Friday, October 31, 2008

Shubhada's marriage contract

This post is for Shubhada an Shubhada alone. She got a wierd an a scary thought abt her place of stay after marriage.Now tell me how many of us hav thought abt it?I guess only Shu has.
These r the conditions tht U need to mention in ur marriage contract Shu--
In this contract me refers to Shubhada

--> Place of accomodation will be chosen by me.

--> A maid an a cook r a must.

--> A car with a driver is a must.

-->In laws should never enter the house without my permission.

--> Mom-in-law MUST come to take care of chintu,mintu an wat not.

--> In case the husband decides to break-up a Compensation equal to his salary must be provided every month on or before the 1st of every month.

--> Even after the break-up the car an the driver must be left behind.

--> mom-in-law must continue to come an take care of chintu, mintu an wat not even after the break-up.

--> Gifts in the form of gold everyweek is mandatory.

--> My parents can come anytime thy wish to esp my friends.

--> When the cook or the maid takes a leave either the husband or the mom-in-law must replace thm(before an after the break-up).

As of now this is it. U can revise the contract Shubhada.

Happy Diwali

Man Wat a diwali I had!!!!The words Pathetic & unfortunate can describe my Diwali the best

I did not fire crackers which I normally do. I did not eat any sweets as I was in bangalore in my BEST PG. I did not wish any of my friends or relatives (except for the ones who wished me). I did not hav the feast on the diwali night an the imp thing bein I was alone in my room lookin at the colourful sky an thinkin abt all those diwali days in bombay with Sindhu an others an the Diwali in mysore with Sumanth , Manasa. Those were some days.

I always used to think tht it'll be fun wen I have money an I can do watevr shit I wanna do. I have started earning now but fun is lost. I hate goin to Pizza Hut now. Back in coll v used to die to go to Pizza Hut an wait for the right moment wen all of us had enougf money to fill our stomach. Hey guys do u remember the GOLKA tht v had. Awesome.

Comin back to my Diwali celebrations. Tht evening I was with my dad searchin 4 a house tht would match my goddamn MYS house by 50%. I walked an walked in every street jus to realize tht I was probably 1 of the unfortunate ones who was not celebratin Diwali. Every Kid in the block was enjoyin with friends an family.Even the street dogs seemed to be havin the time of their lives.

The search for a good house ended at 7.30 after a heated argument with dad abt a house. Came back to my den whr I was alone. Everybody were in their native hoggin on sweets an havin a blast. The whole PG seemed to be empty except for 2 or 3 gals. I went out to stare at the beautiful sky. It was amazin. A kid was tryin to burst a bijli but vehicles an dogs were preventin him. an thr was this gal who lit a rocket an It directly went into somebody's house an her 2nd rocket in some lady's sari.Hehehee. My eyes were wet an before I could do anythingI could feel the moisture on my cheeks too. Each drop trickeled down without my realization.
It was thn I realized tht my mom would be at lightin diyas all alone. She would be watchin all the other kids enjoy. I thn had 4 apples(feast) an I slept. but the sound of the crackers an the laughter were still hauntin my ears.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I have a few more doubts:

--> Now imagine this, Aishwarya Rai , Abhishek Bachchan , Amitabh Bachchan an Jaya Bachchan r watchin kyunki saans bhi kabhi bahu thi(dnt ask me y!!) an thn duirng the commercials, a song featuring Aishwarya an Vivek Oberoi pops up. how does the Bachchan parivar react to this

a) Aishwarya curses her fate an enters the dreamland with vivek.

b) Abhishek curses his fate

c) Amitabh says Aishwarya looked better with Salman.

d) Jaya says Abhishek looked good with anybody other than Aishwarya.

--> Y r all my friends (old an new) dumb? frankly speakin , I am tired of this question.

--> Y does Praja wanna always drink IBM water. I guess wat she needs is Kaveri water if I consider her geography an history?

--> Y r Anju an Vaishu so much like sindhu? an Y doesn Sindhu gimme a call??

--> Y is it tht My house painter has done his B.A an Our leaders 2nd Std.?

-->Y am I Bloggin wen I hav work to do?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I am right now confused. So plz dnt mind this meaningless writing.

Wen I find everythin goin right in my life, somethin always goes wrong and turns the table. I am left with such meaningless an confusin thoughts. It always makes me think tht -- was I destined to do this? am I jus another gal doin the same ol'work.this thought always haunts me. "Y am I doin wat I am doin?"

V all make compromises on everythin -- our career,our life, our relationships... but cant thisbe avoided an cant things be easy. Cant 2 ppl like each other an stay together without any cribbin an lead a happy life .fight fight fight .thy make their life complicated as well as the ppl close to them. be it friends or siblings or husband an wife. Thy r so much engrossed in givin trouble to each other an hurt each other tht thy forget abt their own happiness.

This has always happened to me -- ppl whom I like r always tryin to go away an ppl whom I dnt like try to be sweet to me. I am so wrong at judgin a person. I am right now not able to come to a conclusion abt who is the right person -- the 1 who is sweet to me or the 1 I want to be sweet to me.

Monday, October 6, 2008

I hate advices

Now I guess many of us have been through this phase of gatherin advices (wanted an unwanted) from ppl. v even get bitti advise from ppl who r no way related wat v r speakin. like aunties advisin on which company to go for...I hav had my share of advices frm Tom, Dick an Harry.

I always thought my friends were the bufoons in my life but no My dads friends are also hav their share of bufoonism in my life. My dads close friend Mr. Uncle always has an opinion abt everythin --be it osama or vegetables .. communism or shlokas

Way back in 2000 (I feel like am 50 years old now..thu). lemme change the sentence
Wen I was in my 10th std( I was young thn)...I was a good gal. Mr. Uncle told me " Shilpa this is an imp phase in ur life.if u score well in 10th ur life will be set. u dont hav to work hard later in ur life. my sons r well settled now so it all depends on ur 10th hard" Avr hellidh nodudhre as if 10th nalli 95% thagudhre infi navru thambula sahitha kelsa kodthare ankonde. I believed him an worked hard. but mannu who wants 10th marks. I remember my 10th marks jus for my kannada marks. nothin else

Now in my 12th( I was young thn too..) the same Mr.Uncle comes an says "Shilpa 2 PU is like it decides ur life ur career, ur path . If u score well here thn u can get it into a gud coll an once u get into a good coll u'll automatically get a job".yen idea.huh.

In BE( full aged..) Uncle says "work hard for 4 years an stay peaceful 4 40 years. get into a good company an life is set."Adh yavaga mugyatho nan life nalli yella imp phases. Now am in a good company.I dont think my life is set. evn now I am workin hard.

Now jus guess wat said yday"Shilpa thr r a lot of wolves ready to attack u in bangalore .Be careful. "Man wat a usual i dint understand. wat he meant by wolves were guys eligible 4 marriage. He even said" Shilpa choose the right guy. coz thts very imp. Wolves r ready to catch u". blah blah blah but 1 gud thing is he compares guys to wolves.I wld hav been happy if he compared guys to somethin worse.

I am waiting 4 the next big advice.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I hav a few doubts. Plz answer if u can...

--> Y is my PG named the "BEST PG"?? (not answerable by any1)

-->Wat does handsfree mean?? The web definition is
Handsfree is an adjective describing equipment that can be used without the use of hands"
Now for all the mobiles v get 2 kinda hands free. 1 that is with bluetooth an the 1 tht most of us hav--the wired handfree. I have seen this a zillion times tht ppl (esp gals) use the wired handsfree an thn place the mouth piece of the hands free near their mouth with their hands an speak. now wats the damn use of the hands free, ur hands r not anyways free. sumne direct aagi phone nalle mathad bahudhu. Y nataka?

--> Wat will the state of bangalore be wen Tata Nano releases. Will thr be enough fresh air in bangalor eto breathe. will thr be a breathin area in bangalore?

--> who made it a rule tht v need to take bath after v get up?? y not sometime after lunch or in the even?

--> y are all the 87 year born so irresponsible ?? (than me)

--> y do v hav to ask permission 4 everything? Y r v scolded 4 everythin??

Today is 2nd of Oct. Some ppl see it as a holiday an quite a few knw this as Gandhiji's birthday.but how many of us knw tht today is LAL BAHADUR SHASTRY's birthday.
I dont think any newspaper or the media has done anything to remind us of this gr8 man who has done so much for ur agricultural sector.
The TV channels never fail to talk abt Rahul Mahajan and Monica Bedi an Payal's triangle love story in big boss. Nor do they fail to talk abt the fight b/w Salman Khan an Sharukh Khan. Nor do thy fail to talk abt Rakhi Sawant an her useless Boyfriend.Are these ppl more imp than Lal Bahadur Shastry. Y wasnt thr a single advt in the newspaper.

All the other gr8 leaders are remembered on their birthdays. I dnt deny tht "thy did good for our country" but was it better than a freedom fighter who gave "JAI JAWAN JAI KISAN."

Isnt it a shame on our part tht v give importance to cricketers and filmstarts . V knw the birthdays of cricketers an filmstars. The media is always aware of the birthdays of all useless ppl who hav done nothin to make us proud but the media is not aware of Lal Bahadur's birthday. Media also knws whr abhishek an aishwarya Rai went on their honeymoon -- how did thy celebrate their anniversary. Is this wat our media is supposed to be doin?? Shameless.Crap.