Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mumbai Pinned again

Yet another terrorist attack in India. an this time its done with ishtyle. I mean I had never imagined tht these terrorist guys had the damn guts to jus go in a vehicle an start shootin common ppl. But this was all possible coz the lack of police power & common sense. Doesn Taj Hotel hav enough security for its high profile guests? It was even said tht the attack was so very well planned tht thy came out with the attack simultaneously--one in Taj an the other in the Oberoi. Thy were seen in a vehicle tht looked like our police jeeps.

These terrorists r the sole reason 4 the hazards all over the world, I understand. but the country thts givin shelter an even givin platform 4 these terrorists to grow r to be equally blamed. V all knw which neighbouring country nurtures these terrorists, thn Y cant India jus devastate their plans by destroyin their roots. the terrorist trainin an all the info regardin tht is avaliable on the net. Wen a common man has access to it then y cant the govt. just do somethin abt it?

I wanted to talk abt our very own Raj Thackery long ago but dint get the right chance. Now during these blasts, does tht man hav the guts to come out an say- " all the non-maharashtrians ,plz dnt help us during this crisis time. I need no south indian doctors or the north indian guys helpin us out. Plz get out of the state. no single non marathi cop should help in nabbing the terrorists. Even if thy do, the terrorist must be sent back to his base camp and as a punishment the cop must be given life imprisonment."I am sure tht during this crisis time he would hav ran away to a safer an a more secure place--somewhr in North India.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Again me

Chalo here goes another tag..... I have nothing else to write abt...

What is ur Oldest memories:

The days tht I spent in Bombay.The beautiful summers which I spent playing with gals...skating,Mad game,Lagori,.... The nights tht I spent with my friends watching stars an trying to figure out the constellation. The days My friends an I started giving wrong calls to god knws who!!! I also remember my days in my 1st school.My HM was a terror. Sagari Miss.Kids used to wet their pants. Wenever she used to come to the park with her son v all used to run away.She was a Hitler I tell u.

What were u doing 10 years ago?

10 years ago I was in my 6th Std. This was a turning point in my life.I was changing frm a good ol'gal to a REBEL.My friends an I had decided tht frm thn wearing frocks like kids,wear watch in the right hand (V still follow it),turn into a rebel at home. I learnt wat ego is an all the foul language. all the 4 letter words. I watched my 1st movie in the theatre.


Today am a young workin lady. I am writin this frm my office. nobody is around. I stay with my friends. Havin a nice time in the pg.


Tomo am planning to go to Mys.1 of the last few stay in namma Mys. lots of stuff to do. I need to give my pep 4 service an treat quite a few friends an blh blah blah.Watch TV.wash clothes blh blah blah14 years frm now?Hmmm i'll not be working.thts 100% sure.May be i'll be doin the household,cleaning.Naah.I'll not be doin tht too.May i'll jus be lazin around.watchin tv an movies.I wld've grown fatter.I might hav stopped blogging. I am sure tht I would have done something in photography.but I hope am alive after 14 long yeras.

If u build a time capsule wat would it contain?

It would contain books, my laptop, my mom,loads of money,loads of food an cute litte kitten.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This is me.

I am : sweet and stupid

I think : a lot and that is the sole reason of my silence.

I know : that I am SHILPA THE GR8

I want : a house full of chocolates.

I have : a sweet mom who is ready to anythin 4 me.

I wish : I dont have to get up early an take bath.(as if I do tht daily).

I hate : ppl who keep cribbing.

I miss : My college and college friends.

I fear : butterflies.

I hear : myself

I smell : my mom's yummy dishes.

I crave : for chocolate pastries.

I search : 4 a soulmate an a cool best friend.

I wonder : Am I smart or am I smart?

I regret : having completed 22 years of life so soon.

I love : Cats

I ache : for good food.

I was not : so borin in my previous janma.

I am not : the kinda person u think I am.

I cry : when no1's around.

I believe : Indian corruption can never down.

I dance : only in my nightmares.

I sing : jus like tht

I read : blogs.(only interesting blogs)

I dont always : keep my bed dirty. its worse sometimes.

I fight : only with my mom.

I write : watever I like.

I win : arguments

I lose :

I never : wanna take bath daily.

I always : think think think an sleep.

I confuse : my mom.

I listen : to myself.(actually everybody listens to me.)

I can usually be found : sleeping or eating or pulling somebody's leg.

I am scared of : losing friends, butterflies.

I need : a best friend.

I am happy : when am sleeping.

I imagine : a lot.

I Miss My Friends....

Best Friends
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