Monday, April 25, 2011


It had to rain in the long weekend when I had planned to finish major shopping work. If you have stayed in Bangalore for even a day, you would understand the trauma I am going through right now. I had to stick to home after 4p.m and it takes 2hrs to come to my place from anywhere in Bengalooru. So, this meant, I had to finish all my shopping by 2 p.m.

The potholes, the never-moving traffic, common-sense-less morons,
terrorist-auto-drivers...the list just goes on and on.

Bengalooru might be the IT Hub and blah blah but this city is really not ready for anything that is non-IT. Be it rains/natural calamities or any accidents. The Carlton tower accident is the best example-The tower caught fire due to some cable issue. It was not a major major accident but yes, few parts of the tower was burning with people trapped in the top floors.
  • The rescue ladders reached only the 4th floor while people in the 5th floor were left wondering - some took chances and leaped and died. 
  • Manipal hospital was just a few yards away, but thanks to the traffic, it took them bloody 30 mins to come to the spot.
  • Firemen arrived some 2 hrs later with an empty vehicle. 
Lucky for us that tsunami can never strike us...lucky for us-we are not affected by earth quakes/floods. Lucky for us- no chill/heat waves. Lucky for us...rain god favours us.

However, last weekend was an exception. Rain god punished us. As expected, Bengalooru could not handle it. Trees fell, Walls fell, Traffic stopped (I was stuck in a bus for 4 hrs), Yeddi boy visited a temple for shanti (I love him).
I was travelling from Malleshwaram to Majestic. I was stuck in the bus for 4 hrs and then walked to Majestic. The scene in Majestic was worse. Nothing moved. Buses were like these tiny toys just waiting for some magic to happen. Funny part was traffic was fine outside Majestic.....I wonder what was causing the traffic inside. I somehow got out of Majestic and reached home. There was a moron near Majestic peeing-away-to-glory and we all were walking on the same pavement with flowing koche + watever...I wanted to die instead of walking there.
Rickshaw drivers had the busiest day charging 150 bucks for a 4 km ride.
Water logging is something that everybody complains about, during rains in Bengalooru but nothing is actually done. New roads or old roads or even flyovers...they are not complete without some 765 potholes in it.   
The IT park where I work is the besht example. We have to walk holding strangers' hands and take care of the laptops and not notice anything that floats towards you.

We are not ready for anything in Bengalooru except for Yeddi's scam, Gowda's remarks....ABSOLUTELY NOTHING...
I was in chennai last week. I was surprised by the way the city is connected via trains and buses. We covered almost 40kms in 30 mins. The journey from Railway Station to any place is so cheap and fast. I paid 7rs for 22kms. Here, in Bangalore, I paid 120 for 13kms and it takes me 90mins to reach Station irrespective of the day/time.
We are not READY for the expansion.

P.S : A Huge bloody ant bit me and I have deep-wide cut on my finger now. Mother Nature is so wierd...Mother India chased that ant and killed it...How can ants be so powerful? I lost some 2 litres of blood.  :(

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all i feel, all i think ! said...

Our every day fortune!!

wait for the Metro to get completed :P
Even with that I dont have much hopes :(
Everytime I pass through MG road,I tell myself "I am not travelling here anytime over bridge"!!

Your over exaggeration for ant bite was good :D