I better keep my mouth shut about this or else i might be thrown out of my PARTY.
Getting back to the "WALK", I am obviously not gonna walk alone again. For all those BIG MOUTHS who say "BE THE CHANGE YOU WANNA SEE" -- A Woman can never be the DAMN change that she wants to see. Not in this f*&$ing 21st century.