Friday, July 29, 2011

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  • 1st impression is the best impression. Or is the last impression that matters?
    I think its the 1st impression that matters because it helps is shaping your perception towards him/her. 1st impression shapes the last impression.
  • You can lead a horse to water but cannot make it drink. This is so true for donkeys like us. I strongly believe in this.
    In case you are the person being made to drink err...water, "You gotto do what YOU gotto do" and not "you gotto what you OUGHT to do". Whatever you do, you need to show some interest. Show that it matters. We are not zombies. We have life or may go get 1, if you dont have 1 :P. If you can't show some interest then DONT DO IT. Do what you like and voila 'interest' follows.
    On the other hand, we tend to force others to do something that we like. Ab tera khooon khoon mera khoon kaveri neeru. Jo hona hain so hoga....making others dance to our tunes is kinda being selfish on our part, isn't it? If the other person does something just for the heck of it, halfheartedly, doesn't show any damn interest, WE are at loss.
    Now, what does the saying have anything to do with a horse, why not a deer, tiger or any water drinking animal?                              

  •  meri billi mere ko meow - why cat? why not mera kuttha mere ko bow? meri gaay mere ko maaaw...
  • Dhobi ka kuttha na ghar ka na ghat ka - why kuttha? Dhobi ka donkey hota hain na? Liktha kaun hain yeh sab.

  • Why am i writing all this nonsense?
    coz i have no other better work in my life and am lazy as a mule...c'mon how can you call a mule lazy. That poor thing is used as beast of burden.