Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Idhu yaaru baredha katheyo

This weekend I spent like a nerd in front of laptop. ah but watching movies not doing anything that an average nerd does ;)

By the time I finished watching the movies, I was kinda half mad. (Now Plz dont say tht I already was - thts a pathetic old joke)I have never watched movies in which i had to pause and take down notes and then think abt it for a few moments. Never. However I have watched complicated movies and gotten over it. But this weekend was special.

1st movie : Premonition : Let me try to explain the movies in my own words rather than Ctrl C + Ctrl V from imdb.
The leading lady (Sandra Bullock) wakes up everyday to find out that her week is jumbled as in the days in the week are not ordered. 1st comes thursday whr she finds out her husband died yday i.e. Wednesday.Next day she wakes up to find her husband alive coz tht is Monday. Next day, Saturday, again she finds herself in the funeral of her husband. Next morning is Tuesday whr she finds tht her husband is having an affair and nothing makes sense to her coz she is as confused as ppl watching her. Finally comes Wednesday when she decides whether to save her unfaithful/shitty husband or let him die. HELL.

2nd Movie : Lake House (Sandra Bullock again). She has this something to tease our brains.She leaves her Lake House behind for her profession and settles else where in the city. All this happens in the year 2006. She decides to leave a mail to the new Lake House resident. This new resident (Keanu Reaves) responds back coz hes confused. Plz Concentrate, this is whr the confusion starts. For him, the current year is 2004 and for Sandra, the current year is 2006. She is in the future. How do they communicate? The mail box at the Lake House becomes the Time Channel. And then loads of confusions like : They meet each other at a party in 2004. At this point Keanu has already fallen in love with her but Sandra fails to recognize him coz she falls in love with him in 2006. DAMN U.

3rd Movie : Butterfly Effect : (No Sandra Bullock)This was the worse. I chose this movie coz the name of the movie was intimidating. But I CANNOT pen the movie in words. It was way too confusing. I guess the main resaon behind this confusion was watching all these movies back to back.

4th Movie : Sixth Sense :This movie made some sense, Finally.
I dont understand why I choose these movies out of 20 other movies. I really fail to understand.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jhor ka Jhatka Dheere Se lage

The other day, I freaked my mom out when I told her about my well-kept secrets, etc, etc.... She still thinks I was kidding. She kinda blames my friends for leading me on the "wrong path" . Poor MOTHER-INDIA. I know I'll always remain innocent in her eyes.

Today, I freaked out when a lady asked me "Where do you see yourself after 5 years?" I kinda saw this coming. But I dint expect this question to generate 500V jhatka.

If she had asked me this question an year ago-when I was still in coll, I would have been spot-on coz I had a ready-made answer which I had assembled from various placement sites. ;) If she had asked me this when I was just a 6 month kid in this proffession, I would have given her a lame answer.
But, SCREW HER. Y NOW? This question is scarier than EC (Electronic Circuits) questions. This time I know I dont have to impress anybody with my over-the-world answer. I also know tht I am no longer a FRESHER to not-know-any-thing.

Where the F do I see myself after 5 years?
Am I career oriented? DONO
If Yes - Techinical or management? DINT I JUST TELL YOU - I DONO
Do you have the required skills? BULL SHIT
If No - Wat else? aaaaaa....hmmmm.......MAYBE.... -
this could mean that I am Carred Oriented.
then Technical or Management - Prrrrrrrr

OMG, Where ever I am 5 years down the line, I am sure its gonna be HELL. I will still blog and let you guys know.

P.S : The person who asked me this question is the same person who said "You have a Serious face. A smile would help". Yaav janmadhalli paapa madidhno. kshamsu thayi. Dont freak me out.

P.S_1 : Thats my PS work

Saturday, October 17, 2009


What the hell. So many changes in just 1 year. I was always sorrounded by friends. or may be it was me who was hanging out with'em. but watever I was with humans.

But now, today, I have no friends. I mean I do, but I have no clues what they r doing. (3 r an exception, who make it a point to tell me wassup in their life). Its like a I have taken a vow not to call others and not pick their calls or return their SMS and I am not interested in making new friends. I cant blame my professional life for this. I can blame it on my sunsign --Aquarius for being so aloof and detached. I was never like an aloof and detached aquarian in my school and college. I think I have realized my aquarius traits over the past 1 year. Seriously, I have behaved like a true acquarian in the past year.

The other day, I was shell shocked when somebody told me "you have a very serious face. A smile would help ". Tell me about it, I mean, ppl always used to tell me to shut my mouth and today, there is a person who says - i had a serious face. I agree, I wasnt the funniest and the wittiest person around but i did have my PJ's going, teasing my friends or pulling their leg and I was always smiling if not laughing.Now, ppl say "smile". Lemme tell u a few more things.

I pinged an old friend and just out of courtesy asked : hows ur sis and mom? A sane person would say fine,right?. But she, being my friend, says "all r fine... thank u... is everything fine with u? "
I asked "y?"
She said " coz.. u r suddenly... so concerned... abt me and my family... it cant happen on a regular day"
What the HELL. I was trying to be nice!!!

Thrs another friend whom i asked exactly the same question : "hows ur mom?"
She says "y suddenly?"

I thot it was a normal human tendency to enquire abt the other person's family. BAH!!!

And KUDOS to the kind of conv i have these days on chat:

frnd : hey
me : hey
frnd : how r u?
me : am fine. how abt u?
frnd : fine. hows work?
me : sorta hectic. how abt urs?
frnd : mamool.
me : oota aaytha?
frnd : yup. urs?
me :yup. done.
After 2 hrs, frnd : gotto go bye, gn
me : byeeee.

Somedays i do ask abt their parents and siblings and get bashed. Mind u this is exactly the kinda conv I have these days. I am not kidding.

I am waiting for a miracle and hoping that the same person who said i had a serious face gets to c my funny face. I still cant understand, how can she say tht i have serious face? Or may be I do.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Hey PS work again. Comments would help.

Friday, October 2, 2009

I decided to take a walk today to feel the fresh air of MURUGESPALYA and this turned out to be a "walk to remember" (wish it were like the movie but DAMN I was alone).
I passed a corner which is crowded on a normal day, normal afternoon, normal evening, normal night. This is the corner where all the thirsty men quench their thirst. Before u start coming to any conclusions, this is the place where liquor is sold. Today being Gandhi Jayanti, the corner was over crowded. Yes, you read it right. It was over crowded. it turned out that the men were over-thirsty today. There was a small boy inside the huge gate who was supplying stuff. When i was nearing the place, there were around 7-8 men. They were staring at me like they were dogs (They looked like f*&#ed up dogs). I really freaked out when i saw Police men right in front of the place. I mean What the F*%$, all this was happening in front of the KANOON. I was shit scared to be walking alone in the bright daylight and in front of those MEN and esp. the POLICE.
The irony here is that today is Gandhi Jayanti who once upon a time said something about women being able to walk alone in the night. Sirjee, its getting difficult to walk alone in the daylight. KUDOS. I personally am not a big fan of Gandhi coz of various reasons. I better keep my mouth shut about this or else i might be thrown out of my PARTY.
Getting back to the "WALK", I am obviously not gonna walk alone again. For all those BIG MOUTHS who say "BE THE CHANGE YOU WANNA SEE" -- A Woman can never be the DAMN change that she wants to see. Not in this f*&$ing 21st century.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Independance day

It was good to see flag being hoisted in murugespalya. But the sad part was that everybody were awestruck when they saw the flag. I dono for wat bloody reason. It was INDIA's flag not the NEIGHBOUR'S flag and it was Independance day. wat else do u need to hoist INDIA flag u murugespalya morons. By the way, my PhotoShop work for this season.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I wish the Evil person were dead. I wish he dies in his sleep today.
Thanks for screwing up her life and mine too

Friday, June 19, 2009

Started spending more time with books rather than ppl again. Read quite a few awesome books. the 1st being PS I LOVE YOU. Awesome story. I even got a chance to watch the movie. but the movie was clumsy. The movie could not emote half as well as the book. Holly and her family and esp. the 2 friends were so warm and I could easily relate to it ( which the movie failed to). The book revolves around a young widow, Holly, who is trying hard to come out of the grief. The only thing that keeps her going are the 12 letters that her dead husband has left behind. These letters are supposed to be read at the beginning of every single month. To add to the grief, both her friend are happ with their own personal lives. The envy, the grief and the way she tries to digest all the happiness arnd her is wat the book all about. I luved it.

The other book I am reading now is TWILIGHT. I had never heard about this until recently. I was planning to read "NOT WITHOUT MY DAUGHTER". But the hype that surrounded the book forced me to take this up. This book is romantic and gave me shrills way too many times. This book is about a common coll going gal, Bella, falling in luv with a Vampire. This actually sounded funny to me but trust me, the book is woth reading. The curiosity was killing me and hence I gotto know the storyline from wiki ( I now repent doing that ). But I still continue to read it. The vampire is a masth flirt. He sure knows how to make a gal smile ( not just Bella ). I have not yet finished reading it, but I am sure that I will enjoy reading the rest too. I will get back to TWILIGHT now. Happy posting till then

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hmmmm. quite a dull boring day. Things change so easily. I mean all the happiness and attention has now turned to mocking and saving ur ass. I am not sulking but it has been quite a dumb day.

I am finally out of the clutches of RONDHU and BONDHU. but now with JUMBO. The only thing JUMBO knows is that ANDHA KANOON and GOLU MANCHURIAN are the only things around. MAN I JUST WANNA RUN AWAY FROM THESE JOKERS. But BONDHU wldnt let me do so.
Things have never been so gloomy. My future. My life. My future is in the hands of an EVIL person. Wish I could change everything esp the EVIL person in my life.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I am stuck between a bondhu and a rondhu. The bondhu wants me to land on the moon and the rondhu is the gravity thats pulling me back. The gravity is so powerful that it not only is pulling me back but its digging my own grave.

Bondhu and Rondhu r unreasonable in their own bloody ways.

I will blog abt my May life later.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So long...

I have always had to shift places and bid adieu to my friends. Thanx to my dad's transferable job.

But what is happening is very strange. This is the 1st time in the past 23 :( years, wen friends r bidding adios to me and I cannot digest the fact. The reason being -- the volume. kudos Y so many at the same time.

Some r stepping into a new city, new state and some into an absolutely new, strange world.

This is all happening so posthaste and with grandiose. I cannot buy the fact that umpteen no. of friends will no longer be sharing my space. By the midst of this year, I am sure to be a loner unless I stumble upon a miracle.

Oye but I am and I will miss each of the bloody fellas for laughing, teasing, crying, sharing stuff with me.

2009...I know U dont like me but this is not a fair game. I wish... I wish that when I wake up in the morning, I wake up in my Mysore house, in my room, with absolutely no mundane thoughts.
I wish.....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


These 2 are my latest and fav photoshop creations till date.

P.S. I created them from scratch as in I started with a blank paper.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Curius Case of Benjamin Button

Curius Case of Benjamin Button. the movie was so lengthy and tiring tht I seemed to have forgotten the beginning of the movie now. reminded of my OS paper. On a serious note, I was very curious to watch thins movie coz the story line was attractive and sounded so sweet. I also wanted to see how thy manage to potray the age differences and the age window for the protagonists.

Technically, the movie is perfect. Or should I say,its near to perfection. but I was disappointed when i finished watching it. I cld not watch it in a single shot. I had to split the movie. I did not have the patience to continue after an hour or so. I mean I had seen enuf of the technical aspects revolving his age. I was also unhappy abt the way the affair with some Chairman's wife was elongated. It was meaningless in the end.

The second day wen i watched the later half, it was gud. I cld see Brad Pitt as himself.But Loads of things went over my head like how did he come to know about some guy getting up late for work, or the taxi guy having a cup of coffee or about the lady who forgot her coat, when cate met with an accident. how can he know the circumstances tht led to the accident so precisely?

As I said technically it was good but somehow it failed in certain aspects. Some parts were repeated or prolonged, according to me....like the affair and the part as a boatman with Captain Mike,the war.

I seriously had to rewind back to recollect -how the movie began and the significance of the Clock. I think the reason cld be tht I did not watch it continuously.
Mosquitoes made things worse. I am writing this post whilst fighting with 4 of them. I think I shld try sleeping now. Bye.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I am addicted to my cell ph, laptop and Ipod. Thy play an important role in my life. Thy r no longer a luxury.

Whenever I misplace my keys... I feel like giving a ring and finding out whr thy r.
I always wish i had a Ctrl F while reading books.
Always wish TV had a battery back up like a laptop.

I haven switched my mob on since sunday. no contact with my friends. Today, I cld not resist but login to gtalk during day time. I have this addiction towards my lappy. Be it blog or Orkut. I can spend a lifetime in it. I wonder If I can ever turn my laptop off just like my mob and not turn it on for atleast a few days. I hope I succeed in it.

Browsing through blogs and profiles does help me in more than 1 ways but I guess its eating away my sleep. Blame it on technology or human mind, but I am missing out loads of stuff. like a normal conversation with my family. watchin tv with mom. playin cards and carrom with her. She doesn complain about this new found addiction of mine but I know she is not happy about this aloof behaviour of mine.

I cannot believe tht I cant stay without my cell ph and laptop. I did not have a ph till my last year in college. I hardly used to switch on my Comp for personal use. It was mostly for my lab stuff or project. I wonder how I used to pass my time with out these.

Again 1 of those nites, whn I just cant sleep. I think I'll get back to reading blogs.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

I saw this site in a blog. This was some kinda astrology an I was curious to know wat was in store for me. an this is wat I found.

February 8 Birthday Astrology :
by Jill M Phillips.

A certain spookiness is evident in the personality of Aquarians born on February 8 (OMG, Bobby George, u were so right) . They have a powerful life-force, with evidence of psychic awareness (I knew I was a psycho). Although they may appear almost sphinxlike in their emotional isolation, they are intense (Interesting). Before they can use their talents and gifts, they must master -- and understand -- their personal power ( What cld those power be? Something like Superman or Spiderman)

Friends and Lovers

Friends play a special role in the lives of February 8 natives. But for friendships to work, they need to trust the other person and the relationship ( NOOOOO I dont trust them). Romance may not deliver all they expected (hmmmm). Later, when they have experienced pain and broken hearts, they are likely to be rewarded with the love they've been looking for (wah!!! What destiny.1st I lose an thn I gain).

Children and Family

February 8 people may be unhappy with the way they were raised. As adults, this can cause separateness from the rest of the family or a desire to be estranged (Now, I am sure tht I'll spend my budapa in an aged home). There may not be a strong emotional impetus for February 8 individuals to become parents, at least until after they have made peace with their past (OK Ok).


February 8 natives are centered in their own time, so whatever health influences are in the public consciousness are likely to attract their interest (Interest???). They are creatures of extremes (Bobby George, I know ur smiling). They may take pills for everything that ails them(I do,coz I cant take pain) then turn around and express disdain for all but the most pure and natural lifestyle.

Career and Finances

February 8 natives often have difficulty settling on a career. Because their interests are generally philosophical, it may be hard for them to find a twentieth-century equivalent( OMG!!!I know am gettin old soon.But what is this). Money has a great significance for February 8 men and women, who appreciate the status it bestows upon them (I agree).

Dreams and Goals

People born on February 8 are often confused (?????) about their life-goals, because they know when they choose one road they give up exploration of another (I knew that I always had problem with roads). The freedom these people seek doesn't exist -- and they know that. But it doesn't keep them from trying to force their will upon an uncaring universe.
(So this means that am an unlucky gal. But I am not inclinated towards astrology. I found this article quite interesting coz most of'em seem to be true. )

Positive Traits

Aquarians are usually intelligent, cool, clear, logical people (I know, I know). They have good imaginations and are quite intuitive. Aquarius is drawn to and inspired by great causes (Oh Is it?) .They are not limited to their environment and disappointments don't deter them from their goals. They often adopt a life style that goes against the trends, because the odd and unique fascinate them (Ayo sari kanayya. I know I am wierd,odd,physcho.watelse??An how is this positive.Idhe positive aadhre negative yeno?).

Main positive traits: Progressive, independent, inventive, friendly, humaitarian, originality.

Negative Traits : (No Comments)

Aquarians are an enigma. On one hand they are warm, kind, and outgoing, the sort to make friends easily and willingly. On the other hand, they are quite aloof people, who do not actively seek out relationships, and resent any infringement on their time or resources. They are engaging, yet unreachable. They can be fascinating and dynamic, while lacking any real warmth or endearing qualities.

Among the faults, which are typically Aquarian, are extreme eccentricity(What is this), and an unwillingness to participate in any standard of protocol. When angered, they become seriously rude, alternating between deafening silence and sudden outbursts of temper.

Main negative traits: Unemotional, aloof, tempermental, unpreditable, eccentric, fixed opinions.

(OK thts it. I cld not add more. I mean this is enuf. Show khatam.ghar jao. Did u really read the whole thing. I am sure not)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Some beautiful memories.

Some beautiful memories....

...those dumb sms. "should v go the 1st class?"sh wld ask
"should we go to coll?" shu wld ask ( this gal was not bothered abt attendance. she spoilt us)
"whr r u guys am in coll" su wld say!!!
finally v used to end up in canteen eatin 4Rs icecream. we were no better thn beggars those 4 yrs .kudos.

...those unnecessary treats. I remember shu givin 1 "for bein alive". But I needed it.coz I had risked my life 4 her.

...those fights.OMG
...those cut copy paste labs.
...those bitching in labs. Wat fun!!!
...those udthi khabre. those gossips were jaw dropping.
...those dabba movies I was dragged to.
...those exposing ppl in class.
...those innocent looks on my friends faces in class.
...those scribbling in my notes during class. I still hav them.
...those getting thrown out of class. (tht was not my fault)
...those getting caught in the class by most of the lec.(SK,Ronaldinho,Vanmala,some phy lec,CIPE lady,Chinnu, the attender who stole shu's pen, Shabana,Annapoorna....is tht it?)
...those pastries. O how I wish I cld hav thm now.
...those naming ceremonies.(pashana)
...those popsickles(wtevr the spelling is)
...those unnecessary arguments.
...those sleep overs.
...those dialogues. "when I start earning, I'll ......"
...those ooooooooooooos
...those watchin roadies together.
...those watchin dumb movies together an laughin the whole nite.
...those blr trips.
...those unnecessary scope.
...those void feelings on the last day in mys.
...those memories....

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Confusion repeated once again.

My colleague today asked me "which place do you belong to???" Paapi yentha ques kelldha? Now he forced me share this info. I knw I hav repeated this hella no. of times but plz 1ce more nan samadhanakke.

Ok so here goes the flasback.

My mom is from TamilNadu.Dad is from Karnataka. But we speak Telugu at home coz my ancestors hail from Andhra. Now I was born in Coimbatore.Was in Bengalooru till I was 5yrs old. an thn did my schoolin in bombay. College in Mys. Now workin in Bengalooru.

Which is my ooru outta this?? When I shifted to Bombay, I said Bengalooru was my ooru. Same again, I used to say I am from bombay wen i came down ot mys. but now wat?? Mysooru is it?or is it bengalooru??? Crap man. When I ask maathashree, she says madhugiri ( this ooru is near tumkuru) is my native.KUDOS!! Ask her Y, she says "coz thts my dad's native" Now wat confusion is this?? che thu

bachhe ki jaan lenge kya??
Mood Swings have become a common thingy in my life. Blame it on me or jus blame it on me.

we all have the have the habit of dramatizing watever we do. an so do I. I put in drama by hittin walls or bangin doors. I feel I wld hav been a diff person if I had a sibling. I knw havin a siblin means havin a friend with u 24x7 . You dnt hav to rely on friends 4 shoulders. an with me havin to shift places so many times,it has made me lose hella lotta friends. An I no longer feel like goin ahead an makin new friends. Havin a Sis wld hav really helped me a lot.

Now I came across an article tht reads -- how to cope with bad moods :

Think abt something or some1 ur thankful for : I dont believe in god or somethin. The only person I can think of is mathashree who is sleepin right now. Do u think I shld wake her an say "Thnk U amma." She will start pepsodent, colgate, meswak dishum dishum.... ashte naale nu bad mood.

Do something nice : Madhya raathrilli wat nice thing can I do? ok I hav a fivestar.I will eat it obviously.But Is tht a nice thing to do acc to him??

Listen to upbeat music : O god hwo much I hate such music an wat the hell its half past 12. Haad kelli yen udhara maadthino??? I cant go an get earphones an all tht crap. So next??

Realize tht ur not alone : idhappa best. modhle bootha andhre bhaya adhralloo devva baro time aaythu. ivn yaavano ur not alone antha hellthaane goobe.

Talk to somebody : ivn yaako sari illa. ammana yebsudhre naan saayadh gaurantee an who wld wanna talk to me now. Should I call or jus ping tht person?

Get some exercise : aaythu bidanna. My tummy is not the reason for my bad food an for ur kind info I will continue eatin honey cake daily. yen maadkothiyo maadko.

Jus Let it out : This is the only thing I have been doin. paapi. idhunna helakke ondh website bere.che

I feel better. His advices worked may be. but my mood swings drive me crazy. I think I shld flush out these small things tht keep me occupied. I was wrong.Possessiveness is not a quality to be boasted abt. thu.yaar hellkottro hig possesive aagi irodhu. avrajji. ;)

Friday, February 20, 2009

too fast to come to a conclusion abt 2009. but it has been a mixed pack all this while unlike yesteryears ( which has been totally gud or it totally sucked). This year started with a bang, a new part of me was born. A new phase had begun and I realized tht I was old enuf to accept it.

But my mind refused to accept the fact tht I was old an courageous enuf.So bang it ended. I thot the so called new phase dint really mean anythin. an I think I need to grow mentally .If I dnt thn I can c my future goin peanuts. but I respect my decision.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

okay. so here it is....

loads of stuff happening in an around my life. an I hope its the same in ur life too. I'll tell u wats new on my side.

--> I made a new set of friends who jus like bufoons again an this time around I HATE them. I cannot disclose anythin else here. I dnt think ur interested, r u?

--> I watched 7 seasons of friends. luved it.

--> I was an am insensitive abt a certain issues.

--> wat else?? I cooked an humans ate an r doin gud, mind u. dnt feel like boastin abt it.

--> O god. Is this it?? Is this wat I hav been doin from 31st dec. damn.

I went thru every single post of mine(thanx to non-eatin friend of mine) an thot I shld write abt somethin. loads of stuff happenin in INDIA too.

India winnig cric matches. Sania, bymistake, winnin the grand slam an the best bein the pink chaddi campaign. I dnt wanna elaborate on tht coz my poor little maathashree thinks tht I might get into trouble coz my planet GURU is not in the right place. She says I'll b introuble if i open my mouth abt anythin. This continues till Nov-09.

So wat else is happening?? O yes!!!Kyunki an kahaani ended. Bloody I dint even knw.I mean I hav watched the 2 serials frm day 1. an continued it till the 2nd gen popped up or was it 3rd?? watever but I shld hav seen the last episode man. I realized tht 2 of my darling serials were khallas wen I thot tht chalo nothin was happenin in my life, so wat lets c if things were the same with tulsi an parvati but all in vain thy left without tellin me. :( another sad story of my life.

I tried watchin Roadies today but man wat kinda losers r those. O god save their @$$e$$.

Inference : I have lost 3 of my sweethearts. kudos.(am I glad or wat?) mathashree is too happy coz she gets to see her serials bindass an khatam hone ka naam thak nahi hain. Mujhe raat ko neend nahi aati. Soch soch ke pareshan hoon ki meri tulsi aur parvati kya kar rahe hain. bartan maanj rahe hain ya kapde dho rahe hain. wen can i see thm again? those jewellery tht thy wear while goin to sleep. those suddenly planned weddin celebrations an 125 yr old baa. O meri baa.!!!! wen can i agin c a gal marryin 3 guys an likin all her bro-in-laws after 3 marriages. che I miss thm.

:( Its almost 3.gotta sleep now . Thanx so much non-eating friend.