Friday, July 29, 2011

Somethings that money cant buy

  • Misplaced bike  key => Prayed to god to find the key for me. Agreed to treat him at the Leelas. And god agreed. I found the key. Devravne. There are somethings that money cant buy....for everything else there is GOD
  • But my bike wouldn't start => I guess even GOD cant buy somethings.
  • Spend 2.30 hours in a rickshaw, going up and down the potholes of bangalore => miss mysore a lot
  • wait for somebody the whole day . Ignore all the other important events for this. The person chooses to take no notice => arghhh
    Being ignored is painful esp. when you get a cute haircut and nobody notices.
  • End of the day, get to play with a 2 year old and he loves your gift => Truly somethings that money cant buy.

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